Venison – A Tasty and Nutritious Meat Product

Venison typically refers to the meat taken from a deer but the term can cover various other game animals such as buffalo or moose (although these are not that common for Australia). It is dark red in color and is incredibly lean. Australian venison usually comes from wild deer killed in controlled culls or those farmed free-range and naturally. This type of meat has seen more popularity from meat wholesalers in recent decades for its unique flavor and nutritional value.

Good venison can look somewhat like beef steaks from quality Australian meat wholesalers, but do not expect them to taste the same. The two types of meats are vastly different for taste. Many people describe the flavor as ‘gamy’ which some consider being too strong of a taste. A common consensus among food enthusiasts is that the flavor is similar to nuts and fruits having a very wild taste. The texture of venison is smooth but still rather tender compared to other meats. This texture is enjoyed by many but the stronger taste can turn some people off this meat.

Quality deer from Australian meat wholesalers will be free-range and free from any form of hormones or growth promotions. This leaves the meat with very high nutritional value. Compared to beef, the saturated fat and cholesterol quantities are much lower and they are a great source of iron and protein. Venison is also very lean meat with virtually no fat content, so be careful to only cook for a short time to avoid dryness.

Quality meat wholesalers in Sydney such as Campisi Butchery in West Hoxton will stock venison from only the best and most responsible suppliers. Find out more on our website or visit us in-store.

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