Where to Place Your Flag Banners For Your Exhibition Stand

Quality exhibition stands can come with many appealing decorative features. One of the best options to have in any case is a flag-shaped banner. This adds a nice border to any stand you wish to plan out.

Flag banners come with great vertical rectangular designs. But they need to be placed in the right spots around an exhibition stand for them to really make a difference.

Placed Near the Sides

The best spots for flag banners to be added at are around the sides of a stand. Flags can be used around these sides to create an outstanding border surrounding a larger stand surface. The banners will work best if they are large enough and point in the direction of your stand.

Around Walkways

Sometimes exhibition stands have extended walkways where people can move from one spot to the next. Some banners may be placed around those walkways to guide a person’s path. Such banners would work even better if their bodies are printed with emblems or other features relating to a product or service that is on the other end of the path.

Around the Top Areas

You can always add some flags around the top parts of any walls or other surfaces you may have in your space. This is ideal if your stand is in an outdoor spot and you want people to see your brand from a distance. This also works best if you have large enough flags that can actually be seen from afar and if there are not many other things in an area that might keep something from being visible.

Flag banners are great to have for any display stand you have provided you know how to organize them correctly. Check with Swift Display Systems to see how an attractive flag banner can be placed anywhere in your trade show stand and how they can be customized or shaped to your liking.


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