How Do Veneered Interior Doors Compare with their Laminated Counterparts?

If you’re looking for the best doors for your home, a casual search on the internet could leave you feeling intimidated. Suppliers of interior doors these days can simply swamp you with the options available. Home interior doors come in an array of materials, textures, colors, finishes and styles. Going through each of these options could end up confusing you even more. Almost all doors will come with superior levels of durability and elegant looks. Moreover, some high-end varieties might even offer some cutting-edge design features that make you succumb to their charms. If you sift through the claims and facts, you will eventually arrive at the fact that you need only decide between two types of interior doors – laminate and veneer doors.

When it comes to door design and style, some people feel that laminate doors can be the ultimate. These doors exhibit a good wood grain effect. Moreover, this effect will remain consistent across doors. As a result, if you want to purchase four or six doors, you will find that each door looks identical to the other. Thus, the interior doors of your home will exude a sleek and uniform look that complements your existing interior decor schemes to perfection. Most laminate doors also come with durable and hard wearing finishes. This element serves to make them superb practical choices for your home interiors.

Among other things, laminate doors come pre-finished as well. This again, accentuates their practicality. You will not need to paint or varnish them. Instead, you will be able to hang or install them immediately. It can be worth mentioning that laminate doors come in an enviable range of contemporary colour tones. Therefore, it will not be too difficult for you to find doors that blend superbly into the existing colour scheme of your home. And, when it comes to price, laminated doors can be highly affordable. For those constrained by their budgets, these doors can be a boon.

Despite the manifold benefits that laminated interior doors offer, suppliers of wood veneer panels believe that many Australians prefer doors made from natural veneers. The reason for this lies in the beautiful and organic look that these doors exude. Natural veneer doors feature timber grain patterns that vary from one door to the next. Some people find this natural variation more appealing than the consistency of laminates. Similarly, natural timber veneer doors come in unfinished and pre-finished varieties. You can install the pre-finished varieties immediately. Or, if you prefer varnishing or staining these doors on your own, buy the unfinished version instead. You will not get this flexibility when you buy a laminated interior door. Oak remains the most popular variety of natural veneers. But, you can also choose from an extensive range beyond oak, including walnut and other natural veneers. The use of natural veneers can give your home a unique and luxurious look.

Some people have the impression that wooden veneers do not comprise real wood. Some of these individuals feel that veneers do not come from natural wood at all. But, these opinions and perceptions remain false. Veneers do come from trees. But, they will usually feature extremely thin slices of wood. The thinness of veneers makes it easier for woodworkers to create objects featuring rare and exotic varieties of timber. Doing this with thicker sheets of wood would not only be cumbersome. It would also make the object a lot more expensive. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many Australians plump for interior doors made from natural veneer timber panels these days.

An Overview of Smoked Veneers

When you want to revamp the look of your residential or commercial property, many options might come to mind. However, if you’re looking for the best surfacing alternatives, you will likely not look beyond veneers. In the last decade or so, veneers have staged a remarkable comeback. Some time back, people plumped for the minimalist look that metallic finishes provided. But, even the most sparkling of metals cannot provide an effective substitute to the timeless look that wooden finishes typically exude. Veneers come in an enviable range of options. From natural veneers to engineered ones, you will be able to find sufficient options whenever you step into the facility of a reputed supplier of veneers. But, if you want your home interiors to exude a rustic or vintage look, you will not go wrong when you select smoked veneers.


It often becomes necessary to fumigate logs and wood to keep pests at bay. This results in the production of smoked veneers. The process of fumigation helps in evening out the difference in tone in the veneers. In addition, fumigation imbues the veneers with shades ranging from hazelnut to deep chocolate. The veneers thus produced will have a natural sheen. Experts believe that the veneers change colour based on the tannic acid content in the veneers. Therefore, wood veneer panels with varying levels of tannic acid will produce a light-and-shadow effect. It goes without saying that smoked veneers can do wonders to the look of a space. In many cases, they can make your home interiors look richer and more sophisticated.


Producers of premium-quality veneers believe that smoking woods such as oak, acacia etc. can be quite beneficial. It can enhance the overall properties in the wood significantly. By smoking these types of woods, suppliers can:


  • Make the wood more elastic and easier to work with
  • Reduce the brittleness of the wood
  • Make the wood resistant to age, thereby enhancing its longevity
  • Increase the stability of the wood when exposed to light for prolonged spans of time
  • Make the wood easy to clean and maintain
  • Imbue the wood with superlative aesthetic appeal and,
  • Produce wood in a wide selection of shades to appeal to a larger variety of customers


So, the next time you feel that your home interiors need a makeover, consider adding some smoked veneers to the space. These veneers can be useful for making superb veneer doors and windows, among other things. Sourcing your veneers from a reputed supplier can be worthwhile. It could help you obtain veneers that last you for several years. At the same time, you can rest assured about the worth of your investment.

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How Do People Typically Use Wood Veneer Panels in Australia?-

Veneers made of wood or timber can enhance the visual appeal of almost anything. Manufacturers often use wood veneer panels for making high-quality furniture. Others use these veneers for making decorative panelling for the walls of buildings. The growing popularity of veneers could make you believe that veneers have been a recent or modern development. But, this could not be further from the truth. The use of wood veneers dates back to ancient Egypt. In those times, the lack of abundant forests and desired species of wood necessitated using veneers for crafting various objects.

However, the development of effective and efficient means for slicing wood veneers only emerged during the early 1800s. Some decades ago, people used wood veneers for transforming the look of their furniture and home interiors. To capitalise on the demand for veneers, some manufacturers began coming up with veneers that could be as thin as tissue paper. While these veneers came at affordable prices, they didn’t last for long. Hence, people began to consider other alternatives. Nowadays, the availability of quality veneers has brought these products back into vogue.

 Suppliers of Fire Rated Boards Supply Veneers to Makers of High-Quality Furniture

Wood veneers can be versatile enough to use in a myriad of ways. Many manufacturers have found ways to incorporate these veneers into different kinds of applications and projects. But, companies making high-class furniture will typically rely on veneers quite extensively. Incorporating wood veneer panels on chairs, tables and dressers can make these items look quite distinctive. In addition, makers of furniture can use veneers to add patterns to their products. The use of wood veneer sheets invariably offers an endless range of possibilities that furniture-making companies could capitalise on.

 Builders Use Wood Veneers to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Home Interiors

Many Australians will know that hardwood floors can look quite good in homes. These floors will never look dated. Nor will they go out of style, thereby requiring replacement. The durability and attractiveness of these floors makes them highly sought-after. Similarly, homes with veneered walls, floors and ceilings can look quite charming and welcoming. Not surprisingly, many builders apply wood veneer panels to the ceilings, floors and walls of their structures. Not many other decorative options can produce a comparable effect.

 Wood Veneers Can Be Ideal for Using as Decorative Inlays

Some manufacturing establishments source veneers from reputed suppliers of fire rated boards for using as decorative inlays. They use the attractive patterns of these veneers to embellish their woodwork products. For instance, a regular table might serve the same practical use as a table decorated with wood veneers. However, the look of the latter will clearly appeal to people and thus, command a higher price. To cater to such clients, suppliers of veneers will inevitably offer a wide selection of wood veneer products. Thus, veneer sheets will enable clients to create unique projects. Similarly, veneer hobby packs enable buyers to complete various simple projects and achieve compelling results. Some suppliers even offer veneer products as edge bandings and other accessories.

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Features To Check When Buying Fire Rated Doors

Fire is one of the hazards for many structures, whether that’s a residential or commercial property or industrial facility. To help minimize the damage caused by fire, property owners have used fire rated building materials like fire rated doors.

This doors are designed to withstand the high temperatures and smoke of a fire. This will not prevent fire damage altogether, but it can prevent it from spreading for several minutes. Aside from that, it also provides people some time for an escape.

If you are planning to get fire rated doors for your property, here are some features to check and consider.

Frame, Door and Window

Fires doors have many components, often more than an ordinary door. As for the main door, it is usually made from solid timber with a steel-reinforced frame. When buying a fire rated door, be sure to buy the door and the frame together. This will help to ensure a good fit between the two said items. Some fire rated doors also have a fire-resistant glass covering.

Fire rated doors can also come with a window. Obviously, the window glass should be made with a fire-resistant glass. Otherwise, it will break and eventually allow fire and smoke through.

Door Closer

Fire rated doors are required to have a door closer which meets the standards set by the authorities. This component is responsible in ensuring that the door closes automatically. This is a vital component because if fire rated doors aren’t shut properly they aren’t able to do their job of holding back smoke and flames passing through the walls and wood paneling.


All fire doors will have certain accessories and components that you will find in ordinary doors. These include locks, hinges, and latches. However, what makes them different is that they should be fire rated standard. Also, the components (as well as the door) should be installed properly and preferably by a professional. A poorly installed fire rated door can be just as useless as not having one at all.


Fire rated doors have an intumescent seal around the door edges. This seal is an important component of a fire rated door. For instance, in the case of fire the seal expands due to the heat from a fire and seals any gaps between the door and the frame. Also, cold smoke seals can be fitted to prevent smoke from passing through the gaps.

Fire rated doors are essential and often a requirement for many buildings in many places. However, remember to get only high quality and well-made fire rated doors. Cheap fire doors won’t have the proper components and will not be able to perform its intended purpose well.

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Timber Veneer Sydney: Things To Know About Wenge Wood

Wenge wood is a favorite wood species all over the world. This can be attributed to its strength, durability, and remarkable beauty. It has deep and rich chocolate brown colors that are interwoven with black and tan lines.

And with a simple oil finish, wenge wood can be made to look almost perfectly black, making it as a viable alternative of ebony (which is also why it is called “faux ebony”). If you are planning to purchase wenge wood veneer or timberwood panels, here are some things that you should know.


Wenge wood is most commonly used today for the creation of various wood-related projects and items. For instance, in the construction industry, wenge wood is used to make veneer and paneling. It is also used to make furniture, turned objects, as well as high-end musical instruments.

It is widely used in various industries because it is extremely durable, dense and tough. Thus, you can be sure that items made from wenge wood will last for a very long time with proper care and maintenance.

Professional Work

Wenge wood is known for its strength, but that can also be one of its drawbacks. Because it is dense and tough, professionals need exceptional tools when working with it. It is common to see sharp tools becoming blunt after using it on wenge wood. Also, companies making timber veneer sheets will need high quality equipment to make wenge veneer.

In addition, only professionals should handle wenge wood when it comes to sanding and finishing. Aside from being difficult to work with, there are certain hazards regarding this wood and the tree it came from.

Although the tree has some medicinal value, it also contains certain chemicals which can be toxic to health. For instance, wenge dust (from sanding or sawing) has been known cause dermatological and respiratory allergic reactions. Inhaling wenge dust can also cause a wide variety of medical issues such as eye irritation, abdominal cramps and more.

Furthermore, cuts made from wenge splinters do not heal quickly. This makes the cut more prone to developing infections. There are no clear answer as to why this is, but the chemicals found in the lumber are possible culprits.


Wenge wood is expensive, and that is quite understandable because of its beauty, strength and other features. However, another factor that drives up the price of wenge wood is its limited supply. Because of its dwindling population, the tree from which wenge wood is harvested from is classified as endangered.

There are certainly several things that need to be considered when it comes to buying wenge wood panels and timber veneer in Sydney. However, if you buy only from reputable suppliers, then you should have nothing to worry about regarding safety and responsible logging practices.

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Wood Veneer Panels: Types of Veneer Substrate

wood paneling

Wood veneer panels are popular alternatives to real wood. They are able to mimic the look and feel of actual wood simply because veneer itself is taken from trees.

The process starts with slicing a piece of real wood, and the bonding it to a substrate or backing. But kinds of backing are used for this purpose? To answer, here is a list of the different types of veneer substrates.

Paper-Backed Veneer

Paper-backed veneer simply refers to veneer that is permanently bonded by a paper backing which is generally available in a 10 and a 20 mil thickness. This type of veneer is commonly used in certain applications like matching curves.

For such applications, paper-backed veneer is a good choice since it doesn’t easily become damaged or cracked. It is because of this feature that you’ll often see this veneer in automobile dashboards and interior columns of establishments.

Wood on Wood Veneer

Wood on wood veneer is basically a veneer that is bonded on top of another piece of veneer. In general, manufacturers use a lower quality veneer for the backing. This is because the veneer on the back is rarely seen anyway, which makes using high quality veneer there wasteful.

To ensure the best possible degree of strength and durability, the grain on the wood of the backing is run in the opposite direction to that of the decorative side.

Wood on wood veneer panels are usually used for interior furnishings. The beautiful wood grain patterns make them suitable for such purposes, especially for properties who are aiming for that traditional appeal.

Phenolic-Backed Veneer

Phenolic backed veneer has a plastic backing and a decorative veneer on the front. The main reason why many people prefer this type of veneer over others is because of its water-resistant properties. This feature is brought about by the plastic that is used for the backing.

Like paper-backed veneers, phenolic-backed veneers can also be used to match curves. However, it appears that it doesn’t curve or bend as well as actual paper-backed veneers. Nonetheless, its flexibility is enough for it to be used for a variety of interior decorative applications.

Each type of veneer according to substrate has their own pros and cons and applications. It is important that you choose the right type of veneer that will best meet your particular requirements.

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How to Choose the Right Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney? Top 3 Tips

Choosing a reliable timber veneer supplier in Sydney is not a rocket science, but if you’re looking for highest quality wood veneer panels, long-lasting results and an honest price, it pays to do some research. After all, there are some amazing benefits of utilizing wood veneer panels in your renovation or remodelling project.

If you’re interested in wood veneer panels, you can either be an experienced individual who knows his/her needs quite well, or you may be a complete newbie with no clue about what you really want.  If you fall into the latter category, this article is for you. Fortunately, there are only a few things you need to know in order to choose a trustworthy and knowledgeable timber veneer supplier in Sydney. Let’s take a look:

Choosing the Right Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney

  1. Know The Specifics: Before finalising a veneer supplier for your project, gain some understanding about timber veneer. The most important thing to know is the species of wood suitable for your decor and budget. For high quality results, American oak veneer is a wonderful option. Not only is American oak veneer strong and durable, it’s also reasonably priced.

If you want to splurge, you can opt for more expensive options like American walnut. The best thing about shopping at a reputable timber veneer supplier in Sydney like Processed Forest Products is that you can access virtually all the varieties of veneers and compare them at a single place.

  1. Know Your Requirements: If you’re buying online at a trusted supplier, they will guide you on how many wood veneer panels would be sufficient for your project. Due to their vast experience, they have a fairly good idea about the quantity of veneer required in different projects.
  1. Online or Offline: Because of the large number of timber veneer suppliers available nowadays, it is difficult to tell who is honest and who is unscrupulous. In most cases, opting for a well-established supplier having an extensive experience in timber veneer industry with a good online presence is the safest bet.

Processed Forest Products: The Leading Timber Veneer Supplier in Sydney

At Processed Forest Products, we believe that our customers deserve the best, and we leave no stone unturned to exceed their expectations. For more guidance and to choose from the most extensive selection of wood veneer panels in Sydney, get in touch with the experts at Processed Forest Products today. Visit us or just give us a call at (02) 9771 5155 now!


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Timber Veneer Sheets: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Timber veneer sheets are thin wood panels used to achieve the same classic appeal of solid wood but at a far more affordable price. Timber veneer sheets can be successfully applied to virtually any surface such as furniture and even wall sections.  Installing wood veneer panels is pretty straightforward, but still some people can’t avoid some common pitfalls. Let’s take a look at some of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Assuming that all Timber veneer sheets obtained from the same species of wood have the same colours and grain.

One of the most important properties of natural timber veneers is that each and every piece is completely unique. Even the wood veneer panels from the same wood species can have different colours and grain variations. So, the best way to get consistent results is to purchase all your timber veneer sheets panels at once from a trusted supplier like Processed Forest Products in Australia.

Mistake #2: Timber Wood Panels:  Taking Inaccurate Measurements

This is probably the most common mistake mostly made by inexperienced installers. Timber veneer sheets are usually available in standard sizes. So, make sure you calculate the dimensions of your walls and furniture pieces properly before ordering your veneer panels.

Mistake #3: Ordering Without Having Any Knowledge about Timber Veneers

It always pays to have some basic understanding of timber veneer before you order your products. It will help you avoid making costly buying mistakes and face unnecessary delays in your project.

You can get the most suitable timber veneer panels for your needs if you have some idea about how different cuts look and how to match patterns etc. Fortunately, you can access a wealth of information about timber panels just by visiting the sites of reliable suppliers like Processed Forest Products. For any specific information, feel free to contact experts at Processed Forest Products today.

Mistake #4: Choosing Unsuitable Timber Veneer

If you’re working on a big project, it’s important to buy substantial quantities of matching timber veneer. Sometimes, people make the mistake of choosing veneer from a wood species that doesn’t produce large enough logs. It’s better to choose veneer from the same log of wood to ensure a perfect grain match and colour consistency.

Mistake #5: Buying Insufficient Veneer

Though you should precisely calculate the amount of timber veneer you require for your project, it’s always helpful to buy some extra veneer to spruce up the visual appearance and to rectify mistakes. Getting a matching veneer even after a few days is a difficult task. You can always rely on Processed Forest Products to buy the right amount of veneer for your project.

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Top 5 Advantages of Wood Veneer Panels

Today’s cutting-edge wood veneer panels, made by experienced craftsmen, using the highest quality materials are of a whole new level. Well known for their high strength, stunning aesthetics and eco-friendliness, top grade veneer options like FSC certified veneer are some of the most sought-after furnishings you can find in the market.

An Introduction to Veneer Panels

While modern veneer manufacturing machines are completely different from the traditional tools, the process has been around for centuries. In ancient times, veneers were used to attain luxurious appearance for goods built on a lower quality base. Veneers manufactured today are relatively thinner but are more durable than traditional veneer products.

Wood veneer panels are made by applying veneer to a base of MDF, plywood or particleboard. The base is selected depending on the cost or for any desired features. Veneer can be produced using several cutting methods. Each method produces a different appearance. Some of the popular cutting methods used in the veneer industry are rotary and crown cutting etc.

Advantages of Wood Veneer Panels

As surprising as it may sound, wood veneer panels are actually stronger and more resilient than solid natural wood. Solid wood furnishings tend to splitting and warping over time. Natural wood is quite delicate and even regular wear and tear can damage solid wood furniture. On the other hand, wood veneer panels, with a durable base, are extremely stable products that can last a lifetime with some care and maintenance.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of wood veneer panels.

  1. Since each veneer is absolutely unique, wood veneer panels can help you design furnishings that look unique and exclusive.
  2. With wood veneer panels, you get limitless design possibilities to attain that classic and elegant look at a reasonable price.
  3. Veneer panels are resistant to fragmentation and warping. Wood veneer panels last longer than most other options including laminates.
  4. Veneer panels boost strength, longevity and overall value of your products.
  5. Timber veneer is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It is the best way to utilize precious wood.

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