Flag Banners Can Stand Out In the Air

Flag banners are popular for how they offer vertical bodies that may be a little easier to display in some outdoor conditions. But what makes such banners even more important is that they can be positioned well up in the air. You can use this if you want to make your display stand more visible while in an outdoor environment.

How Is It Supported?

Flag banners can be supported with tall poles that are easy to install and set up. A banner may go along a pole that comes out of a thick or weighted base. The base will stay on the floor and keep the banner upright if used accordingly. The base should be organized accordingly to ensure it will stay intact even when the wind in a spot starts to pick up.

How High Up?

You can get a flag to go high up over the other banner stands in an area. A flag may go about ten to twenty feet up in the air depending on your plans for getting it ready. The key is to look at the other people who will be in an area and to see how they are using the air in a space.

How Big Can a Flag Be?

Your flag can be around five to eight feet in height and will move out by a few feet in width. The size of the flag should be measured based on how far away you want people to see it from. Be sure the design adheres with the standards that may be required of you during a special event so you can avoid trouble.

You can use flag banners for any outdoor need to help people find your space from the others in a spot. Talk with Swift Display to learn more about how these work and how they may work alongside any banner stands or other display items you wish to use in a spot.

How Can the Base Work When Getting Retail Display Stands Ready?

The features on a banner that you put out on your retail display setup can be attractive and illustrate everything you have to offer. But you must also look at how well one of these retail display stands is anchored.

The base on the bottom of one of your banner stands should be reviewed to see that it has a secure design that will keep your display intact. The base should ensure that the banner will not slip or tilt over while you are trying to display it.

What Types of Legs Work?

The base on your retail display stand can include a series of legs that keep your setup intact. The legs might include things like small feet that stick out from the base by a few inches. These add enough room to allow the surface to stay intact, but this works even better when those feet are weighted.

The legs should support the weight of the frame that your stand will go on. Keeping them identical in size is critical to their success.

A Wider Base May Work

Sometimes you might need to get a much wider base set up on your stand. This would entail a large metal bar on each side of the stand. The bar would create an even amount of support over the entire body of the stand. This is useful for banner stands that are more vulnerable to wind gusts.

Review the Weight

The weight of a base should be heavy enough to where the stand will not be at risk of shifting around. But at the same time, the base should also be easy to move around if you grab it from its sides. The key is to keep your stand in the same place based on your preference.

Look at how well your retail display stands are supported with a proper base on each one. Swift Display can help you with finding an appropriate display choice that fits your display demands well.

Teardrop Flags Fit In Perfectly For When You’re Promoting a New Store

Quality retail display flags are important to have when you are trying to promote a new store or if you have a special promotion going on there. Teardrop flags are among the best ones to find thanks to their intriguing designs.

A Unique Shape

While most flags that you might find around banner stands come with a basic block or angled look, a teardrop-shaped one is a little different. A tear-shaped model comes with a curved look. The design features a curve at the top part while the bottom areas have a series of straight lines. The lines move inward towards the base of the flag, thus creating a perfect tear shape.

This creates a more dynamic look for your flag. Quality teardrop flags add a dramatic flair that express a modern approach to anything.

What Will You Add?

You can add the main logo for your brand at the top part of the flag where the display is at its widest. You can also add a bit of text along the bottom part if desired. You have full control over what you wish to do with your flag. You will have to look carefully at the size though, which leads to the next point to see.

How Big Can It Be?

You can find these flags for banner stands in many sizes. You could use a small model that is about 1940mm in height for basic stands. You could also use a larger 3050mm model if you need to get some flags placed along the entrance to a new store. Either of these will be close to 1000mm in width, thus giving you enough room for adding a fine logo or text spot.

Teardrop flags are outstanding items for your promotional needs. Check with Swift Display Systems to see what types of flags can work for your new big event, especially if you are opening a new business location.


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Should You Choose Offset or Digital Printing for Banner Stands and Other Display Materials?

Generally, there are two main methods employed by printers when it comes to printing banner stands and other display materials. Some shops offer offset printing while others offer digital printing. Many shops though are capable of offering both services. But which of these two printing methods should you opt for? To know the answer, it is best to take a close look at both types of printing methods.

The traditional offset printing method does have its advantages. For instance, it does a great job when it comes to colour matching with the addition of special inks. These results to precise colour matching for corporate logos that require dramatic effects (like metallic hues for instance). This is one reason why many businesses choose offset printing for their banner and pull up stands.

However, it should be noted that this can be quite expensive as well. This is because offset printing is labour-intensive. There are plates to be prepared, the application of the finish, and the drying time. It also takes longer to complete given all the processes involved. It typically takes about two weeks or more to print banner stands and other display materials.

On the other hand, digital printing takes a shorter time to complete and is a more affordable option. Once the design is checked for quality and is ready, it is sent to the printer for printing. Usually, it takes about two to three days to complete a whole project or printouts. Thus, if you are in a rush and need your pull up stands right away, digital printing is worth considering. Because of this rather straight-forward process, digital printing doesn’t cost as much as offset printing does.

So between offset printing and digital printing, which is the better option? The answer would actually depend largely on your own personal or business requirements.

For instance, if you’re banner stands require the use of special inks, substrates and finishes, then choose offset printing. It gives you great colours and finish and has this high quality and luxurious look. Digital printing can produce great looking printouts as well for banner and pull up stands. However, they won’t stand out against those printed with offset printing. If you are short on budget and time, digital printing is the best option to go for. For the price, the quality of the printout is still worth it.

Whatever you choose, you need to make sure that you hire only reputable printers for the job. This will ensure that no matter what printing method is used, you’ll still get great–looking and wonderfully crafted banner stands, pull up stands or other display materials.


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3 Rules of Effective Banner Stands

Trade shows and exhibitions are some of the most effective marketing mediums for today’s businesses. Successful businesses are aware of this and that’s why they do not hesitate to invest a big chunk of their marketing budget in getting the best banner stands, retail display stands and trade show displays to advertise their products and services.

With the help of a trusted company such as Swift Display, these tools can be superbly effective, giving businesses a chance to interact with hundreds of prospective customers and partners in the same venue.

As a trusted specialist of banner stands in Sydney, our experts are offering you some extremely effective tips for guaranteed success in your next event. Let’s have a look.

  1. Plan Ahead: It pays to plan each and every aspect of trade show marketing well in advance. Whether you’re working alone or with a professional company, you can avoid a number of pitfalls by some careful planning. This plan will act as your guide in your event marketing process. To make a perfect marketing plan, make sure it contains some clearly defined goals, your targeted audience and the type of trade show displays you’re going to invest in. Also think about the employees in your organisation who will attend the event with you and how they can best represent your business.
  1. Choose An Outstanding Design:  Your banner stands should be attractive enough to make your business stand out in the event. In addition, your trade show displays must contain some unique elements. Most importantly, the design should look professional and be appropriate for your brand. That’s why it’s recommended to hire some experienced professionals to design perfect exhibition stands if you’re looking to attain a high ROI.
  1. Never forget to follow up: One of the most important reasons why businesses invest in banner stands and retail display stands is that these tools enable them to generate leads quickly. However, if you fail to follow up, generating leads is of no use. Following up with your potential clients within a few days is important to give a personal touch to your campaign. Likewise, also make sure to analyse the performance of your own marketing strategies after the event. It will help you in understanding what’s working and things you should get rid of in your next campaign.

For more guidance on banner stands and trade show displays, feel free to contact friendly experts at Swift Display now!

How Big Can Roll Up Stands Be?

swift display banner stands


A great part of finding roll up stands is that you can come across a variety of stands in a number of sizes. This is useful when you consider how you might need a larger stand to make your display at an exhibition a little more noticeable. The size should still be checked to see that whatever you are using is not too complicated or otherwise hard to display and set up.

How Tall?

To start, banner stands can be relatively tall. In many cases it can be about 1500mm in height at the least. This is enough to create a visible look but it is still relatively short to where many people might be taller than the display you are trying to create.

A taller display that is about 2000mm or 2100mm in height could also be useful. This creates a taller display that is easily visible but is not too tall to the point where it might be tough to set up and prepare in a spot.

What About Width?

The width of the stand should also be checked. A great stand may come with a width of around 850mm. This is a basic width total that is easy to manage and display while still being noticeable without being too rough or difficult around the edges.

You could always go for a much wider option if you have a larger message that you want to convey. Some roll up stands can be available in sizes of up to 1500mm in width, for instance. This is useful if you have a larger or more detailed message that you want to display. Some options can be found in the middle as well but it is up to you to figure out the proper sizing you want to work with at a certain time.

Be sure you think about the sizing standards you want to work with when getting roll up stands among other banner stands ready for use in your business display. Whether it is at an exhibition or on your business site, you need to choose a stand with a size that is sensible and easy to manage. This is all about giving your business display an outstanding look that you are bound to enjoy having.

If you’re looking for trade show displays or exhibitions stands for your next event, party or even for your store front business, get in touch with Swift Display for high quality and affordable banner displays.

Put Some Thought into the Kind of Banner Stands Your Brand Needs

Having a business of your own can leave you with plenty of things to deal with. From sourcing raw materials to managing your employees, you will need to devote your time and energy into every detail. At the same time, you will need to focus on improving your bottom-line too. This will typically involve finding new customers. More importantly, it will involve developing (or finetuning) your marketing strategy to make people aware of your brand. Billboards, flyers and banner stands are some of the ways by which business owners aim to heighten awareness of their brands. By using these mediums innovatively, you could give your brand a distinctive look.

What’s the Difference Between Pull Up and Pop Up Banner Stands?

Pop-up banner stands will usually be larger than their pull-up counterparts. The suppliers of these stands will usually click the various sections of the banner stand together for emerging with an eye-catching display. Naturally, these will be relatively costlier than pull-up banner stands.

Pull-up (or roller) banner stands are usually two metres in height with variable widths. You can print on one or both sides of these banners. Setting up (and collapsing) these banners is easy too. As a result, they are highly popular among sales teams of various companies. Their low cost enhances their value too.

Neither stand takes too long to set up. But, you can set up pull-up stands almost instantly unlike pop-up stands. In addition, pull-up stands are narrower than their pop-up counterparts. As such, you won’t be able to use pull-up stands to span across the entire space of your stall. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, pop-up stands are what you need.

Are You Looking for Visually Attractive and Affordable Exhibition Stands in Sydney?

Exhibitors and business owners typically want superlative trade show displays that can highlight the value of their brands. This is why many of them obtain their displays from Swift Display Systems. Based in Sydney, we specialise in providing a wide range of exhibition and conference stands to our clients. Portable displays are our forte. From banner stands to fabric or Velcro stands, we can give you any kind of display system. Our display systems are not only innovative and affordable. They are highly easy to assemble as well. This is why several blue-chip companies use our range of products. To know more, call us at (02) 8919 4650.

Exhibition Stands Can Help To Display Many Physical Objects

When creating a great trade show display, you have to do more than just get banner stands that show images of what you want to talk about. You need stands that show actual physical objects that might be of value to people. This is where great exhibition stands can come in handy.

Such a stand as this works with a simple design. You will get a stand established with a thick body or base. This will allow you to stand up the display without any added materials needed.

After this, an opening or other space can be used for helping you to display items. You can place physical items like product prototypes or finished samples into such a display. A glass surface can be added to cover the area so no one can try to touch what is inside it.

Can You Customize It?

Exhibition stands can be easily customized in a variety of ways. You can get such a stand adjusted with a custom paint job that shows your personal brand and other features all around its body.

You can also get the opening for placing items adjusted to feature a comfortable body all around. It may feature enough space for taller items or something longer for a wider display.

How Big Can It Get?

Such stands can be taller than your average pull up stands. Many larger exhibition stands can be around six to ten feet in height. In terms of width, they can be about three to six feet wide and about as long on each side. The key is to have something with enough of a footprint so the stand will not be at risk of falling over.

Can It Be Weighted?

You can also get the bottom part of a stand weighted down so it will not be at risk of falling over. This works as it will add enough weight to the bottom so it will not move or shift while on display.

Exhibition displays make a world of difference when you are trying to display something a little larger or more unique. Check to see how one of these trade show displays can be used in your next promotional project.

For more of Swift Display’s trade show displays, click on the link.

Swift Display: Exceptionally Designed for Your Business

Swift Display is a business that is exceptionally designed for your business success. We are a lucrative and inspiring printers and manufacturers of trade display equipments which includes event marquees, retail display stands, banner stands, fabric frames, innovative exhibition stands etc. Our products can effectively be used for indoor and outdoor communication activities.

We derive great joy in serving our clients- our aim is to make sure they are exceedingly happy when they are using our products. We are aware that every customer has a separate need, and deserves to be treated with utmost respect and we do everything possible to serve them, and make them happy even beyond their expectations.

If you are a client with Swift Display, you can be rest assured that all your needs would be handled with high level of professionalism, both printing and designing your winning products.

We have well trained staffs, who deliver the highest level of banner stands, retail display stands, and event marquees. We will assist you in keeping up with the latest trends of events both in the local and global space. We have built a strong reputation over the years, which have continued to win more projects for us.

Take a look at our website, and you will see that we have lots of pull up stands, menu boards, retail display stands, and brochure stands. Swift Display products are designed in a way that you can easily move or assemble anytime you wish. If you use our products today, you will continue to use it, the benefits are truly enormous.

The items in our website are designed for your own business success- the aim is to make your business to continue to look truly great and amazing. They are unique, amazing, strong, reliable, flexible and durable. Take time to view our gallery at your convenience so that you can select the items that is suitable for your business.

You will surely see a product that is suitable for your budget and taste. Many clients are happy using and recommending our products due to the fact you can actually buy them at a highly competitive rate.

If you order for your products today, we will ship them to you within a couple of hours. Keep in mind that when you are buying our products, ensure you add the correct address details or zip code, so that there won’t be any issue in delivery. We will send the order to the exact address you presented to us.

By shopping from our website, we are confident you will truly experience good time. Our interest is making sure that every client receives 100% satisfaction. We are happy doing this, and we will continue our best to ensure we fulfil this promise.

You will get any value spent in buying any of our products. We are an exceptional company, providing an inspiring experience to our myriads of clients both in Australia and around the world.

We hope this article resolves some of your concerns about Swift Display Company?

Trade shows display: Things you should know

Swift Display aims at providing excellent trade show exhibit that will meet your budgets, objectives and highlight your brand in a professional manner. Take time to go through our featured exhibits. A closer look at it will reveal to you why we are totally different.

Our brands trade show displays are unique. All our banner stands, flag banners, teardrop flags, pull up stands etc are filed with unique attributes. Each of them tells a specific story. Swift Display is a number one store that sells all kinds of trade show displays and accessories for private and corporate organizations.

Other items available at our store include high quality tabletop displays, popup back walls, retractable banner stands etc. We also provide delivery, storage and setup for all forms of trade show and exhibit materials.

Our products are highly durable- thus, you will never regret using them. They are exclusively designed for your own good. A wide range of environments and industries are currently using our products and their responses had been awesome. We can assist you in helping your business stand out in your upcoming trade show.

Swift Display is a leading edge firm that creates amazing brand images, and guarantees quality and durability. If you are interested in attracting loyal clients and business partners, then you really need to maximise the opportunities offered in our site. We are confident that you will never regret doing so.

Our reputation speaks volumes. We have been in the business for decades; our professionalism and quality delivery services have made us to always remain on the right track.

We have remained ahead of the competition courtesy of our quality products and services. Visiting our site – Swift Display, is a step in the right direction- you won’t regret doing so. Take enough time to explore. There are so many products here that are just wow!