Why Sit To Stand Workstation Becoming Popular?

With the continuous changes happening in a workplace like implementing a new layout on office equipment and furniture pieces to bring comfort to employees the concept of sit to stand workstation is becoming popular. Have you ever heard about it? If not yet, here are few things about sit to stand working stations and how these types of working arrangements become beneficial to one’s posture and wellbeing.

What is sit to stand workstation?

The sit to stand workstation is designed to be adjustable for sitting and standing. The desks are either electric, manual operated or crank style that can be easily adjusted to suit the user’s preference while on a sitting or standing position. This style of workstation is globally used now to relieve employees from the strain brought by long hours of sitting without movement.

According to the studies made for occupational health and wellbeing of workers in an office space there are health risks that could arise due to prolonged periods of sitting such backaches, poor posture and other discomforts along the joints.

Are there recommended postures while working in an office space?

If you are to visualise the nature of most tasks inside the office they require the employee to sit for a lengthy period with limited movement. The instances where the employee may stand are either go to the restroom or avail a break. Most of the productive hours of employees working in an office require them to sit. But, as the world accepted the diversity on how people should work this has affected even the interior design of offices in today’s modern age. Now, we can see more ergonomic products replacing traditional office desks and tables like the sit to stand desks.

How the sit to stand workstation improve one’s health and overall wellbeing?

Most ergonomic products like the sit stand desks are designed to eliminate tension along the lower back, legs and buttock. These sit to stand workstation desks allow the users to interchange to a sitting and standing position depending on the pressure build-up. For example, if the user is already feeling the strain due to the continuous sitting position, the sit-to-stand desk can be adjusted to a standing position to lessen the pressure.

With the advancement in technology influencing the designs and made of office workstations employees now are given the privilege to work efficiently through the use of ergonomic products like sit stand desks. The benefits of the sit to stand workstation are completely visible upon implementation in any office because the employees tend to be more productive, energetic and absences due to work-related problems like low back pain, muscle pain or musculoskeletal injury are decreased. 

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