Why Timber Veneer Are Ideal For Commercial Construction Projects?

The aesthetic appearance of timber veneer is quite unique, making it a favoured material not only in home renovations and furniture industry, in construction projects too. Below are other facts that make timber veneer ideal to builders and architects handling various construction projects.

Introduction to Timber Veneer

This type of wood is sliced very thin, approximately sixteenth of an inch in thickness. It’s often installed on solid surfaces with the intention to achieve a hardwood finish. Timber veneer originates from trees, then, undergoes precise cutting procedure. It also comes in various types, appearance and could surpass the uses of hardwood.

Cost of quality made timber veneer

The cost of quality made timber veneer very affordable. This could be probably one of the reasons why professional builders and architects prefer using timber veneer like the timber veneer panels for their commercial constructions. Aside from that, the cost to install timber veneer is a lot cheaper when comparing the installation cost of hardwood.


If you will ask which construction material is environment-friendly, timber veneer panels or hardwood? Timber veneer is the top choice. Why? Hardwood is cut with a sawing blade where the final product is about one inch thick board and the saw dust accumulated during the cutting process is huge depending on the number of hardwood pieces cut. This isn’t good for the environment as it adds to pollution in air and waste. But, when it comes to the cutting process that timber veneer undergoes is more environment-friendly because there is no dust generated, meaning lesser pollution and waste.

Quality assurance control

Although, you may be able to purchase timber veneer in DIY stores, if you are in need of bulk orders of top quality timber veneer, you should check Forest Products because they are a leading timber veneer Sydney supplier of a wide range of timber veneer materials. At their main office site located in Beaconsfield Street, Milperra NSW you have the privilege to consult any of their experts in hardwood and timber veneer products for professional advice on what to purchase for your commercial construction projects.

I do hope after reading this post it gave you valuable information about quality timber veneer products like veneer panels and how they could add value to every commercial project you will handle in the near future. If you want to know more about different kinds of veneer products, feel free to browse the product categories available at Forest Products official site and discover the rarity of designs and patterns that this reputable timber veneer Sydney supplier has to offer.


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