Timber Veneer Suppliers: Paper-backed Veneers

One of the most common types of wood veneers sold by most timber veneer suppliers is paper-backed veneers. Simply put, paper-backed veneer is veneer that is joined by a paper backing. Don’t think though that this is a weaker type of veneer compared to wood to wood veneer. Paper-backed veneer makes use of hard and durable paper, usually around 10 mil or so. Paper-backed veneer is used extensively across many industries, and for good reasons, too.

For one, paper-backed veneer is flexible, a feature that is mostly attribute because of its thin size. This feature allows the veneer to bend without cracking or getting damaged. Just remember that this is only true for high quality veneer from reputable timber veneer suppliers. As such, this type of veneer can be used when trying to match curves. This makes paper-backed veneer perfect for a variety of applications.

For instance, many automobiles with wood interiors make use of this type of veneer, especially for the dashboards. Paper-backed veneer is also used for interior columns in residential and commercial establishments.  Suffice to say that if you are working on a curved, concaved or convex surface, this is the type of veneer you’ll want to use.

Aside from that, paper-backed veneer is easier to cut, making them easier to work with to a certain degree. You can cut a paper-backed veneer with a utility knife or a scissor. As such, you should have no trouble making them fit into whatever surface you’re working on. Some people cut paper-backed veneer larger than the area they are trying to cover. Afterwards, they trim off the excess veneer using a utility knife or a pair of scissors.

Despite all the good things about paper-backed veneer, it does have its own drawbacks. For instance, some people complain that the glue or adhesive they use to attach the paper-backed veneer to the surface often show through the veneer. This can be quite troublesome since this will have a negative effect on the aesthetics of the veneer. However, this can be easily remedied by avoiding thinning the adhesive too much as this makes it watery. This is also why it is important to buy only high quality veneer from reputable timber veneer suppliers and have an expert install them.

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