Why Your Kitchen Needs Commercial Food Processors

Commercial food processors are very versatile pieces of kitchen equipment that are essential for any professional kitchen. Many simple elements of food preparation are very tedious and time-intensive, which can take away from other parts of providing high-quality meals. Commercial food processors can automate many of these tasks including slicing, mixing, rolling, and even grilling. This can even make many other pieces of kitchen equipment obsolete, streamlining your workflow. Don’t be confused thinking that commercial food processors are just like your average kitchen blender or mixer, they are very powerful pieces of equipment that can vastly improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

There is a wide range of commercial food processors available at Channon to perform a variety of functions for your professional kitchen. These include:

  • Vegetable cutting – in a number of styles, mainly slicing, grating, peeling, and julienne cuts.
  • Grinding and mincing – for meat and vegetables used in pieces and sauces.
  • Kneading and mixing – for baking bread and other doughs.
  • Cutting French fries – into traditional thin strips or a range of other shapes.

Channon is an expert supplier of kitchen equipment in Sydney, supplying commercial food processors for a wide range of tasks. They stock only high-quality products from reputable brands such as ANVIL and Robot Coupe, view our range online, or contact us for more information.

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