Wrong Information About Bidets

Even as bidets have been existing since the 15th century, it is not widely used in many countries, including Australia. In fact, the use of bidets is mainly limited to Asian and European countries. They are rarely seen in bathrooms of Australian households. The absence of bidets in Australian homes may be due to some wrong information or misconceptions about these bathroom devices. To clear this up, we came up with a list of some misconceptions many Australian households may have about bidets.

  • Bidets are not hygienic – This is one wrong information that is quite opposite to the truth. In reality, bidets make people feel cleaner and fresher after using the bathroom. It allows them to wash themselves with water instead of just using toilet paper. Using water is both sanitary and better than using a piece of paper to clean after using the toilet. It is similar to washing one’s hands or taking a shower after getting dirty from doing yard work. There are even some bidets, such as the Biobidet, offering more features that allow homeowners to feel cleaner and fresher after using the toilet.
  • Bidets are mainly for women – This is another misconception that is far from the truth. Walking into a European or Asian men’s room will give people an idea that bidets are not mainly for female use. While some bidets offer a feature to allow women to wash, it does not mean they are only designed for women. Bidets are designed for males, females, young, and elderly. There are different bidet models from manufacturers, such as Coway, offering different features that make using the bathroom healthy and hygienic.
  • Bidets require the bathroom to be remodeled – While there are bidets that require a major renovation of the bathroom, there are several models that can be easily installed on the toilet. These models can replace the toilet seat, which means anyone can install it in the bathroom without having to remodel or renovate it. Bidet manufacturers, like Coway, offer bidets that do not require any major remodeling work in the bathroom.
  • Bidets are not easy to use – While there may be some truth to this, but it is only for people who have not used a bidet before. And this is mainly for the bidet spray, which is not easy to maneuver if the user is not adroit enough. But there are some models that only require the push of a button. Smart toilets, such as the Toto Neorest, make it easy for homeowners to keep themselves clean and fresh after using the toilet. The Biobidet is another smart bidet toilet seat that offers innovative features that make using a bidet easy.
  • It is cheaper to use toilet paper – The initial investment for a bidet may be considerable, but it will allow households to save money in the long run. After the initial cost, all homeowners have to take into account is the cost of water use. Power costs may even be considered, but it would be minimal when compared to the cost of buying toilet paper every year. Moreover, using toilet paper may also result in a clogged sewer, which will require a huge amount of money to deal with. Furthermore, bidets are environment-friendly since it does away with toilet paper, which can only be used once.
  • Soap is needed in the bidet to clean properly – This is another misconception since some soaps can result in infection or inflammation in the private areas. Using warm water is medically-recommended for cleaning these areas of the body. There are some bidet models, such as the Toto Neorest, that offer a better way for homeowners to wash after using the toilet.
  • There’s no space in the bathroom – With the different models offered by different bidet manufacturers, there should be a bidet that can fit the budget of any household. While high-end models, like the Biobidet, are great for the bathroom, there are also some affordable models that homeowners can buy for their bathrooms. These are the toilet bidet seats and the bidet sprays that do not cost as much as the more elegant models.

These are just some of the wrong information or misconceptions some households may have about bidets. But knowing the truth about bidets may encourage more households to adopt the use of these innovative bathroom devices and allow them to feel cleaner and fresher after they use the bathroom. Visit Australian Bidet for more details.

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