Timber Wood Panels: 3 Easy Tips to Repair Timber Veneer

Wood furniture, timber wood panels and other wooden furnishings suffer a lot of damage during their lifetime especially if they get exposed to humidity, UV rays and heat on regular basis. In case of timber veneer, damage can occur in the form of chipping, peeling or blisters. In most cases, the underlying cause is ineffective glue that cannot hold the veneer sheets as efficiently as required.

How to Check Timber Veneer Surface for Damage?

Fortunately, repairing timber veneer surface is not a challenging task provided you catch the damage before it becomes too late. To check your veneer for any defects, tap the surface with any solid object or simply with your fingertip and listen closely to the sound produced. Loosened veneer tends to make hollow sound. If that’s the case, use below mentioned steps to fix the damage. For more serious damaged, get in touch with the experts.

How to Fix the Damaged Timber Veneer surface?

An easy way to repair cracked, chipped or broken veneer is to cover it with a matching patch. So, get a new matching veneer and apply it on the damaged spot. Cut the old damaged area carefully. Remove every last bit of previous glue and smooth the surface before applying the patch.

If there are small imperfections or holes in your timber wood panels, you can use wood filler to fill them up. Use a sandpaper to level the surface after the wood filler gets dried and hardened.

In case, your patch is not big enough to cover the entire damaged portion of veneer, bond it with another piece. For a strong joint, sand the underneath patch before you glue them together.

How to Fix a Veneer Bubble?

Veneer bubbles can be flattened by simply making a small slit on the surface. Make sure that slit is in the grain direction. Now inject some glue into the slit and press it hard. Keep it pressed by placing some heavy object on it for a minimum of 10-12 hours.

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