Consequences of a Poor Ergonomic Office Fit Out

Ergonomics is a topic of health that is not frequently addressed in-depth, but it is linked to some of the most common health complaints. It is simple to improve workplace ergonomics with devices like a sit to stand workstation and building better habits. There are many consequences to poor workplace ergonomics, which can contribute to many serious conditions. Many of these consequences are preventable with a proper ergonomic office fit out, some of the main ones include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) – are a collection of painful and physically limiting conditions affecting muscles, tendons, sheaths, and nerves. The most common of these are carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, which can be debilitating and painful, even hindering mobility in some cases. A new office fit out can remove many of the risk factors.
  • Fatigue – sitting in a static position while working (known as sedentary behaviour) has been linked to an increase in fatigue. Being tired is not just unpleasant; it also lowers worker productivity and can even lead to safety risks in some industries. A sit to stand workstation and more varied work environments can improve this.
  • Headaches or migraines – working for a long time, in poor positions, or in poor lighting can cause these issues. Poor posture over prolonged periods as there is great strain on muscles and trigger points in the neck and shoulder. This pain is referred to as the head. Improved lighting and ergonomic work environment in a new office fit out can help ease this issue.

DPG Formfittings are the experts in providing a new ergonomic office fit out. They can vastly improve the comfort and productivity of staff with products like a sit to stand workstation. Contact DPG Formfittings to learn more.

What Makes Proper Cable Management So Important?

Proper cable is important to any office and establishment for a myriad of reasons. From safety to efficiency and others, proper cable management can do wonders to any business. Below are some of the top reasons why cable management shouldn’t be ignored.

Improved Efficiency

Proper cable management allows you to have easy access not only to the cables but to the devices connected to them as well. Many employees (and employers) can attest to the fact that making sense of unmarked and tangled cables can be time-consuming. And more often than not, this makes a certain task longer to complete than they really should. This then leads to inefficiency among workers as the time they wasted on such activities could’ve been used more productively. This makes tagging, organizing and color-coding cables (and arranging them accordingly) a must for any workplace with significantly numerous cables.

Workplace and Fire Safety

Cables which are not properly organized poses several risk hazards for any business and its people. Tripping is one of the first issues to come to mind as people walk or work near a bundle of cables, which can result to injuries like sprained ankles, broken hips or even head trauma. In addition, when someone trips over a cable he or she might yank it out of the power outlet.

Another issue with improperly organized cables is fire hazard. When cables are not properly managed, they can lead to sparks and eventually start a fire. Lucky for you (or maybe not) if the fire was concentrated on a single area and was only able to damage a certain piece of equipment before it was contained. However, when left unchecked the fire can damage the entire business, equipment and establishment and everything else in between.

Easier Repair and Maintenance

One of the first steps to repairing and maintaining electronic equipment is to check the cables and connections. When the cables are entangled and in disarray, they can make repairs and maintenance more challenging. For one, it can lead to confusion, which then results to costly mistakes. Second, it takes a significant amount of time to sort through the mess, resulting in lost productivity.

All in all, proper cable management is crucial for any business for efficiency, safety, and an organized workplace. However, there are many other benefits of proper cable management and maintenance aside from those mentioned above. If you need help with your cable management or office fit out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Things To Know Before Installing Cable Management Systems In Your Office

Getting the wiring right in any office is a complicated task best left to professionals. But just because you have experts working for you does not mean you should not know about some essential things.

After all, you will be working in this office five days a week for the foreseeable future. So, it makes sense to understand how things like floor boxes and monitor arms can make your office cable management activities a breeze.

So, here are some essential office cabling solutions that you need to know about to make sure you office fit out is handled proficiently.

Top Tools Every Office Fit Out Cabling Process Needs to Have

  1. Monitor Arms

There are no offices in the world today without computers. And computers work with monitors. Now, if you have workstations in your office, installing monitor arms is a must. They will allow your employees to adjust the position of the monitor more easily and thus, result in a better workflow.

Along with getting these monitor arms; you will also need to thread them with the appropriate cables to make the screen work properly. Getting this done is a smart way to make your workplace more productive and you should get the right professional to make the installation properly.

  1. Floor Boxes

Unlike monitor arms, which are optional at best, floor boxes are a mandatory installation at any office. Whether you own the entire building you work in or just one, you need to have floor boxes to contain all the circuitry relays in one place. Naturally, this makes managing the entire wiring of your office much easier.

Having floor boxes is important for another important reason. They make for much better and efficient cable management by way of segregation. A short circuit in one floor box need not affect the entire building. Also, if there is a problem with any of the office fit out, the floor boxes relay can be checked and the problem handled as soon as possible.

Where Can You Get the Best Office Fit Out Cabling Equipment?

Getting the right office fit out done is a vital step to running a productive office. You can get the tools you need to make this happen at dpg-formfittings. We have an extensive catalogue of professional cabling and wiring products. Choose the right ones for your needs and make sure your office has all the power it needs at any time!

A Monitor Arm May Come With An Outstanding Series of Features

A monitor arm is one of the most intriguing items you can find for many office fit out layouts. The arm lets you hold a monitor up off of a desk while also positioning it to where more people can see it from many angles at any time.

The features that will come with your monitor arm should be checked accordingly. These features will help you make the most out of this organizational item.

Cable Covers

You will need to link your monitor up to a computer, so it helps to see that you’re covering the cables as well as possible. You can use a cable cover to keep all the cables in your setup from being exposed. Also, these will help you with keeping your cables from being tangled or otherwise hard to control. A small basket rail may also be added for your convenience.

Power Features

A power column may be added to your monitor arm. This would include a few extra power ports that go under the monitor. These may work for powering up the monitor or the computer the monitor links to among other items.

A CPU Holder

You can also get a CPU holder ready at the base of the arm. A holder will include enough room for a computer to be held in. You can use this to keep the computer close to the monitor.

Height Adjustment

You can get one of these ergonomic products adjusted with a height knob. A knob allows you to position the monitor up or down. You can use a basic handle or control mechanism to help you move the monitor around. This is useful for people who might have an easier time with seeing a monitor from a certain angle.

The monitor arm you add to your office layout can be one of the most convenient and ergonomic products you could ever use in your office. Contact DPG Form Fittings if you need extra help with finding a monitor control product that works for your needs.

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On-Desk Modules Are Attractive Office Power Solutions

When aiming to get a proper office fit out supported, you need to take a look at what on-desk modules can do. These are setups that provide you with energy sources that go right on top of your desk. Such modules are appealing office power solutions for how they help you to get access to power right away without struggling to find an outlet away from a desk.

How Does the Module Work?

An on-desk module uses a simple approach. First, the module has to be installed on a desk. You can get it mounted to the side of your desk, on top of the desk or even under the surface.

You would need to get a power source available to help you get power up to the module. You have the option to get fasteners and anchors to keep the wiring from getting in anyone’s way. These anchors could be applied along the desk that your module would be installed on. Be careful with how the module would be placed in your office fit out so you don’t have to go too far to get the power ready.

What Can You Plug In?

The versatility of an on-desk module is part of what makes it one of the top office power solutions for your use. You can get various kinds of plugs added onto one of these modules. You can get not only traditional plugs but also some USB ports. Anything that can support a charging station for a mobile device also helps.

Also, you can find many of these modules with several plugs and outlets. This is versatile enough for every office fit out. But be advised that the specific number of plugs will vary based on the amount of power that the module itself can handle.

Look at how well an on-desk module can work when you’re finding office power solutions that you can trust. Contact dpg-formfittings for additional information on how a module like this can work for you.

Why Office Fit Out Is The Best Designing Solution For A Traditional Workstation?

Do you want your employees to get a positive vibe every time they arrive at their assigned workstations? The overall ambiance of a workplace can impact an employee’s physical and mental wellbeing. If you are thinking of an innovative way to transform any traditional workstation into a modern look, then, you should consider the office fit out design. In case you aren’t yet convinced this office design is the best solution, here are the top reasons:

Reason #1 –Boost the employees’ morale

Put yourself in the shoe of your employees and imagine coming to work every day and being confined in a boring cubicle space. I’m sure you would wish the hours to go by quickly. If you want to be greeted by your employees with happy faces, why not invest on well-designed working stations that project a modern and upbeat look. This effort will boost the employees’ morale because you took the initiative to provide them a workplace that they could be proud off.

Reason #2 – Maximise space

One of the reasons why many old offices doing makeover prefer the interior office fit out style because it can be customised to fit any space. In fact, even if you have limited space at your office, the professionals behind the creation of modern office fit out can come up with space saving ideas where every corner can be used efficiently.

Reason #3 – Integrate a theme suitable for your business’ image

Yes, when refurbishing your traditional office space into a modern office fit out, you are given freedom to choose a theme that will perfectly represent your business’ image. For example, if you want your clients to have a feel of the futuristic look, you can request for a design that will depict a working environment that uses the latest technology.

Reason #4 – Cost-effective

Who says you need to look for a new office space in order to change the outlook? With the use of office fit out design, you don’t need to move out from your present office address. You just need to discuss your preferences when it comes to space and interior with the experts doing customised in-desk modules and on-desk modules to create an office fit out layout that will not only liven your office, but definitely give you a new look. Besides, moving to another office space can cost you more than having this space refurbished with modern office fit outs.

Reason #5 – Hassle free installation

Among the biggest advantages of having your old office refurbished by professionals is you don’t have to worry of work being disrupted. In fact, contracting the production of your customised office fit outs to a reputable company like the dpg-formfittings will ensure a hassle free installation. Their team of workers will make sure no employee is disturbed as they carry on with the fittings of in-desk modules and on-desk modules.

If you feel the present atmosphere in your office isn’t doing good on your employees, physical and mental state, then, it’s time to adopt a change of setting by transforming it into a workstation that will inspire them to work to their fullest potentials. For more innovative office-fit out designs, feel free to contact dpg-formfittings and find out how you can get started with this office makeover.