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If you are a country music fan, you should definitely start following Australian country music charts regularly. Not only will you find a huge selection of new and upcoming artists who are taking the music world by storm, you will also find a lot of old and revered artists. A country music channel is a wonderful place for newcomers to the country music scene as it will help them find a lot of new and popular artists- the artists that the fans are listening to. It is also a wonderful place for experienced country music fans who want to stay in touch with the new developments in the genre, and the new musicians that are coming up.

Watch Lee Kernaghan Performing Live – 21 April 2016!

One of the country singers who have constantly dominated the Australian country music charts in the past is Lee Kernaghan. He was one of the most revered country music artists of the 90s. His presence in the music scene made a huge impact on the path Australian country music took in the 90s. Even though Lee’s traditional lyrical and musical values have stood the test of time, and appeal to a vast majority of the audience, Lee’s brand of music is something that is unique and timeless at the same time. In a way, Lee Kernaghan embodies why people love the genre so much. The genre itself talks about the same topics and troubles that have affected humankind for centuries, but it still manages to get a fresh, optimistic twist on the same.

The great news for Lee Kernaghan’s fans is that he’s is performing live at Rooty Hill RSL on 21st of April. Featuring his most popular songs, including record-breaking music from ‘Spirit of the Anzac’, this upcoming show is your opportunity to witness Lee Kernaghan’s genius firsthand.

Total Country: Tune into the Best Australian Music Channel

If you are interested in listening to Lee Kernighan and his band, you can always head to a trusted country music channel like Total Country, where you will be able to explore his music, and the music of a lot other country music singers we have today. You will get an exposure to local Australian country music scene and the wider world-wide country music scene as well! What more could a country fan ask for? Visit Total Country today!


Online country music channel: Listen to your favourite country songs anywhere!

Country music is a varied genre, unlike a lot of other genres. There isn’t a particular spectrum of topics or emotions this genre is limited to. If you listen to Australia country music on YouTube, you’ll quickly realize that Country music is a true reflection of human life; so it talks about a million different topics. You can find songs about the sunrise, or the feeling you get after your first kiss. You can also find songs about racism, or community spirit, or heartbreak and death Australian country music, especially, has a lot of cultural roots, since it was inspired by bush musicians as well.

Country music is a musically rich genre- in the sense that it uses complex vocal progressions and intricate instrumental music.  An online country music channel is a perfect place to get a taste of this amazing genre and explore it further. Most country music singers also play at least one instrument, and that says a lot about their dedication to the cause. If you’re interested in exploring the genre, it could be a little difficult for you to find a point to start from. After all, you could start listening to old classics like Slim Dusty or Buddy Williams, Smoky Dawson, or Olivia Newton-John, or newer artists like the John Butler Trio or the Waifs, or Kasey Chambers. Thankfully, you have the online country music channel, such as Total Country, and through the channel, you can listen to some of the world’s best Australian country music.

Total Country: The Best Source of Australian Country Music!

Total County is a sought-after online country music channel where you can listen to some of the latest hits blazing up the Australian country music charts, or you can listen to old timey hits. Total County will give you access to a wider range of country music than you’ll be able to find on your own. You will also be able to listen to a number of up-starts and up-and-coming names in the industry as well. What a time to be alive- with all the country music you want, right at the palm of your hands! What are you waiting for? Visit Total Country and get exploring!

Australian Country Music Charts: Country Music for the Soul!

When Shakespeare said “If music be the food of love, play on”, he was most certainly talking about country music. It is genuinely one of the most heart-wrenching genres of music, and it is also rather socially relevant. For instance If you want to know exactly what drove humans of a particular era in Australia, just listen to Australian country music charts, you’ll find most of your answers.

Country Music Download: Download and Listen To Your Favourite Country Songs!

So, what makes country music this close to the soul? If you have ever glanced into the Australian country music charts, you will find a wide variety of country music to download- including songs that are about love, about the injustices faced in society, or just about the beauty of the world. It’s about the very things each and every human holds close to their heart- and that is what makes the genre this popular. No matter what mindset you are in, if you just browse through a country music download website, you are most certainly going to find a song that is precisely relevant to your current situation. After all, that’s why we humans love music, right? Because it touches us, and makes us realize that we are not the only ones feeling these emotions?

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If you are not country music savvy yet, and wish to listen to and discover more, all you have to do is head towards a trusted country music online service, such as Total Country. You will be able to find the largest variety of songs, starting from old school classics, to new age, experimental country songs. Australia has one of the most vibrant country music scenes (you should certainly not miss the music concerts either- country music concerts are the happiest musical events anywhere).  You will genuinely be missing out on some of the finest music of the century if you are not keeping in touch. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Total Country, and load your music player up with some of Australia’s finest music, right now!

Top Reasons Why You Should Listen To Australian Country Music Charts

There’s a misconception among many people that country music is for old people because today’s youth is more interested in rap, pop, rock and other so-called cool genres. If you fall into this category of people, you should give a try to Australian country music charts. You’ll quickly realize what you are missing in your life. Here are some of the reasons why you should start listening to country music now:

  • Country music refreshes you: Country music is a genre where you’ll never find any repetitive instrumentals, unnecessary pounding and ridiculous vocals. In fact, top Australian country music charts feature songs that have an intelligent structure, power to convey deep emotions in their truest form and can make you nostalgic instantly. If you are into country music download from trusted sites, you may already know that each and every part of any country music song fits perfectly – every note and every vocal is precisely placed in a meaningful way.
  • Country music enriches your mind: Australian country music is truly diverse; a country song can covey a huge variety of emotions with simple, soulful lyrics. Listening to a certain song from Australian country music charts will develop a certain set of emotions in your mind. Depending on your current state of mind, you can use Australian country music to motivate you, excite you or to calm your nerves instantly.
  • Country music boosts creativity: In this day and age, people spend most of the time consuming media instead of creating something worthwhile. If you are looking for some inspiration, simply start listening to Australian country music charts. While it’s true that music won’t teach you how to paint or play an instrument, country music will surely motivate you to create something innovative.
  • Country music is pure and honest: Every country song has meaningful lyrics, free from any explicit reference. The feelings that country songs express are universal and impact people anywhere in the world with the same power. Songs can be about love, heartbreak, race, patriotism and everything else that brings people together.

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Everybody Needs Some Australian Country Music in Their Lives!

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love Australian country music charts, and those who are lying. There is no two ways about it. Once you tune into a popular country music channel, and start listening to some of the best country music tunes, you will realize just how rich, complex and entertaining the genre is. There is something for everybody, and that’s what makes the genre so beautiful. It’s universal in its feelings.

Country music has always been an extremely popular genre. Country music artists and bands have always enjoyed massive success, and have drawn huge crowds for their concerts (country music concerts are the best- starting from the pre-concert party, to the unique dress sense of those who attend it, it’s a once in a lifetime experience nobody should miss out on). These artists have gained their popularity because they sing from the heart, and they sing the songs they’ve written themselves (a talent that is sorely lacking in today’s popular music). They write songs that brings people together- about society, about love, about heartbreak, about patriotism, race, politics, and even hate. Country songs featured in Australian country music charts are about the human experience, after all, so nothing is off bounds.

Australian Country Music Charts: Listen To the Top Australian Country Songs!

Almost all country music artists are wonderful performers. If you listen to the genre quite carefully, you will realize just how dextrous the artists have to be to successfully play specific tunes on their instruments. Unfortunately, except for the artists topping the Australian country music charts, the more obscure artists do not get the kind of exposure they require but country music services, such as Total Country, are here to remedy that situation. Total Country has a wide collection of the best Australian country music from around the world. Every day, it expands its selection, so that nobody is deprived of the best genre the world has to offer. Whether you are a new fan, discovering new music, or an old groupie, trying to relive favourite moments, Total Country will certainly blow your mind!