Timber Veneer Sydney: How Veneers Are Made?

Timber wood panels are frequently used in construction and decoration of commercial and residential spaces and furniture. They offer an extreme stability and are quite versatile and affordable, making them a good combination for a varied set of requirements. It is already pretty obvious that timber wood panels are made using a very complex process. Today, let’s understand how timber veneer in Sydney is made and how this has an impact on your construction process.

Timber Veneer Sydney: 5 Steps to Manufacturing Process

  1. As the first step, bark is removed from a complete log. The log chosen is usually of the best quality, so that this wood can be used to make the finest veneer. This bark is then either quartered or cut, depending on the future use of the timber veneer. This is then soaked in water at a high temperature, for over a few days.
  2. After this, the veneer is created using a sharp blade, which is held against the wood, to create thin slices that become continuous sheet. Most veneer sheets are cut at 0.6mm thickness, which is pretty thin.
  3. This peeling can happen in multiple ways- the most popular way is in the form of a continuous sheet, so that there is a large, unbroken sheet of veneer, which can then be converted into timber wood panels. There are some other options as well- including ‘crown’ cut or straight grained.
  4. After the peeling is completed, the veneer has to be stored. Storage of veneer is a tricky business, as the panels are quite thin, and they can become brittle if left unused for a long period of time. This is why most of the timber wood panels are stored between hardboards or ply boards, where they can retain their structural integrity.
  5. When the peeling is happening, the order in which the slicing has to happen is noted on the panels themselves, so that the grain pattern remains consistent throughout the entire structure. Otherwise, there will be obvious mismatches in the final results.

Where to Buy Timber Veneer in Sydney?

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