What is 5W-30 Power Oil

5W-30 is a popular oil used in many vehicles. It is a blend of 5 weight percent of motor oil and 30 weight percent of engine oil.

This oil provides protection against the following wear points:

– The valve stem seal

– The piston rings

– The camshaft lobe seals

– The crankcase gasket

5W-30 is a type of motor oil that is primarily used in cars, motorcycles, and light trucks. It is a product that falls under the API SN classification.

The 5W-30 designation refers to the viscosity grade of the oil. 5 refers to the number of seconds it takes for one gallon of oil to flow through a standard pipe at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, 30 refers to its viscosity at that temperature. This means that it has a thickness of 0.039 centimeters per second (cps) at 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

5w-30 power oil is a type of oil that is designed for use in engines that are designed to run on it. It’s typically made for gas or diesel engines with an API service classification of SL, SM, SN, or ST.

5W-30 oil is made up of five weight percent of base oil and thirty weight percent of the additive package. The additive package contains detergent, dispersant, viscosity index improver, oxidation inhibitor, and friction reducer.

5w-30 oils are typically used in older cars because they tend to be less expensive than other types of oils and have been proven to provide better engine protection than other oils. However, some newer cars may not require 5w-30 oil as they have different requirements such as synthetic motor oils with an API

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