What Ports Will Your Conference Box Feature?

A conference box is an indispensable item to have in any office room that you plan on holding presentations in. Such a box provides you with the ability to link up various display items or projection materials to a table. This is great for when you’re going to link a display on a computer up to a larger screen while at the same table. But to make this work, you need to have a box that offers enough ports for your use.

Display Ports Are Vital

First, you must be sure your conference box includes all the necessary display ports for your use. These include an HDMI In port, a VGA connector with a matching Audio In port, and a three-part RCA cable input.

For instance, a laptop can be connected to your box through an HDMI in port. The data on the port can then be linked up to a display screen that the box links up to. The versatility of the box should give you many options for new and old display items alike.

Ethernet Support

You may find some Ethernet connections on your box depending on what you find. An Ethernet port may work for your cable management needs to produce a strong link that lets your box analyze high-speed content off of a computer. This may work well for high-definition streams or other displays that need to run smoothly and without lag-related issues.

What About Charging Ports?

You may find a USB charging port on some boxes. A conference box might include a USB port that can work for either charging up items or for reading displays on those items. Sometimes the port might work with both charging and display intentions at the same time.

The ways how your box can work for cable management demands can make a real world of difference. Ask DPG Form Fittings to see what you can utilize for your management demands.

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