Things To Know About Concrete Pool Resurfacing

One of the most common problems that pool owners often find themselves with is pool stains. These stains can develop as a result of a variety of factors. Such factors included low pH levels, high amounts of calcium, dissolved solids, total alkalinity and others.

High amounts of certain metals like iron, magnesium, copper and others are some of the other causes of staining. Letting these stains sit for long in the pool can ruin its appearance and make it look uninviting, and not to mention the possible health hazards and infections that swimmers may acquire from icky stains.

 For these reasons, it is important for pool owners to regularly clean and maintain their swimming pools. There are various types of pool maintenance service, one of which is pool resurfacing.

Concrete pool resurfacing is an important part of pool maintenance for inground concrete swimming pools. Aside from removing stains, it also helps to prevent the buildup of mildew in the pool. There are several ways of removing stains from the pool like acid washing. As the name suggests, this process makes use of muriatic acid to remove the stains, something which may eventually harm the pool in the long run.

Compared to acid washing pool resurfacing is more laborious and complex. However, it is also a safer method of cleaning stains from the swimming pool. With the help of the right people with the right products and equipment, stain removal can be completed in days. However, it should be noted that this will largely depend on the size of the pool and the type of resurfacing materials used in the process.

One material that is used in pool resurfacing is high quality pool paint. Like other types of paint, pool paints are also available in a variety of colours and types. For instance, there are pool paints which has a high-gloss finish which gives your pool a lovely look even when it’s filled with water. There are some pool paints which offer excellent re-coatability. Before the application though, you should know what type of pool paint has already been applied to your pool.

All in all, it is important to get rid of stains in your swimming pool right away. This will not only keep your pool looking inviting and lean, but it will also help prevent any health or safety hazard from becoming a full-blown problem down the road. If you are in need of pool resurfacing in Sutherland, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at 02 9729 1108 or leave a message in our contact page.

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