3 Step Guide to Buying Inflatable Boats in Victoria

Inflatable boats are a great investment for all kinds of boating enthusiasts. If you love the beach or go out on to the water often, you should definitely get an inflatable boat. This will help you make the most of your water excursions. If you have family with you then you may enjoy it even more. But the first thing you need to do is consider how to purchase the right inflatable boats. Here’s a guide:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Inflatable Boats in Victoria

  1. Purpose

This is the first consideration that you need to make. If you want to buy a rigid inflatable boat, you must know what it is best used for. On the other hand, if you just want something to take out on the water every now and then, an inflatable buoy might be a better option. So, consider what you want from your boat and then make the final decision.

  1. Price

The price factor is always important because you do not want to waste money on something you’re not going to use. Of course, this entirely depends on what you want. Also, it depends on how often you will use your inflatable boats. Ideally, for casual users, getting a mid-range option is a good choice. If you want more value, then consider going for a higher-end model. However, make sure you factor in upkeep, terms of use and replacement options.

  1. Preference

Preferences matter a lot since you are not just going to be out on the water in just about any boat. The brand, the colour and other things matter quite a lot. So, when you are making a choice, consider going for a trusted brand and model. Zodiac inflatable boats in Sydney are a good option. Some other companies also have similarly priced models out there.

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3 Essential Things You Need To Know About Rigid Inflatable Boats

Rigid inflatable boats or RIB’s are a relatively new introduction to the Australia inflatable boats market. They offer a great option to all kinds of individual boat users who are looking for something more stable than your average blow-me-up watercraft. If you are planning to buy one of these, make sure to consider the following factors before you make a purchase:

3 Important Things You Should Know About Rigid inflatable boats in Victoria

  1. Light Weight

Rigid inflatable boats are well-known for being extremely lightweight. They deliver quite a lot of power in comparison to the weight they bring. Of course, the actual power output depends entirely on the kind of boat, motor and the water surface. However, the lightweight nature of these inflatable boats does add some value to it. So, you can expect a lot of good handling and overall hull stability from the best quality RHID boats out there.

  1. Easy Manoeuvrability 

Another great thing about rigid hull boats which puts them above inflatable boats is their easy manoeuvrability. The lightweight composition and powerful motor means you can make waves much more easily. Of course, you need to know your watercraft well to do it. Still, mastering an RHID is relatively easy compared to other inflatable boats with variable motor response. Whether you are new to water crafting or an experienced boating enthusiast, you are sure to love these.

  1. Fuel Efficiency 

Fuel efficiency is a big factor for those who like to take their boats far into the water. The lightweight construction of the ship means it consumes less fuel and delivers more bang for the buck. If you want to keep your expenses in check, ordinary Inflatable boats in Victoria might not do the trick. This is especially true if you consider how far out you can go with rigid inflatable boats.

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3 Compelling Reasons to Buy Inflatable Boats in Australia

Taking your boat or dinghy out to sea on a lazy weekend is one of the best feelings ever. If you live anywhere in Australia near the coast or river, then you might have seen many of your neighbours doing this.

Naturally, you might want to take to the water yourself. But hitching a ride with the neighbours is a pale satisfaction to having your inflatable boat. Maintaining a conventional boat is a hassle. The best alternative is to get inflatable boats. Here are 3 more reasons why you should buy them:

3 Benefits of Getting Inflatable Boats in Victoria

  1. Value for Money

Inflatable boats are popular for being an easy buy. They do not cost a fortune and this makes them very popular among boating enthusiasts. Plus, there are plenty of options available. So, you can get the one which benefits you the most. Whether it is a single person inflatable kayak in Australia or a swift marine, you can expect the best money value from your purchase.

  1. Maintenance Costs

Getting a regular boat may sound like a great idea but it comes at a cost. Often, the maintenance costs add up to be a lot over several years. Instead of bearing this expense after a purchase, you can get an inflatable boat and offset the costs. This will save you a lot of money in the long run even with the occasional touch-up or tube repair.

  1. Convenience

Ease of purchase and delivery is another big factor when choosing inflatable boats. You can have inflatable boats in Victoria to your home. Getting a boat made of wood is considerably harder. At the same time, getting a blow-up boat makes it much easier to transport it to the waterfront. You can simply carry it there. This is much easier than having a traditional boat which must be hauled to the beachfront or riverside by car.

Lejen Marine: The Leading Experts of Inflatable Boats in Australia

Lejen Marine is one of the most trusted suppliers of the most reliable inflatable boats in Australia. We offer a wide range of options to fit all kinds of budgets. We also offer the best brands in the market so you get to pick from among the best. If you want to buy top-quality inflatable boats and inflatable buoys in Australia, visit our website now!

Choosing the Right Size of Inflatable Boats for Offshore Fishing

Aside from swimming and lounging at the beach, one of the most popular pastimes of people living in or near coastal areas is fishing. The vast expanse of the sea offers a variety of fish ready for the taking. Whether you’re fishing for trophies or dinner (or lunch as the case may be), you’re certainly bound to catch one. However, angling in the sea will require several items and equipment like the right rod and reel setup and baits. More importantly, you need something to take you out into the open water, or more specifically, a boat.

There are plenty of boats for you to choose from when it comes to offshore fishing. You can go in large yachts to small dinghies and others. One type of boat you should consider using are inflatable boats. Now, although most inflatable boats are capable of taking on the open waters, there are certain characteristics you’ll want your boat to have. One of these characteristics is the size of the inflatable boat.

For instance, you’ll want to make sure that your inflatable boat is of the right size. You’ll generally want to go for something large so it will have no problem tackling the waves. Large inflatable boats also have greater surface area which makes it less prone to capsizing. Having a large inflatable boat should also leave you with plenty of space for the anglers to comfortably move around the boat (if you’re fishing with your family and/or friends). Needless to say, a large inflatable boat will also give you a lot of space to store your fishing gear.

You can still go offshore fishing using a smaller inflatable boat. However, it will miss some of the benefits of a large inflatable boat as mentioned above. You may also feel limited as to how far out you can go on a small inflatable boat.

That said, if you plan to buy an inflatable boat specifically for your offshore fishing adventures, you’ll be better off buying the largest one that you can afford. An inflatable boat can be an excellent investment and well worth the money.

And if you’re looking for inflatable boats like Highfield or Brig inflatable boats, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We have a range of inflatable boats, kayaks, buoys, and other products that you can choose from. You can call us up at our telephone line at (02) 9979 4533. You can also drop by our showroom located at 1/6 Taronga Place, Mona Vale NSW 2103.

4 Reasons You Must Have Inflatable Boats during Your Next Vacation

A beach vacation is a dream getaway for many people. Whether you’re a family or a couple or even a single person out amidst the sand, having inflatable boats can greatly enhance your fun time. These boats are available on rent on beachfront shops and the promenade. However, the ones you can buy are a quality in their own right. No matter how you choose to buy an inflatable boat in Australia, it is sure to help you have even more fun. Here are some benefits you can expect from it.


4 Ways Inflatable Boats in Australia Can Enhance Your Vacation


Easy to Pack


Most inflatable boat models are incredibly easy to pack. They can fit right into your luggage without taking up much extra space. So, you don’t need to bother with renting them and worrying about in-time, out-time, charges, holes in the tubes etc.


Easy to Carry


Inflatable boats in Sydney including kayaks and SUPs are very easy to carry. In fact, you are sure to have a far easier time carrying them around than any meaty surfboard. Whether you brought a single size or a family size along, you will have no trouble taking it along all through your day at the beach.


Easy to Inflate and Deflate


A lot of people think that inflating a rubber boat will mean blowing their lungs out. That is simply not true. In fact, you can use an air pump to get the job done at any shop which has them. If you don’t know where to find one, just ask a lifeguard or even the hotel tour operator about it.


A Grand Time


When at the beach, there is nothing more annoying than not being about to go out into the wave because the children are scared. While sunbathing has its own appeal, being out on the water, feeling a waves roll under you has its own beauty as well. You can get this by simply buying or renting inflatable boats in Melbourne or wherever you are vacationing.


Where Can You Get the Best Inflatable Boats in Australia?


Looking for high-quality inflatable boats, kayaks and SUPs? Look no further than Lejen Marine. We offer top-quality inflatable crafts with an assortment of custom options. Get yours from us now and enjoy your sunny beach days to the fullest.

Safety Tips when Using Inflatable Kayaks in Australia

Inflatable kayaks are generally safe and many people enjoy using them over hardshell kayaks. However, this does not mean that you can be careless while paddling out in open seas, lakes or rivers. To ensure that your kayaking adventure doesn’t end in a disaster, observe the following rules when using inflatable kayaks in Australia.

Inspect Your Kayak before Going

Sadly, this is one aspect of kayak safety that many kayakers often forget, especially the ones new to the sport. This is actually one of the most important kayak safety tip that everyone should observe. Thus, before you head out into the water, be sure to go over your kayak first. Check for any signs of damage like puncture holes and air leaks. One of the worst things about a kayak trip is finding yourself in an inflatable kayak that is slowly deflating while you’re paddling away from shore.

Check that You Have All You Need for the Trip

Although you can survive a kayaking trip without much equipment, there are certain things you’ll want to have on board. For instance, you’ll want to have a map or a GPS device to help you navigate the waters. You’ll also want to bring along some snacks and plenty of drinking water if you’re planning to stay in the water for several hours. You’ll also want to bring your phone (kept in a waterproof bag) or other communication device.

Put on a Life Jacket

Whether you’re on inflatable boats or kayaks or any other type of water vessel, always wear a life jacket. It doesn’t matter if you’re a world champion in swimming, life jacket is a must while out in the water. In fact, there are laws requiring everyone, especially children, to wear life jackets when boating. Sure, it may be a bit uncomfortable but it can do so much in ensuring that your stay alive when you go overboard.

Choose Waters Suitable for Your Skills

Some new kayakers often get too excited about getting into the water, even if it’s above their skill level. Nothing is more dangerous than a newbie daring white water rapids or choppy ocean waves. Thus, if you are still beginning in the sport, always choose a spot that is suitable for your skills. For beginners, calm lakes and rivers or beaches that have little waves and winds is a recommended place to start.

Kayaking can be so much fun, but you’ll have to make sure that you observe these safety tips to ensure that you don’t meet any unfortunate events while you’re out there in the water.

For more information on our products, contact us at Lejen Marine today.

Inflatable Kayak Australia Expert Advice



Are you an avid fan of kayaking? If you thought to buy your first inflatable kayak would level up your experience on the water, below are the common mistakes that the inflatable kayak Australia customer representative shared to help you find the perfect paddling buddy.

Mistake #1 – Relying on somebody’s kayak model

Every kayak model released for sale is unique on its own and has distinct features different from other inflatable kayaks. One of the common mistakes that first-time buyers should not fall into is relying heavily on somebody’s kayak like your mate or kayak instructor.

Remember, not one kayak model fits all and your instructor or friend’s kayak model may not be suitable for you. Of course, it’s best to look at what others paddlers have, but, it’s still you that would have the last say. So, the right thing to do before shopping around for your first kayak is to check many types of kayak and get a real feel.

According to the inflatable kayak Australia supplier, the right kayak for you must meet your paddling requirements and comfort. If a particular kayak model makes you feel a bit edgy while paddling the waters, then, continue looking until you found a perfect match.

Mistake #2 – Putting priority on the weight

Nowadays, modern inflatable boats and kayaks are constructed lighter than the traditional models. Avoid focusing much on the weight while shopping around from one inflatable kayak Australia store to another. A slight different on weight will no longer make a difference while floating on the water.

Mistake #3 – Going for features you don’t actually need

Another mistake to avoid when making a final purchase order at the inflatable kayak Australia online store is going for added features that you don’t actually need. For beginners like you investing on a kayak that has the standard safety features is sufficient such as durable deck line on both bow and stern or having a backrest that isn’t protruding on top of the cockpit to prevent cases of back injuries during initial surfing launch or landing. Don’t worry if the kayak model you plan to buy isn’t overly accessorised as long as your overall safety is taken cared off. This advice will also work for buyers of inflatable boats.

Mistake #4 – Trading for your comfort

When it comes to your first inflatable kayak the inflatable kayak Australia customer store representative mentions of another mistake that first-time buyers commit – trading for comfort. This shouldn’t be the case because every kaya enthusiast must choose a paddling partner that will surely deliver extreme comfort. If a specific kayak model makes you feel awkward this won’t give you a truly enjoyable kayaking experience.

Mistake #5 – Assuming all types of kayaks are the same

Among the mistakes that first-time buyers of inflatable kayaks become victims is believing that all kayaks are the same. Kayaks come in various designs to match different bodies of water. Some inflatable kayaks are produced to perform well on rock gardens while other inflatable kayaks are suitable for surfing, fishing or touring. You also need to consider the area where you plan to paddle often when deciding on the type of kayak to buy as per instruction of the inflatable kayak Australia customer representative.

Have you finally decided the type of inflatable kayak to buy? If not yet and still open for suggestions why not check Lejen Marine official website and learn more the different kayaks including inflatable boats available from their trusted brands.

Why Invest On Inflatable Boats?

Roll Up-Inflatable boats

Do you love to spend every weekend boating on the waters? If yes, do you own a personal boat or rent? In case you haven’t purchased one yet this could be the right timing to invest on inflatable boats. Why? The following reasons will definitely convince you that buying your own inflatable boat is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Price of inflatable boats is relatively cheaper

If you haven’t scouted for prices of boats in the market the inflatable boats for your information are relatively cheaper when compared with other boats. Why? First of all, inflatable boats may only need minimal maintenance which is a lesser expense on your end.

Aside from that, these inflatable boats don’t consume much fuel than traditional boats out there. So, investing on the inflatable boat is economical and practical, especially for beginners that don’t want to spend much for their boating activities.

Reason #2 – Inflatable boats are dependable boating partners

Yes, every boating enthusiast would want to potter around the waters with a type of boat that is safe, stable and perform efficiently. Well, inflatable boats exhibit stability at any speed because they sit flat on the water surface. Anyone riding an inflatable boat will have peace of mind that his or her safety isn’t put at risk while on the waters.

Reason #3 – Built from top quality materials

Investing your hard earned money on a boat should be carefully decided because it should provide you long years of service. Of course, no one wants to buy a boat that won’t last after months of use.

The material used in building an inflatable boat passed quality standards and have been tested against all kinds of water current before being sold in the market. One of the brands of boats that have gained the trust of boating enthusiasts is Zodiac.If you are situated in Sydney and plan to purchase a Zodiac inflatable boat search for reputable zodiac inflatable boats Sydney supplier.

Reason #4 – Require less storage space

Since inflatable boats can be deflated no need to worry about storage space. In fact, you can place them anywhere at home, unlike a traditional boat where you need to keep it in place on a boat trailer which may also cost a lot.

Have you finally decided to invest in an inflatable boat? If you are looking for a trusted supplier of well-known brands of various types of boats why not check the official site Lejen Marine.

Take time browsing their boating products covering popular brands from snap davits Australia, Zodiac inflatables Sydney and accessories to go with them.

Are Inflatable Kayaks in Australia Good for Whitewater Kayaking?

One of the biggest concerns about inflatable kayaks is their toughness and durability. This is even more important for paddlers who plan to take on challenging paddling excursions, like whitewater kayaking for instance. The good news is that many inflatable kayaks in Australia are suitable for such purposes. This is especially true for whitewater inflatable kayaks.

There are inflatable kayaks that are designed specifically for use in whitewater. These kayaks are tough and resilient and is capable of handling even the most unforgiving waterways. Advances in material and manufacturing technologies allow manufacturers to create inflatable kayaks that can take a significant amount of abuse. Just remember to get high quality whitewater inflatable kayaks in Australia from reputable manufacturers. Be specific with the retailer and don’t forget to mention that you’ll be using it for whitewater kayaking.

The strength and durability of inflatable whitewater kayaks can be attributed to the material they’re made from. The quality of the craftsmanship and manufacturing also plays a role though. Going back though, tough and resilient inflatable kayaks for whitewater kayaking are made from Hypalon. This the same material that is used in heavy-duty inflatable boats like those used by marine law enforcement agencies.

Still, many question the necessity of purchasing a dedicated whitewater inflatable kayak. Perhaps a high quality expedition level inflatable kayak in Australia will suffice? The answer will actually depend on your paddling needs and personal preferences.

Whitewater rapids are divided into different categories or classifications. Class I rapids have pretty slow moving waters and not a lot of obstacles in them. Class V rapids, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. The current in Class V rapids are dangerously strong and you can expect rocks and logs at every turn.

If you’re planning to take on Class IV and Class V rapids, then you should definitely get a dedicated and specialized whitewater inflatable kayak. These kayaks are the only type of inflatable kayak in Australia that is designed to survive through such powerful rapids.

Can these inflatable whitewater kayaks be used in lower types of rapids like Class I, II and III. Of course, they can but they’re not really necessary. For lower class rapids, most high quality inflatable kayak in Australia will do, provided that the paddler is experienced and the kayak isn’t weighed down by hundreds of pounds of gear.

If you are looking for high quality inflatable boats and inflatable kayaks in Australia, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at (02) 9979 4533 or leave a message in our contact page.

Highfield Boats Include Sturdy Patrol Boats

The lines of boats that you can find from Highfield include some of the best inflatable boats people can find in Australia today. These include some boats in the Patrol line, a selection that entails boats used for police or commercial use but can be used by anyone today. This is a line that offers sturdy bodies that will continue to operate in even the toughest and harshest conditions.

Sturdy Aluminum

The aluminum materials used in these Highfield boats include sturdy materials that are not going to wear out all that easily. In particular, these inflatable boats use 5mm 5083 aluminum plates. This is a stronger form of aluminum that also has a strong rate of thermal conductivity, thus keeping the material from warping or denting.

The 5083 aluminum alloy uses magnesium and some chromium and manganese in its body. The design ensures the surface will not warp or wear out while out on the water, a point that is vital for ensuring the surface will stay intact.

Look At the Stringers

The stringers used on these inflatable boats include 6mm and 10mm sizes. These offer enough support for a deck to keep the boat intact in more situations.

Available In Many Designs

You can find Highfield Patrol boats in many forms. These include boats that feature enough room for many people at a time. You can order a boat with a two or three rows depending on the option you choose. Such boats can handle four to six people in most instances.

Many of these boats can handle one engine motor at a time. You can also stick with the Patrol 860, a boat that works with two motors at once to keep you moving out in the water quite well.

No matter what you choose, you will find that Highfield boats in the Patrol line are among the best choices for you to use. Check with Lejen Marine to learn more about what makes these so useful and easy to control.