5 Reasons You Should Get a Toto Smart Toilet for Your Home

When it comes to the smartest toilets available in Australia today, nothing can beat Toto Neorest. They are known for offering the perfect balance between quality, price and value. This is what precisely makes them a great option for all kinds of homes. If you are looking for a good smart toilet, then here are 5 reasons Toto is the best:

5 Things That Make Toto Smart Toilets is great for Your Bathroom

  1. Performance

When it comes to good performance at a good price, Toto does take the cake. It has many models on offer from eco-friendly to high-end luxury and all of them deliver a satisfying experience. This is the biggest advantage of Toto and it has driven the brand into the top competitors.

  1. Durability

Toto smart toilets are known for being highly durable. You can expect to have them in your home for many years. Aside from their accessories, the toilets are also very reliable. This makes them a very good investment for all kinds o` home.

  1. Modifications

Another great thing about Toto smart toilets is that they can be modified to a large extent. You can have custom bidet toilet seats, washlets and many other additions. This can not only save you money but also give you exactly what you need.

  1. Price

Pricing of smart toilets can often turn people away. But with Toto, you can get all the value you expect for the right price. Also, the modification options mean you get to control the expenses to a greater degree.

  1. Brand Value

Finally, Toto smart toilets do come with great brand value recognition. The Toto Neorest AH is a premier model and it is a grace for any bathroom. If you are a luxury bathroom aficionado, then getting a Neorest AH is a great option.

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3 Things That Make Toto Neorest the Smartest Toilets Ever

Toto is one of the leading smart toilet brands in Australia. One of the top models offered by the brand is the Neorest. This model has everything you can expect from a top-end smart toilet. It also comes at a price range which can fall into most mid to high level budgets.

If you are thinking of getting a Toto Neorest or its variation Neorest AH for your home, here are 3 things you should know. This list will give you the key aspects of the Neorest range and explain what it offers:

3 Important Features of the Toto Neorest Range

  1. Well-Contoured Seat

The Neorest boasts of a very well designed bidet toilet seat which is ideally contoured for most human rear shapes. This makes sitting on the Neorest a dream and you are sure to never experience any back problems. If you have senior citizens or someone with mobility issues, then the Neorest is the perfect investment for their convenience.

  1. Tornado Flush

Toto’s tornado technology has made quite an impression in the smart toilet market. The Neorest builds on the technology and makes things even better. It not only ensures a complete flush but also economizes the volume of water used. So, you get the best of both worlds even when you are using the Washlet or any other feature. This makes keeping the toilet clean much easier.

  1. Actilight® Sanitary System

Actilight® is another key feature for Toto’s premium smart toilet range. It brings bathroom sanitation to a whole different level. Basically, this is an ultraviolet light that greatly reduces the chances of bacterial growth on your toilet surface. This minimizes the need for additional cleaning and also makes that job a whole lot easier.

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3 Facts You Must Know About Toto Toilets in Australia

Toto is one of the most popular brands for smart toilets in Australia. Toto Toilets offer a wide selection of options and their Neorest line has been universally acclaimed. This makes Toto in Australia a top choice for most homeowners. If you are planning to buy a Toto smart toilet, here are a few things you should know about the brand.


  • 3 Lesser-Known Facts About Toto Toilets


  • Neorest is Not Their Only Line


While the Toto Neorest in Australia is easily their most popular line, the brand offers many others too. There is a Supreme line, an Eco line and a Drake line among many others. Each of these offers its own unique set of features and benefits. So, if you want to bring home a Toto, you have many options to choose from. Just make sure you buy from a reliable Toto distributor in Australia like Mizudori Gallery.


  • Prices Vary a Lot


Toto’s popularity among Australians rests on the fact that it has a wide price range. Anyone can have a Toto in their home without having to shell out a fortune. So, if you don’t want something as exceptional as the famous Neorest, that’s fine. You can go for one of the most economical models. And you will still have the Toto brand name with you. Of course, the features go down with the price. But the quality Toto toilets stand for remains.


  • The Customizations


Another factor which puts Toto Australia ahead of others in the market is customizations. Smart toilets are all about customizations and Toto toilets are renowned for that. You can buy a complete package or you can get bidet toilet seats separately. This allows buyers a lot of choices not only for finance but also for designs. Everyone can have a unique version of a Toto smart toilet in their home.


  • Mizudori Gallery: The Leading Toto Distributors in Australia!


Mizudori Gallery is one of the most reputable Toto distributors in Australia. We offer a wide number of choices to select from. We also have experts on hand round the clock. They will give you the advice you need to make a smart purchase decision. From integrated Toto toilets to bidet toilet seats and even Toto washlets in Australia, we have everything. So, visit us online and find the right Toto toilet for your home!

5 Features of the Toto Neorest Toilets That Make them a Must Buy

Toto has made its mark in the Australian smart toilet market with its Neorest line. This smart toilet brand has a lot of options in its catalogue and it keeps adding more. Some of the more recent additions are the stunning Toto Neorest AH, XH1 and LE1. These smart toilets are a worthy addition to the Neorest line and have something great to offer to everyone. Here’s a look at their main features:

5 Things That Make Toto Neorest Range Outstanding


Tornado Flush

The Neorest line including Toto Neorest AH is well-known for the Tornado flush design. This design saves water and minimizes extra cleaning needs. The Toto Neorest AH builds on the already efficient Tornado flush to make things more efficient and eco-friendly.


Bowl Shape

The Neorest range is filled with attractive looking smart toilets and Toto Neorest AH is no exception. Available in appealing white with a sleek elongated design, it is a treat to the eyes. The expanded shape also means that almost anyone can sit snugly on it.

Automated Features

As you might expect from any Toto Neorest Ah model, it has some great auto features. Aside from the standard auto seat cover opening and closing, it has other useful features. These include auto bowl cleaning, deodorization, nozzle cleaning and nightlight.


Energy Efficiency

Energy saving has always been a unique selling point for Toto toilets. The Neorest is a particularly good example of smart toilet efficiency. Naturally, the Neorest AH builds on this and delivers even greater power and water efficiency. It includes features like retaining toilet seat heat and power saving through machine learning. These make this Toto toilet in Sydney a truly cutting-edge toilet.



With the much celebrated eWater+, the Toto Neorest NX offers pre-misting, after-misting, nozzle cleaning and self sterilization. Along with this, it also offers odour control and sterile seating through anti-bacterial plastic material.


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The 3 Most Popular Toto Toilets in Sydney

Toto toilets are known all over the world as one of the very best the market has to offer. There are a wide range of options you can explore too and each of these has some unique features. Choosing the right one is a matter of balancing the features you need, the aesthetics you enjoy like colour and design and the overall price including installation. Obviously, everyone will have their own choices but some models stand out among others. Let’s have a look at these and see what makes them so special.


3 Most Popular Toto Toilets in Sydney


Toto Neorest

Well of course the Neorest was going feature right at the top of the list. This model has been a favourite in the market because it brings so much to the table without burdening your finances. This is not the most economical model but it is still filled with all the key features and attributes that make smart toilets worth the investment. Plus, water management is one of the key features of the Toto Neorest and easily makes up for its asking price in the longer run.


Toto Washlets

If you prefer an affordable option of Toto’s smart toilet range, then this might be just what you want. Fitted with an assortment of smart features, Toto Washlet offers a great bathroom experience. It is also very economical thanks to its adjustable angle for water spray and self cleansing wands. If you want a great Toto toilet in Australia, then this is one you must consider.


Granda One Piece Toilet CW630J

If economy and high-tech features are the primary concerns you have, then the Toto CW630J one piece toilet is the right choice for you. This model from Toto in Australia has been the pick of the lot for any buyers who want a decent number of features at a great price. This toilet is widely available with most major Toto distributors in Australia and is one of the company’s top selling along with the Neorest.



Mizudori Gallery: The Leading Suppliers of Toto Toilets in Australia!


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A Japanese Toilet Needs a Quality Trapway

The technical features that come with a Japanese toilet are unique, but it helps for you to look at how well you’re getting a Japanese toilet installed with a good trapway in mind. A trapway is a snake-like tubing material that appears on the side of the toilet. The tube surface is the space that the water flows in.

Check the Diameter

The diameter of the trapway should be noted when buying a Japanese toilet. A wider diameter is necessary for ensuring that water can move through and that the toilet will not be at risk of experiencing overflow-related problems.

A good idea is to have a trapway with a diameter of at least 2-3/8 inches. The total should be enough to allow many forms of waste to move through. Of course, you would have to ensure when using your Neorest toilet that you are careful with adding paper and other things in the bowl. The standards for use should be just as sensible as what you’re getting out of a regular toilet.

Exposed or Skirted?

Look at how well the trapway projects out of your Toto bidet for the best results. A Neorest toilet and bidet setup should come with an exposed or skirted designed. An exposed layout produces a slightly wider approach on the back end of the toilet. You will notice the curves around the toilet; these are the spots that the water will move through.

Meanwhile, a skirted model will entail the trapway being recessed within the body of the toilet. This would produce a slimmer look and would be best for smaller bathrooms. A skirted style may also work if you’re looking for a toilet that has an appealing style that fits in well with a modern bathroom.

You can get a Toto bidet and toilet setup to work with a good trapway if planned right. The Mizudori Gallery can help you with finding the right Japanese toilet setup that fits your space while having the best trapway for your needs.

4 Reasons Why The New Neorest Smart Toilet Is Right For Your Bathroom

Who doesn’t like a big slice of luxury in their homes – especially when you are having a bowel movement, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Toto’s Neorest range of bidet toilets provides clients with just that. They combine all the essential features that any cutting-edge smart toilet must have and then a few more like the Toto Washlet.

If you have been planning to get the latest bathroom installment in this line, this might be the first option to consider. Here are some key reasons why Neorest is ruling the roost in the Japanese smart toilets segment.

Top Reasons to Choose Neorest for Your Home

  1. It’s a Technological Marvel: The Neorest range of bidet toilets offers all possible technological comforts you could want. From an automatic lid to heated seating bidet toilet seats to a variety of wash modes to automatic deodorizer to a powerful warm air dryer and many more. Different models have different specifications and all of them offer a luxurious bathroom experience.
  1. It Looks Amazing: A key point in the Neorest range is that it is so simple and yet so elegant. The classic white design fits in brilliantly with almost all types of bathroom designs and aesthetics. Further, it can be cleaned with ease and retain its alluring white brilliance for many years. It is no wonder why this bidet toilet seat is such a smash hit with interior décor experts.
  1. It is Environmentally Friendly: If you have your finger on the pulse of the planet, then you will be proud to have a Neorest in your home. It has been built using the most environmentally friendly technologies and is a fitted flush mode minimizing wasted water. So, it provides another compliment to your other efforts in contributing to saving the planet. Not many smart toilets can offer the same.
  1. Fewer Cleaning Chemical Needed: With these products, you can now save money on your cleaning agents since they come with a bowel misting technology. This helps keep these toilets cleaner for much longer than any other variety of products. This means less money spent on cleaning and more time spent doing what’s important.

Where Can You Get the Best Neorest Smart Toilets in Australia?

If you are looking for the widest range of quality toilets for your home, then Mizudori Gallery is the best in all of Australia. Visit Mizudori Gallery or contact us now to find a toilet suited to your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions On Bidet Toilet Seat

Do you plan to replace your old toilet seat with the latest bidet toilet seat? If your objective is to gather as much information about this modern toilet seat, here’s a list of questions to ask before you contact a reputable bathroom supplier.

Question #1 – Will the spray wand have direct contact with my private parts?

There is no chance the spray wand of latest models of toilet bide seats would touch your private parts. In fact, the only element that will have direct contact is the water sprayed to cleanse your most sensitive parts after using the bidet toilet seat.

Question #2 – Do I have control over the water pressure and temperature?

Yes, anyone using the innovative bidet model designed with adjustable water pressure temperature setting feature can do the necessary adjustment based on his or her personal preference.

Question #3 – Is the bidet toilet seat has a temperature control setting?

One of the awesome features of the Toto bathroom collections like the bidet toilet seat is the availability of temperature control setting on its seat. So, for winter months you can enjoy a warm toilet seat and turn off this heating feature during warmer months of the summer season.

Question #4 – Do all models of bidet toilet seats have temperature control of air dryer?

No, not all bidet toilet seat models have the control on airspeed of air dryer. Inquire with the representative of Toto bidet supplier is the model you plan to buy has this feature.

Question #5 – Will the latest bidet toilet seat perform better than my old toilet seat?

Definitely yes, you can distinguish from initial use of your newly bought bidet toilet seat the difference from your old toilet seat. In fact, you will achieve the highest level of cleanliness and will never have to worry about of running out toilet paper. Your bathroom experience with this upgraded toilet seat will only deliver positive feedback.

Question #6 – What are the health benefits of a bidet toilet seat?

The health benefits of a bidet are countless. Any member of the household will enjoy using this cutting-edge toilet seat will no longer complain of skin irritation because this toilet seat eliminates the need for using toilet paper. You have peace of mind that your private parts are thoroughly cleaned after every use of the bathroom.

Question #7 – Can the bidet toilet seat suitable for people with disability

Yes, most models of Toto bidet seats are designed for people with disability because this modern toilet seat lessens the need to reach out private parts when washing. So, if you have an elderly family member this toilet seat provides convenience and comfort.

Question #8 – Do I need to buy extra parts for installation?

No need to buy extra parts for installation because each purchase Toto bidet seat comes with everything needed to make it fully functional. The whole installation process is fast and easy provided you follow strictly the instruction manual.

Question #9 – Do I need an electrician for wiring installation?

If you have background on electrical wiring, no need to hire an electrician. However, for safety reasons better entrust the installation of wiring with a licensed electrician.

Question #10 – Where to buy in Australia?

If you only want to buy genuine bathroom products like the famous Neorest or Toto bidet toilet seat contact a representative at Mizudori and let them help you find the perfect bidet seat and forever change your bathroom experience.

How Do You Install a Neorest Washlet Onto An Existing Seat?

Did you know that you can convert your toilet into a washlet? The Neorest family of toilets and washlets from Toto has made it easier for Australian homes to get the most out of their bathroom demands.

Much of this comes from how your seat can become a Japanese-inspired setup that offers more controls for cleaning your body and making it easier for the toilet to use only a certain amount of water as necessary.

But to take advantage of a bidet Australia homeowners can benefit from, you have to watch for how you’re going to install that setup.

1. Remove your old seat.

Remove the old seat from your toilet. Always clean the areas around the mounting holes so everything fits well.

2. Install the mounting bracket for the new Japanese toilet seat.

Be sure the screws are tight enough as you install the bracket. Carefully review how the setup is measured.

3. Slide your washlet feature to the said bracket.

You should hear a clicking sound on the Neorest setup at this point. You would have to move the seat to the centre of the toilet surface.

4. Turn off the water supply to the toilet and flush it to reduce its pressure.

5. Remove the old water supply and link the water connection to the washlet feature.

Keep the water from flowing at this point. Allowing for a proper switch ensures you can safely move the water connection.

6. Plug the Neorest layout into the appropriate power outlet near the toilet.

7. Turn the setup on. Look for the LED lights to see that it is ready.

At this point, your Japanese toilet seat should be ready for use. You will have access to a perfect bidet Australia homeowners can trust.

Ask Mizudori Gallery for help if you need to learn more about how the installation process works and how you can get a unique Neorest setup ready on your existing toilet in your Australian home.

A Neorest Bidet Can Come With an Automatic Opening and Closing Lid

One thing that many people don’t like to do entails opening and closing a bidet lid. This is a part of a bidet Australia homeowners don’t like because they are concerned about how many germs are on the lid. While a bidet can be a sanitary material, some people may still feel as though the surface is very dirty. But a Neorest bidet from Toto can be found with a sensor that automatically opens and closes the lid.

This feature of a bidet Australia homeowners would surely appreciate will entail the following points:

  1. The lid will stay closed when no one is around.
  2. When a person walks by the bidet, a sensor in the Neorest unit will be triggered. The sensor will notice that there is someone in the area.
  3. The bidet will lift the lid up automatically.
  4. After you are done using it, the bidet will close up. The bidet will notice that there has not been any motion in the area for a few seconds. This will allow the bidet to close up.

The process is very simple. A sensor can be noticed on the side of the bidet to identify when you are getting towards that surface. This should respond quickly as you come into the room.

It only takes a few moments for the lid to go up and down as well. You can get the lid to start working in a matter of seconds after it senses your presence. The key is to ensure the seal over the bowl will stay intact until someone has an absolute need to use the bidet.

Getting a Neorest bidet lid opened and closed is easy to handle when you consider how such a model comes with an automatic lid that opens and closes on its own. Talk with the Mizudori Gallery to see how well this feature of a bidet can work for your home in Australia.