Why Use Food Display Cabinets and Trolleys?

Storing and moving food seems like a simple task, but for large kitchens and dining establishments, it may become difficult. Almost all restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets will want to display their meals to prospective customers to entice them to buy, so food display cabinets become essential. These maintain the heat or freshness of foods while on display for safety and edibility. Another simple task which becomes challenging at scale is moving this displayed food to other parts of the kitchen or to customers’ tables. This is where food trolleys come in to safely and quickly distribute hot, tasty food.

There are many types of food display cabinets available, ranging from simple boxes with a glass window to fully equipped meat carving and heating display systems. Every food display cabinet will be different depending on the refrigeration, heating, and visibility needs for the specific scenario. The most common uses of these storage systems are for displaying special meals and allowing the selection of desserts of chilled ice creams by a customer.

Food trolleys are another often ignored piece of kitchen equipment, but still important to a smoothly running dining business. When using food trolleys, there are important hygiene measures to remember and ensure. Firstly, raw and cooked food should never touch the same surfaces or utensils, as this may lead to cross-contamination and food poisoning. Secondly, cleaning should only ever be performed using approved food safe chemicals.

Restaurants in Australia are graded on a star system for hygiene in their inspections, where the safety of food trolleys and food display cabinets will be included. The overall rating assigned to the kitchen can be a great advertisement to assure customers of your good hygiene. As a result, proper cleaning and quality display systems are essential for every food business. Channon Refrigeration supply many types of food display cabinets to show off your culinary masterpieces. Contact Channon today for information.

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