Timber Panels Vs Laminated Board – Which One Is a Better Option For You?

While there’s no dearth of options available in solid wood, a better and more cost-effective alternative is composites such as timber panels and laminated boards. In addition to wood, composites like veneer panels contain some other materials like MDF or particleboard, mainly to cut costs and improve reliability. Composites like timber veneer panels look exactly like real wood but cost a fraction of the price.

Timber Panels: An Introduction to Wood Veneer

Timber veneer is essentially a thin layer of hardwood. This carefully extracted layer is glued or bonded to MDF or particleboard to make timber panels. These products are extremely versatile and more long-lasting than even real wood in some cases. What’s more; it’s easier and more affordable to design and create beautiful pieces using timber panels than with solid wood. Though timber panels made of veneer are very affordable, they have the same classic and timeless appeal of real wood.

An Introduction to Laminate Boards

Laminates have a modern and minimalist look. They lend a smooth finish to the surface. You can even choose laminates in faux wood grain to attain a uniform wooden appearance at a cheaper price. A major advantage of laminate boards is that they are extremely easy to clean and maintain, making them a great choice for high traffic areas.

How to Choose the Best One for Your Projects?

Whether you choose timber panels or laminates, both these options are designed to create spectacular surfaces on a budget. However, when it comes to choosing between timber panels and laminate board, laminates are usually cheaper. However, they do not look as realistic as veneer.

Apart from knowing their main differences, selecting the right product for you would depend on your precise needs and goals.  Make sure to check the quality of material and craftsmanship as well. The easiest way is to go for trusted specialists like Processed Forest Products, explore their extensive range and examine options that suit your design and budget requirements.

Looking For Quality Timber Panels And Laminated Boards? Get in touch with Processed Forest Products!

By now, you should have some basic understanding about how to pick the best option for you. If you’ve any questions or you want to explore the widest range of timber panels and laminate boards in Australia, visit Processed Forest Products or simply give us a call on (02) 9771 5155.

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