Why Use Food Display Cabinets and Trolleys?

Storing and moving food seems like a simple task, but for large kitchens and dining establishments, it may become difficult. Almost all restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets will want to display their meals to prospective customers to entice them to buy, so food display cabinets become essential. These maintain the heat or freshness of foods while on display for safety and edibility. Another simple task which becomes challenging at scale is moving this displayed food to other parts of the kitchen or to customers’ tables. This is where food trolleys come in to safely and quickly distribute hot, tasty food.

There are many types of food display cabinets available, ranging from simple boxes with a glass window to fully equipped meat carving and heating display systems. Every food display cabinet will be different depending on the refrigeration, heating, and visibility needs for the specific scenario. The most common uses of these storage systems are for displaying special meals and allowing the selection of desserts of chilled ice creams by a customer.

Food trolleys are another often ignored piece of kitchen equipment, but still important to a smoothly running dining business. When using food trolleys, there are important hygiene measures to remember and ensure. Firstly, raw and cooked food should never touch the same surfaces or utensils, as this may lead to cross-contamination and food poisoning. Secondly, cleaning should only ever be performed using approved food safe chemicals.

Restaurants in Australia are graded on a star system for hygiene in their inspections, where the safety of food trolleys and food display cabinets will be included. The overall rating assigned to the kitchen can be a great advertisement to assure customers of your good hygiene. As a result, proper cleaning and quality display systems are essential for every food business. Channon Refrigeration supply many types of food display cabinets to show off your culinary masterpieces. Contact Channon today for information.

Why You Need Commercial Kitchen Designers

A new kitchen is one of the biggest and most complicated tasks in the hospitality industry. It’s only logical that the kitchen is the heart of your business, where the delicious food you serve to customers is crafted and prepared. Getting the best commercial kitchen equipment and ensuring that the fit-out meets all feasible requirements will create an effective and long-lasting kitchen. Hiring professional commercial kitchen designers such as Channon is one of the best ways to ensure a successful and on-budget project.

With so many pieces of commercial kitchen equipment to include, careful planning is vital to fit all needed equipment in a safe manner. Some of the main pieces of equipment include refrigerators or cool rooms, cooktops, pots and pans, grills, ovens, food processors, and exhaust systems. This doesn’t even include all of the utensils and specialty equipment required, not to mention the need for ample storage and counter space for preparation work. The best commercial kitchen designers will account for all of this equipment to save you from much more expensive additions later.

It is also important to comply with safety standards and WH&S requirements for commercial kitchen equipment. These aren’t only legal requirements but can improve the productivity of staff greatly by making them more comfortable. In terms of health, things like keeping cleaning equipment away from food and segregating preparation areas for raw and cooked meat are a must. It’s not just about health, keeping workflows within natural movement ranges, and providing ample room for people to perform cooking tasks without bumping others reduces the risk of accidents greatly. Good workflows also boost preparation speed to get great meals to your customers faster, giving a more satisfying experience.

Do all of these commercial kitchen equipment considerations seem daunting? Channon’s expert commercial kitchen designers have created kitchens for some of the biggest restaurants in the industry. Their professional approach and attention to detail allow them to build safe and efficient designs, contact Channon today to learn more.

Why Your Kitchen Needs Commercial Food Processors

Commercial food processors are very versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that are essential for any professional kitchen. Many simple elements of food preparation are very tedious and time-intensive, which can take away from other parts of providing high-quality meals. Commercial food processors can automate many of these tasks including slicing, mixing, rolling, and even grilling. This can even make many other pieces of kitchen equipment obsolete, streamlining your workflow. Don’t be confused thinking that commercial food processors are just like your average kitchen blender or mixer, they are very powerful pieces of equipment that can vastly improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

There is a wide range of commercial food processors available at Channon to perform a variety of functions for your professional kitchen. These include:

  • Vegetable cutting – in a number of styles, mainly slicing, grating, peeling, and julienne cuts.
  • Grinding and mincing – for meat and vegetables used in pieces and sauces.
  • Kneading and mixing – for baking bread and other doughs.
  • Cutting French fries – into traditional thin strips or a range of other shapes.

Channon is an expert supplier of kitchen equipment in Sydney, supplying commercial food processors for a wide range of tasks. They stock only high-quality products from reputable brands such as ANVIL and Robot Coupe, view our range online, or contact us for more information.