Types of Protective Workwear and When They are Worn

Protective workwear, commonly referred to as PPE, is essential across many industries, protecting workers from a wide range of dangers. Safety equipment suppliers such as AA Safety have a wide range of PPE for workers to protect them against many different workplace threats. This range of protective workwear includes:

  • Eyewear – to protect eyes against debris or intense light such as welding.
  • Gloves – to protect hands from hazardous materials or extended friction.
  • Hard Hats – to protect from the impact of falling objects, additionally, they also protect the head against sun exposure.
  • Ear Plugs – to protect against hearing loss from both one-off and prolonged sounds, various ranges of sound can cause permanent damage:
    • Prolonged exposure over 85DB for the period of one workday,
    • Over 100DB for 15 minutes or more or,
    • Any exposure over 120DB immediately.
  • Respirators – to protect against hazardous chemicals and vapors or particulates in the air.

According to NSW SafeWork, protective workwear alone is not an adequate safety plan. PPE is only useful when used in conjunction with correct safety procedures and regularly reviewed to ensure it is safety compliant. Sometimes, protective workwear may make the task more dangerous such as safety gloves reducing dexterity, in these cases, PPE should be removed or replaced with a more viable alternative.

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