Teardrop Flags Fit In Perfectly For When You’re Promoting a New Store

Quality retail display flags are important to have when you are trying to promote a new store or if you have a special promotion going on there. Teardrop flags are among the best ones to find thanks to their intriguing designs.

A Unique Shape

While most flags that you might find around banner stands come with a basic block or angled look, a teardrop-shaped one is a little different. A tear-shaped model comes with a curved look. The design features a curve at the top part while the bottom areas have a series of straight lines. The lines move inward towards the base of the flag, thus creating a perfect tear shape.

This creates a more dynamic look for your flag. Quality teardrop flags add a dramatic flair that express a modern approach to anything.

What Will You Add?

You can add the main logo for your brand at the top part of the flag where the display is at its widest. You can also add a bit of text along the bottom part if desired. You have full control over what you wish to do with your flag. You will have to look carefully at the size though, which leads to the next point to see.

How Big Can It Be?

You can find these flags for banner stands in many sizes. You could use a small model that is about 1940mm in height for basic stands. You could also use a larger 3050mm model if you need to get some flags placed along the entrance to a new store. Either of these will be close to 1000mm in width, thus giving you enough room for adding a fine logo or text spot.

Teardrop flags are outstanding items for your promotional needs. Check with Swift Display Systems to see what types of flags can work for your new big event, especially if you are opening a new business location.


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