What Goes Into the Concrete Pool Resurfacing Process?

Getting your concrete pool resurfaced on occasion is a necessity for keeping it functional and looking its best. But what will happen when you get your pool resurfaced? Let’s look at what you can expect out of the concrete pool resurfacing process.

Sandblasting Is Needed

A sandblaster would be required for use as the water in your pool is removed. A sandblaster uses pressure to remove the most difficult stains from off of your pool. It also strips off the old finish in your pool so a new one can be applied onto the base. The blaster must be applied evenly around the entire pool body to make it work.

Apply a Primer

A primer is used in the next part of the swimming pool resurfacing process. A primer helps to strengthen the base of the pool. In most cases two or three coats are needed, although the number might be higher depending on the size of the pool and how often it is used.

The primer will help you to secure the surface. This covers up any pores around the concrete surface. You would still have to contact a repair team to help with fixing up any significant cracks.

Paint May Be Added

A coating of paint can be added as you continue the concrete pool resurfacing process. This should be applied provided that the primer has dried up. Paint works best when it matches up with the rest of the surface.

Fill the Pool

The last part of the swimming pool resurfacing task is to fill the pool up with water once again. When handled right, the pool will be easy to use once more. Everything should have dried up inside the pool before you apply anything though.

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