Toto Distributor Australia: Buying Guidelines For A Modern Toilet

Every picky customer would prefer a buying guide when investing in household basics. One of the most used parts of the house is the bathroom because this is where every member does his or her private needs such as toileting, showering and bathing. For some people, the bathroom also serves as a place for relaxation.

If your goal is to improve the bathroom experience of every member of the household, perhaps it’s time you consider buying a modern toilet. According to the Toto distributor Australia there are certain guidelines when picking the right toilet for your bathroom and may include these suggestions:

Get the flush performance rating

One of the basic features of any style a modern toilet whether it is a Neorest Ah or Neorest 700 is the flushing. It’s advisable for customers to compare reviews on flushing mechanism performance to ensure invest in a top performing toilet. For trustworthy reviews go and check the Toto distributor Australia for a list of top performing brands of toilets.

Go for a highly efficient model

Toilets consume a bigger percentage of household water consumption during flushing. If your goal is to save on water usage look for a toilet model that consumes less gallons of water. According to the Toto bathroom sales representative, the Neorest Ah is one of the highly efficient models of modern toilets that are designed to reduce the household water consumption as well as eliminate the use of toilet paper.

The Toto bathroom collection of smart toilets assures users of proper cleansing with their automated front and back cleaning nozzles, plus these types of toilets have self-cleaning and ceramic gloss finish preventing stain accumulation.

Pressure-assist toilet is a good investment

For more efficient toilet the Toto distributor Australia suggests investing in a pressure-assist model than a gravity toilet. Why? First of all, a pressure-assist model comes with a separate tank that holds water needed for flushing. So, if you constantly worry of having to deal with waste residue being left inside the toilet bowl, then, the pressure assist toilet is the best buy as it thorough flushes away your waste.

Easy to clean design

Yes, every homeowner would wish for a toilet model that is easy to clean, especially around the hard to reach areas of the bowl. A two-piece toilet may require more cleaning than a one-piece3 stand alone toilet like the Toto Neorest Ah. This toilet piece is easy to clean because of its amazing self-cleaning features.

Measure accurately the rough in

Avoid the hassle of having to squeeze a toilet inside your small bathroom space. Before contacting the Toto bathroom sales representative, get first accurately the rough-in measurement or the distance from the spot where the toilet will be installed and the wall behind it.

Are you now confident what toilet model will fit perfectly inside your bathroom? If you are struggling to make a wise choice among the wide range of modern toilets available in the marketplace, seek the guidance of Mizudori, a trusted Toto distributor Australia.

Toto Bathroom Ideas: A Quick Overview Between Bidet And Cleansing Seat

Are you still having difficulty distinguishing a smart toilet such as bidet with a cleansing seat? For any potential buyer, both these bathroom products according to the Toto bathroom sales representative are classified as washlets. Why? The bidet and cleansing seat have the same function and that is to provide the highest level of sanitary for your toileting needs. Both these bathroom products are designed to eliminate the need for toilet paper because water is mainly used for cleaning. For a clearer understanding of the difference between a bidet and cleansing seat, here’s a quick overview.


Based on the expertise of a Toto bathroom sales representative the most visible difference between a bidet and cleansing seat is physical appearance. A bidet is a stand-alone unit, resembling the conventional toilet. The cleansing seat is a seat that has similar functions like the Toto bidet, but can be installed on any existing toilet. Installing a bidet may require ample space to accommodate it while the cleansing seat will require you to get the accurate shape of your existing toilet bowl for it to fit securely.

Water Source

If you decide to invest in a smart toilet like the Toto bidet the water source for hot and cold will need separate lines because bidets generally use faucets. You can buy a single or with the two-handle faucet. Installing the bidet will require the services of a plumber to connect the drain line while a cleansing seat can be directly connected with the main water source supply for the toilet.


Bidets aren’t generally powered by electricity to provide adequate cleansing after toileting. A basic model of the cleansing seat has manual operation wherein you will normally find a handle on the left side of the unit and has no drying or warm features.

High-end models of cleansing seats may require an electric outlet. They can also have add-on features such as heated seat, remote control, air dryer similar to a Toto bidet.


According to the Toto bathroom sales representative prices of a bidet can be quite expensive, especially for bidet and washlet collections. A cleansing seat can be a lot cheaper, specifically for manually operated models.


If you are on the process of making a decision which is better for your bathroom, go over the above information. You may also assess the installation requirement, size of your bathroom and budget. In the event you need further advice visit the official website of Mizudori and let their team provide you a tour of their wide range of Toto bathroom products suitable for your bathroom space.

What Makes Vitreous China Materials Helpful For a Bidet Toilet Seat?

Toto Bathroom -Toto Bathtub

Have you consider the material that your Japanese toilet seat might be made with? You can find various Toto bathroom toilet models that made with vitreous china materials. This is an intriguing ceramic option that ensures your bidet toilet seat will last for years to come and will not experience lots of fatigue that could hurt your space.

The Basic Concept

Vitreous china works on a Japanese toilet seat with a unique layout. In this case, a ceramic material works for the base of the toilet. The design will typically entail porcelain, although any other ceramic compound may be used in getting a Toto bathroom toilet ready.

The ceramic compound has to be fired or heated to its current form. After that, the vitreous china enamel coating can be applied over the ceramic surface.

The coating is a clay-based material that is similar to what you might find out of traditional china materials in your home. The design produces a firm body that lasts for years and creates a powerful space that will not crack or experience more pressure or stress than what your area might be comfortable with handling.

What Makes the Coating Special?

Vitreous china is needed for a bidet toilet seat in that the coating will make the ceramic surface stronger. The surface produces a dense body that will not crack or experience fatigue. Also, the seat will create a shinier look. This is a part of why vitreous china is used for so many toilets and sink basins alike. The surface helps with making the design a little stronger and more powerful.

You will be impressed with how well vitreous china can make your Japanese toilet seat firm and sturdy so it can last for years. Talk with Mizudori Gallery for more information on how such a seat can work for your high-end bathroom.

3 Reasons You Should Get A Toto Bathroom In Your Home

Toto Bathroom -Toto Bathtub

Your bathroom is a special place in your home. Like the living room where you put your family time in and your social side to work, your bathroom is where you can unwind and just be you. That is why a lot of people want their bathrooms to be as beautiful as they can be. Toto Bathroom accessories can help you achieve this goal.

Beauty can only go so far if it does not carry high-functioning features with it. Getting this combination right is easier said than done. Fortunately, Toto Bathroom products like Toto toilets and washlets have made getting flawless looking bathrooms with dream-like functionality rather easy thing.

Let us tell you why products like Toto Neorest AH are so popular and how they can be a great addition to your home.

 Why a Toto Bathroom with a Toto Neorest and Washlet Is Great

  1. A Complete Package

Toto Bathrooms are complete bathrooms sets and carry all the installation options that you can ever want. From smart Toto Neorest toilets to Washlets to floatation tub, you get the complete package and wholesome bathroom experience for an unbeatable price. Naturally, if you want a whole set of excellent products, this is what you should choose. Further, you will also get complete maintenance options for your bathroom and be able to keep it pristine for many years.

  1. Complete Customisation

Toto toilets and bathrooms come with a range of customization options. You can choose everything from the hue and colour of your installations to the range of Toto Neorest and the functions they offer. This not only enables you to choose the right configuration of aesthetics and functioning options you want but also the cost of getting them.

  1. The Getaway Experience

Toto Bathrooms are not only customised packages for the needs of each client. Rather, they offer a complete bathroom experience. High-end options like Toto Neorest AH makes them perfect for people who want to enjoy a wholesome experience without needing to bother with getting the right configuration going. The bathroom fittings can also be mixed up to fit your bathroom space perfectly.

 Where Can You Get Complete Toto Bathroom Solutions in Australia?

If you are thinking Toto Neorest, Washlets and other fittings are the right fit for your home, you should visit Mizudori Gallery. Make your selection from the most authentic features and the widest range straight from the retailer. Also, get a detailed insight on each from experts. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions On Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you plan to replace your old toilet seat with the latest bidet toilet seat? If your objective is to gather as much information about this modern toilet seat, here’s a list of questions to ask before you contact a reputable bathroom supplier.

Question #1 – Will the spray wand have direct contact with my private parts?

There is no chance the spray wand of latest models of toilet bide seats would touch your private parts. In fact, the only element that will have direct contact is the water sprayed to cleanse your most sensitive parts after using the bidet toilet seat.

Question #2 – Do I have control over the water pressure and temperature?

Yes, anyone using the innovative bidet model designed with adjustable water pressure temperature setting feature can do the necessary adjustment based on his or her personal preference.

Question #3 – Is the bidet toilet seat has a temperature control setting?

One of the awesome features of the Toto bathroom collections like the bidet toilet seat is the availability of temperature control setting on its seat. So, for winter months you can enjoy a warm toilet seat and turn off this heating feature during warmer months of the summer season.

Question #4 – Do all models of bidet toilet seats have temperature control of air dryer?

No, not all bidet toilet seat models have the control on airspeed of air dryer. Inquire with the representative of Toto bidet supplier is the model you plan to buy has this feature.

Question #5 – Will the latest bidet toilet seat perform better than my old toilet seat?

Definitely yes, you can distinguish from initial use of your newly bought bidet toilet seat the difference from your old toilet seat. In fact, you will achieve the highest level of cleanliness and will never have to worry about of running out toilet paper. Your bathroom experience with this upgraded toilet seat will only deliver positive feedback.

Question #6 – What are the health benefits of a bidet toilet seat?

The health benefits of a bidet are countless. Any member of the household will enjoy using this cutting-edge toilet seat will no longer complain of skin irritation because this toilet seat eliminates the need for using toilet paper. You have peace of mind that your private parts are thoroughly cleaned after every use of the bathroom.

Question #7 – Can the bidet toilet seat suitable for people with disability

Yes, most models of Toto bidet seats are designed for people with disability because this modern toilet seat lessens the need to reach out private parts when washing. So, if you have an elderly family member this toilet seat provides convenience and comfort.

Question #8 – Do I need to buy extra parts for installation?

No need to buy extra parts for installation because each purchase Toto bidet seat comes with everything needed to make it fully functional. The whole installation process is fast and easy provided you follow strictly the instruction manual.

Question #9 – Do I need an electrician for wiring installation?

If you have background on electrical wiring, no need to hire an electrician. However, for safety reasons better entrust the installation of wiring with a licensed electrician.

Question #10 – Where to buy in Australia?

If you only want to buy genuine bathroom products like the famous Neorest or Toto bidet toilet seat contact a representative at Mizudori and let them help you find the perfect bidet seat and forever change your bathroom experience.

All You Need To Know About Toto Bathroom Design

When we talk about design concept this literally refers to how to make an item appealing to the onlooker and at the same time serves the real purpose of the user. The designing phase of Toto bathroom products all undergo careful planning and brainstorming from the experts. Here’s what you need to know on what elements are considered during the designing phase.

Design reflects the society

Yes, most of Toto bathroom collections take into consideration the general interest of the society and is reflected on each final product. For example, as many households prefer easy to clean and maintain bathroom they want to invest in a smart toilet like that has self-cleaning features. This idea is implemented in each of the design team of Toto and applied to their products.

Design is influenced by demand

Another element that has a huge impact on the designing process of Toto bathroom collection is the demand of users. For example, homeowners with modern bathrooms favour toilets with sleek design to match the overall look.

Design address the needs of all ages

This is one of the reasons why Toto has made a name in the entire industry as a leader in the production of bathroom products because their designs are greatly influenced to address the needs of all ages. Toto products are designed to meet and match the specific needs of any user based on age and ability. That’s why most of Toto bathroom collections are designed with ergonomic features to give easy access to any age like children, elderly and those with disability or mobility problems.

Design embraces innovation

Every Toto bathroom product’s design is inspired by the latest technology so that the final outcome is a greater comfort for the user and surpasses global competitiveness. You may find the Toto smart toilets to have tanks fully concealed behind the wall or a toilet model that comes in one-piece.

Design can be customised

Toto bathroom products designs can be customised to match the user’s preferences. For example, if the user wants a smart toilet with special features like a heated seat, deodoriser or operated through remote control there is the right Toto product for you.

Are you planning to upgrade your bathroom? If yes, take a closer look at Toto bathroom latest collections from smart toilets, Toto Neorest and washlets that will make every bathroom use a pleasurable experience. For more information about Toto top performing products feel free to visit Mizudori gallery and find the perfect match that will blend your bathroom’s design.

What Should You Find On the Controls For Your Toto Bathroom Toilet and Bidet?

You might be impressed with how well the toilet and bidet in your Toto bathroom can be controlled. The controls on your toilet bidet can be found on the side of the main toilet body, although some toilet models provide you with a remote control that works on your setup.

You must look at how well the remote layout is organized. There are several things you may notice when looking at how well the toilet bidet may be organized:

  • You will notice a few small icons that list which part of the body will be cleaned off. You can touch one of these buttons to clean off the front or rear part of the body.
  • A control can adjust the height or positioning of the bidet wand based on who is using it. This is vital in that men and women require different heights for the wand to work accordingly.
  • The temperature of the water may be adjusted. You can use this to get chilled or warm water onto your body while cleaning yourself off.
  • A fan control feature may be used on the toilet bidet control feature. The fan will produce a gentle stream of air for drying a surface on the body. This point makes it easier for your personal spaces to be dried off before you get off of the Toto bathroom surface.
  • The intensity of the water can be adjusted. You can control the water setting to offer a stronger stream of water coming out of the bidet or just a small amount for lighter needs.
  • You may also find a memory setting feature that saves the settings for two people. Press the appropriate button to move to one person’s settings provided those settings have been prepared already.

The controls on your Toto toilet bidet are important to analyze.

Talk with the Mizudori Gallery to see how well you can get something to work for your Toto bathroom needs.

How the Front and Rear Cleanses On a Japanese Toilet Seat Work

The Japanese toilet seat that you install in your home should come with a cleaning wand that features two cleansing setups. These two parts entail the front and rear cleansing needs you might have. The wand will switch from one layout to the next depending on the setting you choose and how you apply water from the toilet.

You can get this part of your Toto bathroom to help you clean off the sensitive parts of your body. You should look at the differences between the two cleanses to see what makes it functional and useful for your hygiene demands.

Front Cleanse

The front cleanse on your Toto bathroom toilet entails a stream that reaches the front area of your personal region. A series of larger droplets are used here to clean off your body while staying comfortable. The drops are soft and not too intense.

Rear Cleanse

The rear cleanse comes from the same wand on your Japanese toilet seat. The main difference is that the wand will move inward to target the rear area. The water pressure here is stronger, but it still offers a comfortable surface. The water provides a comfortable vibrating sensation that improves upon how well you are being cleaned off as the toilet works.

A Dryer Runs Each Way

Regardless of the cleanse you use, a dryer will work inside the Japanese toilet seat to clean off the water. This provides you with a comfortable drying process where you don’t have to use a towel to wash yourself off. You will feel more comfortable with this than with anything else you might utilize to dry yourself off.

Your Toto bathroom toilet will work wonders for your life thanks to how it offers both front and rear cleansing features. Get in touch with the Mizudori Gallery to learn about how you can get this part of a toilet to work for your hygiene needs.

Toto Bathroom: Should You Install a Shower Panel?

After a long day, a few things as relaxing and refreshing as a hot (or cold — whichever you prefer) shower. Ridding your body of all the dirt and grime on your body leaves you feeling cleaner and rejuvenated. For this reason, some people will agree that having a great shower set and related accessories is a must. With this in mind, Toto has a line of shower accessories (yes, they don’t just make the Toto Neorest and smart toilets) available to their patrons.

Shower panels like the Toto shower tower seen in most Toto bathroom showrooms are pretty easy to install. They can be easily attached to most plumbing and water lines by a professional installer or a plumber. You don’t even have to remodel the whole bathroom to install it. Along that line, these shower panels are also easy to dismantle and remove. This makes is easy to take them should you decide to move to a new home.

In addition, these shower panels come with built-in body sprays. The shower tower seen in most Toto bathroom showrooms have three body sprays in them. These body sprays can really improve your showering experience both in terms of hygiene and fun.

Another thing you’ve got to love about shower panels is their compact size. As they don’t take up too much space, they can fit very well in most small bathrooms. The compact design such as what you would see in the Toto shower tower is perfect for such bathrooms. If you have time to visit Toto bathroom showrooms, please do so you can see for yourself the actual size.

If you do choose to have a shower panel installed, you will have to be satisfied with the shower head that came with it. Most manufacturers install permanent shower heads on their shower panels. Thus, you won’t be able to change it (in case you want a bigger shower head for instance). So when shopping for a shower panel, be sure that you pick one with a large enough shower head.

If you are looking for a shower tower from Toto, then you’ve come to the right place. We also have other bathroom and shower accessories available. Please give us a call at 1300 868 600 or (02) 9698 5838 or leave a message in our contact page. Please do drop by our Toto bathroom showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW so you can see the products yourself.

What Does the Tornado Flush Feature on a Neorest Toilet Do?

Toto has been making numerous quality toilets for a while with its Neorest models being very popular. These smart toilets for a Toto bathroom come with many features including sensors for opening and closing the lid and multiple flushing options. One particular flushing choice that may be used in one of these toilets is the Tornado Flush feature.

The Tornado Flush system in a Neorest toilet is designed with heavy use in mind. This creates enough force inside the toilet to keep it clear without requiring multiple flushes at a time. This is vital for people who have significant amounts of waste to bear with when using the toilet.

Multiple Streams

The Tornado Flush setup in a Toto bathroom uses two separate nozzles. These create a cyclonic rinsing action in the toilet. That is, the water moves in multiple directions to create enough force on the waste inside the bowl. The added force works without adding more water.

Keep Buildup Down

This flushing standard keeps the toilet protected from excess waste. The force of the water creates enough stress on the waste to keep it from building up. This means you would not have to flush the toilet more than once just to get heavy amounts of waste down. This does not hurt the toilet bowl or your plumbing system either.

How Much Water Is Used?

About 1.28 gallons of water is used in a single Tornado Flush in a Neorest toilet. This is significantly less than what one might use when flushing the toilet twice following a heavy amount of waste. The fact that this special flush is more effective than what other toilets use adds a better approach to staying clean.

The Tornado Flush feature is one of the best parts of a Toto bathroom to have. See how well this feature for your bathroom can work when you visit the Mizudori Gallery to see how Neorest toilets are made.