Why Many Residential and Commercial Property Owners Prefer Purchasing Products Made from Veneer Panels Instead of Solid Wood

Many people have begun buying objects featuring veneers in Australia. Veneers have come into vogue because of the manifold benefits they offer. Using veneers for a diverse range of applications has become more popular because veneers:


  • Can be Simple to Work With: Workers derive veneers from wood by slicing the wood into exceedingly thin slices. They can slice the wood directly from the tree trunk. Alternatively, they can slice the wood from flitches or large blocks of wood. Doing so makes it easier to create different figures and patterns. The method of slicing used can create the desired pattern. At the same time, it can bring out the natural beauty of the wood perfectly. Veneers come in a wide range of stains, colours and patterns. Thus, they can give you an almost endless range of design options.
  • Can be Easy to Sequence and Match: Veneer patterns can vary a little from one sheet to another. Therefore, veneer producers manufacture veneers with sequence numbers. This enables users to match the veneer sheets and arrange them accordingly. Matching your veneers randomly could produce a rustic look. Similarly, you could consider book-matching or slip-matching your veneer sheets too.


  • Can be Stronger than Wood: When exposed to extreme temperatures, solid wood can warp. Similarly, exposure to high levels of humidity can make solid wood warp too. In contrast, veneers will remain bonded to stable underlayers such as plywood and MDF. Hence, veneers will neither split nor warp in extreme conditions. Moreover, it can be worth mentioning that some veneers come with thin or flexible backing. This makes it easier to apply them to curves and corners. Lastly, timber or Wenge veneers have depths of approximately three millimetres. Thus, applying these veneers to columns and other curved objects will be much easier as opposed to thick blocks of solid wood.


  • Help Conserve Precious Natural Resources: Wood remains a sustainable resource. But, using veneers can be more environment-friendly than solid wood. Solid wood requires a lot more material than veneers. Estimates suggest that workers will be able to extract two to three times more wood from each log with veneers. Moreover, veneers enable you to use each log entirely while minimising the amount of wastage.

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