Timber Veneer Sydney: Things To Know About Wenge Wood

Wenge wood is a favorite wood species all over the world. This can be attributed to its strength, durability, and remarkable beauty. It has deep and rich chocolate brown colors that are interwoven with black and tan lines.

And with a simple oil finish, wenge wood can be made to look almost perfectly black, making it as a viable alternative of ebony (which is also why it is called “faux ebony”). If you are planning to purchase wenge wood veneer or timberwood panels, here are some things that you should know.


Wenge wood is most commonly used today for the creation of various wood-related projects and items. For instance, in the construction industry, wenge wood is used to make veneer and paneling. It is also used to make furniture, turned objects, as well as high-end musical instruments.

It is widely used in various industries because it is extremely durable, dense and tough. Thus, you can be sure that items made from wenge wood will last for a very long time with proper care and maintenance.

Professional Work

Wenge wood is known for its strength, but that can also be one of its drawbacks. Because it is dense and tough, professionals need exceptional tools when working with it. It is common to see sharp tools becoming blunt after using it on wenge wood. Also, companies making timber veneer sheets will need high quality equipment to make wenge veneer.

In addition, only professionals should handle wenge wood when it comes to sanding and finishing. Aside from being difficult to work with, there are certain hazards regarding this wood and the tree it came from.

Although the tree has some medicinal value, it also contains certain chemicals which can be toxic to health. For instance, wenge dust (from sanding or sawing) has been known cause dermatological and respiratory allergic reactions. Inhaling wenge dust can also cause a wide variety of medical issues such as eye irritation, abdominal cramps and more.

Furthermore, cuts made from wenge splinters do not heal quickly. This makes the cut more prone to developing infections. There are no clear answer as to why this is, but the chemicals found in the lumber are possible culprits.


Wenge wood is expensive, and that is quite understandable because of its beauty, strength and other features. However, another factor that drives up the price of wenge wood is its limited supply. Because of its dwindling population, the tree from which wenge wood is harvested from is classified as endangered.

There are certainly several things that need to be considered when it comes to buying wenge wood panels and timber veneer in Sydney. However, if you buy only from reputable suppliers, then you should have nothing to worry about regarding safety and responsible logging practices.

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