Zoom in On the Benefits that Come from Using the Best Timber Veneers

Genuine timber furniture can be somewhat expensive. As such, not many Australians will be able to purchase a variety of these pieces for using throughout their homes. Quality furniture makers often rely on hardwoods such as Oak, Ash or beechwood for making their furniture. In recent times though, the demand for timber veneer has been increasing too. This is especially so for people who cannot afford the high cost of genuine timber furniture.

What Benefits Can You Derive by Using Products Made from Authentic Timber Veneer?

Timber veneer denotes a thin layer of timber, produced from the slicing and peeling of timber logs. These veneers will have uniform layers of thickness. The thickness of these layers could range from 0.5 – 0.85 mms. Many people might feel that timber veneer is not authentic timber. However, this is not true. Timber veneer typically comprises 100 percent timber. As such, it is a natural and renewable resource. Manufacturers of furniture and other goods use adhesives for affixing timber to an assortment of stable substrates. This results in a material that features the best characteristics of timber while being cost effective too.

Using timber veneer can be highly beneficial. These veneers come in an array of species, timber grains and colours too. Thus, no two veneers are identical. Timber veneers are warm and gentle to the touch. In addition, they add a natural warmth to any project or application. When used in furniture, they can enhance its style quotient significantly. Similarly, workers can mould timber veneers to suit an assortment of shapes. When adhered to a stable commodity substrate, timber veneers can offer high levels of versatility and durability. Unlike other materials, timber veneer does not come from petrochemicals. This makes it a sustainable and ecologically viable material too.

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