What goes with steak in summers?

Today, we want to focus on steak as one of the most favorite meat in the summers. Campisi Butchery is your one and only place to go if you are looking for buying quality meat – chicken, steak, etc. They are one of the oldest Italian butchers in the City. And, steak is one of their well-known types of meat.

Steak in summers can be used in many different ways in Australia and known among locals. Grilled steak recipes top conquer summer. This is one of the favorite things to grill a nice steak. Steak when it comes raw may come with seasoning on the top or it may be available without any seasoning on it.

If it’s available, without seasoning, then we can marinate it before grilling or you can serve steak with 14 side dishes – bread, scalloped potatoes, sweet potato fries, baked French fries, wedge salad, mac and cheese, onion rings, oven-roasted vegetables, Brussels sprouts with bacon, green beans, tomato couscous salad, corn on the cob, red cabbage salad, and sauce.

In all above mention side dishes, the steak would remain the main dish, which should be quality proven and cooked properly.

At Campisi butchery, you can find high-quality steak. Call us on 0298266122

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