Why You Should Invest On FSC Certified Veneer?

Do you always need special materials for most of your building and interior projects? One of the materials that are gaining popularity among builders and interior designers is FSC certified veneer. FSC means Forest Stewardship Council. When a wood veneer product bears this seal it assures the user that supports and adheres to the standards set for responsible forestry and sustainable living. If you haven’t used wooden veneers, here are some of the reasons why investing now is a wise decision.

Reason #1 – Versatility

One of the reasons why many people in the building, construction including interior decorating prefer FSC certified veneer for their projects because of the versatility it can offer. Top rated veneers are not only found in building projects but, you will see most of them as final finishing materials to improve the overall appearance of any structure.

Reason #2 – Suitability for domestic use

Another reason that makes FSC certified veneer in huge demand is the process the wood has undergone will not cause any harm to the environment. This makes all types of wood veneers like the American oak veneer suitable for domestic use. In fact, you will find timber veneer to be used in the construction of kitchen cabinets and furniture pieces because this raw material is environment-friendly and expected to last longer with proper care.

Reason #3 – Support the livelihood of a community

When a manufacturer of all kinds of timber veneer complies and support the FSC this action itself is giving something good to the community. How? Every company has corporate responsibility and one of the best ways that a manufacturer of veneers can do in helping protect the forestry industry by only providing customers with wood products that have FSC certification.

Reason #4 – FSC assures customers of quality wood products

The certification isn’t something that is awarded to any manufacturer of timber veneer products. This certification is only granted to any wooden product that has passed quality assurance and standards of the recognised non-profit organisation Forest Stewardship Council. If you bought veneer with FSC this means you only get quality and genuine wood that will not deteriorate.

Where to buy FSC veneer?

If you need high volume of FSC certified veneer and other raw wood materials, go and visit the official website of Forest Products, a leading supplier and distributor operating in NSW. Contact their sales team now to learn more about the massive collection of veneer products.


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