The History of Scaffolding Supplies

Scaffolding is a common sight on construction sites and for accessing hard-to-reach areas such as roofs or multi-storied buildings in both town and country alike. It is such a familiar presence as we go about our day-to-day lives that most of us don’t usually give it a second thought!

Scaffolding has been used throughout history ever since the first structures were built, but when exactly was that, and what is the history of scaffolding? Here we explore the history of scaffolding and investigate how it became the irreplaceable, invaluable industry it is today.

The Earliest Scaffolding Supplies

Archaeologists found evidence of scaffolding next to the Palaeolithic cave paintings at Lascaux in the Dordogne region of France originating a staggering 17,000 years ago. Sockets in the walls reveal that Palaeolithic people devised a structure resembling scaffolding to reach difficult-to-access areas of the paintings and thus, scaffolding was born.

Construction and Scaffolding Supplies in the Modern Day

Nowadays we have strict working regulations that continue to shape how the scaffolding industry operates and ensure that safety is paramount. Here at Crown Scaffolding service, we are proud to be CISRS Qualified, fully CAA Approved and CSCS certified to give peace of mind to you and your project. All our staffs hold valid CSCS health & safety cards and each crew is led by a highly skilled and advanced scaffolder.

This potted history of scaffolding services sure is an eye-opener and shows us how the industry developed over the years. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did research it!  If you need scaffolding advice or would like a free quote please get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to assist you in your scaffolding needs in Cornwall and beyond…Scaffold Hire Sydney  Call Crown Scaffold on 1300059658

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