Why Choose Carpet Tiles for Your Carpet Flooring?

Carpet flooring is one of the most common flooring types used around Australia such as in commercial flooring Engadine, with its unique appearance and wide variations of styles on offer. Carpets have some distinct advantages to other flooring options; they are great insulators creating a feeling of warmth to save on electricity usage. They also have good acoustic absorption to assist soundproofing and can provide some safety from falls by cushioning impact.

Despite all its positive attributes, traditional carpet flooring has some flaws. Once damaged, which can be common in commercial flooring Engadine, carpets usually need to be fully replaced. Carpet flooring also has a shorter lifespan than many other options, requiring replacement once sections begin to age. They must also be cleaned regularly and gently with a vacuum cleaner and deep cleaned occasionally.

Carpet tiles are one way to mitigate the downsides of carpet flooring, while still retaining the pleasing look and comfort they provide. Carpet tiles are small modular squares of carpet which are much easier to install, even as a low-cost DIY project. As they are individual tiles, damaged sections can be replaced individually instead of the whole room, which is very useful for office spaces where sections may be spilled or torn easily. Another benefit as commercial flooring Engadine is carpet tiles can be cleaned with harsher cleaners, making routine maintenance easier and more effective.

Engadine Floor Store stocks a wide range of carpet tile styles for your new carpet flooring purchase. Contact us today for a quote!

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