Top Tips to Stay Safe on the Road and Your Workplace

Safety is an important factor to consider while driving on busy roads. Especially pay attention to the traffic signs you come across. These safety signs like traffic cones or digital signs give you traffic information and guide you on the roads. They warn you about any possible dangers you might encounter. Needless to say, following these signs will keep you and your business safe.

As a business owner, you might need safety signs to restrict entry or point to the exit. But first let us have a look at the main types of traffic signs and how you can use them.


Regulatory or Restricted Access

Regulatory road signs are the most commonly found signs which control traffic on the roads. For instance, no entry signs, stop signs or speed limits regulate the traffic. Traffic cones too regulate the traffic and divert the vehicles in a different direction.

These are generally used by businesses to restrict access and prevent trespassing. One such example is a construction site, where excavation or explosions might occur.


Warning or Workplace Safety

On the roads, you can see warning LED Beacons as school zone signs or about an approaching hidden curve. Sometimes, they are used to indicate the presence of animals close by.

Emergency exit signs and fire safety signs indicate what to do when an unforeseen incident occurs at the workplace. When an employee is operating the forklift or a crane, he must not be disturbed or spoken to. You can use warning equipment like LED Strobe lights on vehicles to convey emergency situations to the road users.


Information or Notice

If you are travelling in a new region, information signs along the road help you know in which direction your destination lies. On your journey to the next town, you see the distances displayed on signs along the state highway numbers. Or, you find signs about special conditions like low bridge ahead. These are generally used to give out information.

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