What Do Building Managers Services Do?

As Sydney’s growing population makes a transition from traditional single house blocks to apartment complexes and townhouses, building managers services and caretakers are in high demand. Building managers are a necessity of both commercial and residential property maintenance. Most apartment complexes will have an on-site or locally available building manager and many strata arrangements will employ some degree of building caretaker services.

The duties of the building manager will be laid out and agreed to by the owner’s corporation and tenants on a case by case basis. The range of responsibilities and tasks which building managers services will typically perform includes:

  • Responding to maintenance issues or concerns promptly, or at a reasonable time for non-urgent matters.
  • Enforce the rules and building laws that will be agreed to by tenants in their lease.
  • Maintenance of lighting, smoke alarm batteries in common spaces, pool filters, and cleaning.
  • Ensure all legal inspections and certifications on the building are performed.
  • General residential property maintenance tasks such as cleaning and repairs in common areas of the building like lobbies, elevators, gyms, or entertaining rooms.
  • Report any issues to the owner’s corporation (formerly known as the body corporate in NSW).

As building managers are so essential to the smooth operation of many apartment complexes, ensuring you find the right building managers services is important. MiB Property Maintenance is a long-trusted and reliable provider of building managers and a wide array of other residential property maintenance. Contact us today to learn more!

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