Why Choose us for all your flatpack cabinet needs?

Before you get started, you must become a Tailored Flat Packs Direct member, please register for your Tailored Flat Packs Direct account here. Remember, no need to get out that credit card, Tailored Flat Packs Direct is completely free! Once you register your information, you will be instantly approved to start using the software, simply log in with the username and password provided.

Our Tailored Flat Packs Direct software is compatible with PC Windows, Mac, Mobile & Tablet platforms. We offer the perfect solution for our tech savvy clients on the run.

You have your project design, now simply enter the project dimensions and select from a large range of cabinet types, panel finishes and cabinetry fittings. You can easily add, remove and adjust your project specifications, compare costs all in an instant. You can even set up your favourite – most used cabinets sizes. Tailored Flat Packs Direct only lists the best products from our trusted suppliers in Australia and overseas. For more information, check out our premium suppliers.

Ordering Flatpack cabinets online is this easy, once you’re happy with your cabinetry project specifications and quotation, simply press the “submit job” button. Tailored Flat Packs Direct provides the ability to send your projects straight to our CNC machines. It is that simple. Once sent off, your project is already in the process of being manufactured. No double handling, no material sourcing, no cut lists needed, Tailored Flat Packs Direct does all the hard work for you. Ordering cabinets online really is that easy. Click to read more.

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