What Is Wenge Veneer Made from?

Wenge veneer and timber panels are one of the most beautiful hardwoods. But did you ever wonder where it came from? Here’s a brief introduction about this particular kind of wood.

Where is it taken from?

Wenge wood is an exotic lumber and is harvested from the tree called Millettia Laurentii and other closely related trees. The tree belongs to the legume family and is distinguished by flowering, colorful leaves, and fruit. The tree is native in Central and West Africa including countries such as the Congo, Cameroon, and several others.

Tree Characteristics

In general, these trees can reach up to 25-30 meters in height. However, there are trees which can grow up to 50 meters, although they’re quite rare. In such trees, up to 20 meters of the trunk can be uninterrupted and without the presence of any branches.

The streamlined growth is highly valued and ids preferred by many. During spring and summer, the tree blooms with lovely flowers that have striking purple-blue color.

Medicinal Value

Aside from being beautiful, wenge wood is also valued among locals because of its medicinal properties. This is one feature makes it stand out from other type of trees that are used in making veneer door and wood panels.

Accordingly, the bark of the tree is used to treat certain illnesses like diabetes, skin issues, fever, rheumatism, hernia, liver complains, constipation and more. In addition, some locals can create medicine from the tree that can reduce sores, smallpox, epilepsy, abscesses and more. All these medicinal capabilities are mainly due to the presence of several isoflavones and alkaloids in its bark and seed.

An Endangered Specie

Because of its wide popularity in the industry, harvesting the wood has resulted in its dwindling population. There are very few trees available nowadays, and the new trees are growing pretty slowly which is quite natural.

This is basically the reason why it has been classified as an endangered species. This rarity has made wenge even more in demand, which consequently made it more expensive to purchase. So if you are planning to purchase wenge wood from timber and laminate board suppliers, be sure to consider the environmental impact that your decision can have.

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