Top 3 Factors To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Island Bench



A kitchen island bench may provide the adequate working space during meal preparations. However, this particular piece that can be installed inside your kitchen area has also a distinct purpose and that is create a fully functional space where you can prepare food, serve as additional dining space including storage of utensils and kitchen equipment. In case you are about to design your very own kitchen island, here are tope 3 factors to consider.

1.Storage and seats

Kitchen islands can help improve the layout of any kitchen spaces, especially if you want convenience while cooking meals. The designs for kitchen islands may not only revolve on putting built-in kitchen cabinets, but, you can request the contractor to add both storage solutions as well as seats.

This kind of kitchen island layout will allow every family member to enjoy the kitchen area. How? For example, as the parent starts preparing meals his or her children can sit over the available seats and converse. Depending on the actual size of your kitchen area, your hired contractor will recommend a decent size kitchen island bench that will ensure the free flow of traffic.

2.Cooktop with sink

A custom-made kitchen island bench gives you freedom on what to include on this working space. Aside from kitchen cabinets, you may also include a cooktop with sink. This applies if you prefer having a working bench that can offer a smooth flow of work during meal preparations from cutting meat or veggies to cooking.


The final factor that should also be taken into consideration according to kitchen plans experts is the material to be used. The selection for the material of kitchen islands varies ranging from laminate, stainless steel, wood, marble or stone effect (natural stone or engineered stone). However, before you decide which material suits your kitchen theme, better do more research on each material, both the pros and cons.

Why? This will give you a clear insight which material will match your budget as well as the goal of having a long-term kitchen island. If you are tight on budget the popular material recommended by the kitchen plans designers is the laminate. Why? This material is easy to clean, low-maintenance and can match any existing kitchen layout and interior.

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