Use a Monitor Arm to Improve Your Workspace

Most of today’s modern workspaces involve the use of computers. After all, they make certain tasks much easier, and there are jobs which simply cannot be completed without the use of one. Despite being necessary for many of today’s business, computer usage also comes with certain drawbacks. Some of these include eye problems, headaches, and even posture problems. As surprising as it may sound, a monitor arm can help to alleviate these health issues and several other problems.

One of the most obvious features of a monitor arm is that it is adjustable. That means that you can adjust the height, angle and depth of your computer monitor to settings which are perfect for your own personal use. This way, you can position it in such a way that is most comfortable and ergonomically healthy for you. In fact, this is the main reason why most people use (or advised to use) monitor arms.

See, in a normal setting your computer monitor would just be sitting squarely on your desk, and in this position it can be difficult to maintain a healthy posture (or the body’s natural posture) while working in front of the screen. Maybe you could do so in the first few minutes or even hours of working. However, the more time you spend working on the computer screen, you tend to hunch towards it.

This then moves your spine out of its normal alignment. Obviously, this comes with a lot of negative repercussions. Not only will it lead to long-term damage to your spine, but it can also lead to back pains (especially in your lower back) and neck pains.

With monitor arms, you need not worry about such issues. Simply adjust your monitor arm accordingly and you can start working without having to endure and worry about these pains.

State of the Art Monitor Arms from DPG Form-fittings

Here at DPG Form-fittings, we have a range of monitor arms available for you to choose from. Our range of monitor arms includes flat screen arm, spring assisted arm, and laptop support and power column and others. Our monitor arms are simple to use, exceptionally versatile and extremely durable, thus eliminating any worries about usage and safety. If you need help with finding the perfect monitor arm for your workstations, or are in need of busbar or cable management services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call up at 02 9669 3449 or you can leave a message in our contact page.



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