Unique Pool Backyard Renovation Ideas

Amazing pool renovations are building and renovating pools of all types in residential or commercial areas. We build indoor Pools, Outdoor pools, pebble pools, etc.

the fundamentals of building a great outdoor space that integrates the pool remain the same for all pool types:

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Make efficient use of your space

Consistency of design

Complimentary use of surface finishes

Balance of hard and soft surface area.

Pool design is an extension of current building trends. Even larger homes are being built on smaller blocks of land with ever appreciating market value. As a result, the area available to build a swimming pool is increasingly compressed.  New planning regulations and advances in technology and construction methods means pools can now be built along property and building boundaries to maximize the use of space for any new pool construction.

Hence, we need to put much more initial advice in designing or positioning the pool and pool fence to make it best use of the available area, like

Built the pool in an area that won’t be a part of any large area available in that boundary

On small blocks, build against the property boundary – that means you can use the existing boundary fence as part of pool fence details.

In terms of renovating a pool or designing a new pool, Get Amazing Pool Renovations Experts to do it for you, Call us on (02) 9729 1108 for more info !!

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