Benefits Offered by a Toilet Bidet Spray

If you stayed in a hotel in Asia, you would notice one thing different in their toilets, a toilet bidet spray.  While bidets are not quite common in the western world, these bathroom devices are quite popular in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. These devices allow you to clean yourself properly after using the toilet. Instead of using paper to clean yourself, these devices use water pressure to clean you. You may be wondering why. Despite their simplicity, bidets offer several benefits for anyone using the toilet. The following are some of the benefits you can get from having a bidet or a washlet installed in your bathroom.

  • Optimal cleaning capability – a bidet cleans better compared to using toilet paper. The water pressure can easily clean your posterior and give you a gratifying feeling of being clean after using the toilet. It is also convenient to use since some bidets feature controls that make everything easier. When it comes to a washlet Australia-based companies can provide you options on the types of bidets you may want to get for your home.
  • Helps you clean the toilet itself – aside from cleaning your posterior, you can use a toilet bidet spray to clean the toilet efficiently. Some models have self-cleaning features that will automatically clean the toilet after you use it. You also do not have to worry about water overflow since these devices have safety features to prevent this.
  • Helps with rectal issues – a bidet can help deal with rectal issues, such as a rectal itch. Since it uses water to clean you, you will not have to worry about having to wipe yourself with paper, which may be detrimental for you if you have sensitive skin. Any concerns about bacterial infection will also be a thing of the past if you have a bidet in your bathroom. If you are looking for a suitable washlet Australia-based companies can help you decide which device is best for your needs.
  • Faster – it may take more than just one application if you use toilet paper to clean yourself after using the toilet. But using a bidet makes the whole process faster. All you need to do is to click a button and you will find yourself clean in no time.
  • Convenient – cleaning yourself with paper may not be as convenient as using a toilet bidet spray. These devices allow you to control the water pressure and even the direction where the water will be sprayed. Everything you need to do can be performed at the click of a button.
  • Durable – bidets are also designed to last a long time. The materials used for these devices are designed to last long. Due to this, you do not have to be concerned about having to replace the bidet after a year or two. You may also want to consider getting a washlet, which is a trademarked device of Toto, a Japanese manufacturer.

A toilet bidet spray is something that people in the western world fin unique. But this bathroom device has been used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for a long time. The convenience it offers and its ability to clean you properly are just some of the reasons why this bathroom device is a mainstay in many bathrooms in Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, it also allows you to reduce the use of paper in your home. So, this device is not only good for personal hygiene, but it is also great for the environment. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Toilet Bidet Spray.

Washlet Australia: Overview On How The Washlet Works

Has somebody suggested to upgrade your traditional toilet with a washlet? According to the washlet Australia representative, this type of toilet is designed to possess advanced features in order for the user to experience maximum comfort and hygiene while toileting.  If you are curious about how this smart toilet works, here’s a quick overview of the washlet.

Shape of the washlet seat

In general, washlets according to the washlet Australia shop representative has a contoured heated seat. Why? This allows the user to sit on it with ease.

Cleaning nozzle

Washlets boast of a cleaning nozzle that can be controlled to achieve the highest level of cleaning. Some nozzles of washlets can extend underneath the seat via a control panel to ensure the user of relaxing water pressure. The temperature setting of water coming out from the nozzles can range between 86 to 104F.

Self-cleaning function

One of the distinct features that set apart a washlet from an ordinary toilet according to the seller of TOTO Neorest is the self-cleaning function. This particular part of a washlet guarantees the user of a thoroughly cleansed nozzle after every usage.

Self-closing lid

Higher ends of washlets are usually integrated with self-closing lid wherein after every usage it gently closes on its own. You may also come across with expensive models of washlets like the TOTO Neorest to have a lid that automatically opens and closes. How is that possible? The washlets according to the washlet Australia shop representative has a sensor that detects movement. So, for homeowners like you that don’t want to deal with a broken toilet lid due to frequent slamming, then, invest on a washlet.

Water-saving system

The technology used on water usage for washlets is truly impressive because it only uses the right amount of water per flush. Imagine the gallons of water saved by the household with every flush. This means a reduction in your monthly water bill.

Frequently asked questions on washlets

According to the washlet Australia shop representative below is the list of frequently asked questions that potential buyers ask before buying a washlet like the TOTO Neorest:

Question #1 – How the washlet wand works?

For first time users of a washlet, the wand works by simply pressing the “Cleanse” button. In most models of washlets available at the washlet Australia shop Mizudori the wand’s shape is similar to a pencil and located underneath the toilet seat. This wand extends, cleanse itself and sprays water to clean the user’s private parts, both front and rear. Once done, the user needs to press the “Stop” button and the wand will automatically retract.

Question #2 – Is the air dryer safe to use?

Yes, it functions like your blow dryer and emits gentle warm air to dry your private parts. The temperature including time is adjustable to meet the user’s drying preference.

Question #3 – Why opt for the remote-controlled model?

Similar to other electrical house appliances where having a remote control is more convenient the same goes with a washlet. If you want to have an enjoyable experience while using the toilet access to a remote control is a must. The user has access to remote control and makes selections on the buttons based on his or her needs such as cleaning, air dryer, water pressure setting and a lot more.

Do you need professional advice on your first washlet purchase? Visit Mizudori, a trusted washlet Australia distributor and discover their wide range of bidets and TOTO Neorest washlets suited for your bathroom upgrade project.


What Is the Best GPF Total For a Bidet Toilet Seat In Australia?

Today’s Australian homes are doing what they can to help with keeping from using too many resources at a time. A Neorest AH bidet toilet model can be a worthwhile item for any home in Australia to add. Part of this comes from how such a bidet toilet seat can use less water on average than most other models.

But what is the ideal gallons per flush or GPF total to have in a bidet toilet seat? You should look at how well a washlet Australia model works for you based on how the material can flush and how well waste items can be cleared out of a space.

A Typical Total

The good news about today’s Neorest AH bidet toilets and other smart toilets is that they use a significantly lower amount of water than older toilets. Many old toilets around Australia can use about two to three gallons of water per flush. Modern smart washlet Australia models can use around half that total.

A newer bidet toilet seat can work at about 1.2 to 1.5 GPF on average. Part of this is thanks to factors like:

  • Toilets working with a higher water pressure total for moving waste out


  • A larger drainage port for getting items out without producing clogs


  • Smooth toilet surfaces that prevent things from being stuck


  • Premisting may help on some bidet toilet seat models to get waste to move out faster

What About Dual-Flush Options?

You can also find some bidet toilet seat models that come with dual-flush settings. Such a design works with separate settings for solid and liquid wastes. A partial flush of about 0.7 to 0.9 GPF can work alongside a full flush of 1.4 to 1.6 GPF.

Check on the GPF total on your next bidet toilet seat purchase so you can ensure your toilet won’t use more water than necessary. Mizudori Gallery can assist you in finding a choice that fits your space the right way.

How Well Can a Sensor Work On an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat?

One of the most exciting things you’ll ever see in an electronic bidet toilet seat is an appealing sensor. This feature triggers some intriguing points in a washlet Austraila homeowners will appreciate. The sensor will activate a seat-heating feature. The unit can also get the toilet seat to rise up and then go back down on its own. You should notice how well such a sensor can work when you get the surface ready.

Where Is the Sensor Located?

The sensor on an electronic bidet toilet seat is found on the bottom part of the front on the toilet. This may be seen around the spot that links the seat with the outside part of the basin. You can notice this feature by looking at a small black spot. The space should be where the sensor goes.

What Does the Sensor Identify?

You will notice how easy it can be for you to get a sensor to work in moments. Try it out at a bidet shop, and you’ll see how well it can identify things. In particular, the sensor will notice cases where the mass around the surface starts to build up. The mass would have to be large enough for the sensor to pick up. That mass should come in the form of a person who is about to use the said washlet.

The sensor will see that someone is coming up based on the mass that comes by and then open up the toilet seat. The seat may also be heated depending on the setting you utilize. The bidet spray can also be automatically positioned based on the spot you have programmed. The unit will then turn everything off and close the seat down when the mass goes away.

Can It Work All the Time?

A sensor on a washlet Australia homes can use should work quite well. However, you might have to wash off the sensor surface and clear off any bits of dust on the space. This is to give the sensor a clear view of what is coming about in a spot.

You can get an electronic bidet toilet seat to work for you in a few moments thanks to the convenient sensor that a model comes with. Ask Pristine Bidet about how well the sensor feature can work for you and how helpful it can be for your sanitation demands.

A User Memory Feature Can Make a Washlet Australia Homes Use More Convenient

One intriguing part of a washlet Australia homes can utilize entails how it can use various electric controls for its bidet wand, dryer, and heater among other features.

But no two people are ever going to use a washlet or bidet spray the same way. Therefore, it helps for a washlet or bidet setup to feature a user memory setup that works with individual users in mind to create a comfortable space for use.

The user memory feature on a bidet spray surface will entail the following points:

  1. First, you would adjust the bidet or washlet features to your liking. These include the positioning of the spray wand, how well the wand sprays, and the heat produced by the water, dryer, or the heated seat.
  2. You would then use a remote that goes with the washlet to save your user profile. This could be linked to a certain button located on your remote.
  3. When you get to the unit next, you can press the number button on the remote that links to what you have chosen to set up for your cleansing needs.
  4. The washlet will then configure its settings to meet the standards you saved earlier.

This is one of the most impressive features you might find at a bidet shop. Best of all, the spray design can save two or more profiles at a time, although the number varies by model. The memory feature is perfect for you and your significant other or anyone else in the home that may use the same bidet spray setup for regular sanitary needs.

Getting a washlet Australia homes can benefit from is often a challenge to do, but finding a choice that offers a memory feature is always helpful.

Talk with Pristine Bidet if you need help with finding a bidet that offers a convenient memory setup that works for different people in the home.

Electrolyzed Water Is a Vital Part of What a Washlet Australia Homes Can Use May Feature

It is critical to see what you can get out of a washlet Australia homes might feature. Part of this entails knowing how water may be used at a given time. One way how you can get water to work to your washlet’s benefit is through the use of electrolyzed water.

What Is Electrolyzed Water?

A washlet like the Neorest AH can utilize electrolyzed water quite well. This type of water is made through the electrolysis of regular water with sodium chloride. The ions inside of the water will be adjusted by a slight electric current. An electrolysis cartridge may be used to control how the water moves through.

Spreading Out?

The electrolyzed water that goes through the washlet will spread out with ease. It will move around more parts of the bowl, thus keeping it fully clean. This should add a comfortable surface if handled appropriately.

Keep Bacteria In Check

Electrolyzed water in a washlet Australia homes use for sanitation can keep bacteria from developing or spreading around the washlet. When the water comes into the washlet during a flush or other use the water will neutralize many active forms of bacteria. This allows the toilet to stay refreshed and less likely to deal with lots of bacteria all the way through.

Handles Oscillating Motions Well

A notable part of electrolyzed water comes from how it can manage oscillating motions. That is, it will create a back and forth motion that keeps the basin cleaned off well. By covering more spaces on a surface, it becomes easier for a washlet to be cleaned off appropriately after each use.

Look at how the Neorest AH or any other washlet Australia homes can use will work for your needs. Check with Mizudori Gallery to see how well this product can work for your requirements. The electrolyzed water inside the washlet will keep the space clean and comfortable for your personal use.

Top 3 Recommended Users For The Remote Controlled Toto Toilet Bidet

The use of smart toilets like the Toto toilet bidet is not only widely spread in hotels and other highly facilitated public places, but also in most modern homes. Why? Aside from redefining your perception on the use of a toilet, the Toto bidet has completely level up every individual’s experience while using this advanced toilet model. In fact, there are at least three recommended users who will benefit most from the use of a remote controlled bidet. Do you want to know who are they?

Person diagnosed with physical disability

Yes, with the many features that a Toto toilet bidet has to offer such as self-cleaning wand, three wash cycle and glow in the dark, a person diagnosed with physical disability of any parts of the body where there is restriction on movement can find comfort using this smart toilet. How is it possible? Imagine a loved one who cannot wash his or her private parts after using the toilet can now have enjoy the privacy with the help of a fully functional bidet with remote control. This type of smart toilet won’t even require the disabled user to stand up and reach for toilet roll to wipe his or her because it’s designed to do all the washing as well as drying if a self-dryer is part of the add-on features.

Person who is obese

Obesity can limit the movement of an individual. In fact, a person who is clinically assessed by medical professionals to be obese can find it a struggle to clean or wash his or her private parts after using the toilet. Why? It’s a fact that an obese individual has gained so much weight and often times the simple wiping of his or her private part is already challenging. But, with the use of a remote controlled Toto toilet bidet with self-washing feature, the obese individual will just need to press the desired wash cycle and be assured that it will thoroughly cleanse the private area. The bidet is regarded as the best solution to achieve highest level of personal hygiene, specifically to the hard to reach areas like the underside.

Elderly person

Among the individuals who will also find the bidet convenient is an elderly person. Keep in mind, as we aged some parts of our body have loss motion and flexibility. In fact, even reaching the toilet roll, standing or bending could cause pain and discomfort to an elderly. A bidet with remote control resolves the issues of washing the private parts because the elderly will just select the appropriate button to do this task.

The use of bidet offers many benefits to the above recommended users such as restoring the lost independence they used to enjoy. With a remote controlled Toto toilet bidet, anyone with issue on mobility or obesity will don’t have to fully depend on their caregivers while using the toilet. If you want to know more about the other features that you could include on your customised bidet, visit Mizudori Gallery’s official website and browse the different models of smart toilets, washlet in Australia and other bathroom products.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Washlet In Australia

Choosing from a wide range of models of washlet in Australia can be truly overwhelming, especially if this is your first time to buy. It’s crucial that you conduct research of the different models available for your selection, so that you don’t end up buying something that won’t fit inside your bathroom. Below are common mistakes that you should avoid when buying a washlet.

Mistake #1 – Not having an idea of your toilet seat’s shape

Toilet seats do vary in shape; round or oval shape. So, before you head on to a legitimate supplier of top quality bathroom products like the Toto Neorest washlet, go and check your toilet seat’s shape. If unsure, refer the fitting guide provided by the supplier of washlet in Australia and check for compatibility on your toilet seat.

Mistake #2 – Going for a cheaper offer

With many online shops selling various products, it’s normal to come across an online seller of washlet offering it at a cheaper price. Even though it’s quite tempting to save money, buying a washlet in Australia must only be transacted from a reputable supplier, so that you have assurance that you are buying an authentic Toto Neorest washlet. Don’t be easily lured with a cheaper price. Take time to assess what you are getting in return. Remember, most washlets bearing the famous brand Toto can come with a decent price tag, but, rest assured that each washlet has complied with worldwide standards when it comes to quality and performance.

Mistake #3 – Not checking your bathroom’s electrical outlet

Another mistake that a new user of washlet may not consider important when buying a washlet is the bathroom’s electrical outlet. Washlets are powered by electricity and it’s a must that your existing toilet has access to a nearby power outlet. If the power outlet available is a bit far, better have a new power outlet installed before placing your order at the supplier of washlet in Australia.

Mistake #4 – Not having realistic expectations

It’s a fact that Toto bathroom products have earned that distinction when it comes to meeting the highest level of cleanliness and personal hygiene. But, for some newbie users of washlets they think that having a smart toilet seat that has self-cleaning features excuse them from the regular chore of cleaning the bathroom. Keep in mind, even how efficient a washlet in keeping the entire seat clean and germ-free, the other surfaces of your bathroom are exposed to germs and other harmful bacteria after every usage.

Changing your traditional toilet seat to a smart toilet seat can bring a pleasurable experience every time you use the bathroom. If you want to learn more which model of washlet will fit nicely on your existing toilet, inquire now with one of the customer representatives of Mizudori.

5 Awesome Benefits Of A Customised Toto Washlet

In today’s technologically advanced generation, more and more people are benefiting from the discovery of modern tools, gadgets including household basic needs. Among the latest innovative products introduced in the market is the high-end Toto bathroom washlet. If you have visited Japan, this bathroom product has been a true representation of their passion for latest technology. Why? The Toto washlets have conquered most Japanese homes because of their awesome benefits and here are some of them:

  • Maximum comfort

Who wants to sit on a cold toilet seat, especially when the harsh winter months have arrived? It would be extremely comforting in you and your loved ones would get a chance to sit on a toilet seat that is designed with a temperature setting to ensure you butt doesn’t get cold as you do your business. The Toto washlet gives you this privilege to use the remote and do the necessary adjustments on the temperature as you sit on the “throne”.

  • Money saver

One of the best features of a customised Toto bathroom washlet is you get to enjoy the bidet function. So, what does this mean to a budget conscious customer? Well, you get to save big bucks as you will only be paying for one washlet, but fully geared to match your needs. With this washlet Australia, you no longer need to buy toilet paper because its bidet function you achieve the highest level of cleanliness without using toilet paper. Besides, using toilet paper will require you to use more of water than with bidet.

  • Promote a healthier living

Did you know whenever you use a customised washlet that it is beneficial to your health? The entire experience while using this Toto bathroom built-in device is soothing. No more rough toilet paper coming in direct contact to your sensitive skin and private parts. The bidet function of a customised washlet has many health benefits such as prevent rash formation, ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids and urinary tract infection.

  • Fully automated

This is the exciting part of most of Toto washlets, fully automated with these features:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Self-closing seat
  • Automatic drying (No need to wipe your private parts with toilet paper)
  • Automatic flushing.
  • Other special washlets can have built-in air deodorizer

And don’t forget, this innovative washlet is designed to save more on electric usage as it has the power saving modes.

Are you finally convinced to get a customised Toto washlet Australia? Don’t delay your decision making because this well-known brand maker of bathroom products have won the hearts of many homes and other high-end places and you too can benefit from its usage. Contact now Mizudori and get a free quote of a customised washlet.



3 Ways Toto Neorest Can Transform Your Life

With over 100 years of experience, Toto is today the most renowned brand in toilet manufacturing industry. At Mizudori Gallery, we take immense pride on being one of the most trusted distributors of Toto Neorest as well as every major washlet in Australia. Since, we have been in this industry for a long time now, we have seen this brand evolving over the years and introducing some of the most revolutionary products in the market, one thing we know for sure is that all Toto products are designed to exceed expectations.

Below are some of the ways how Toto Neorest can enhance your bathroom and turn it into a truly functional and luxurious space.

  1. Hygiene That Will Make You Feel clean and fresh All Day: Cleanliness that you can achieve by installing Toto Neorest or any Washlet in Australia is well known among homeowners and medical fraternity. These toilets come with multiple functions. Since it doesn’t require the use of your hands for cleansing, these toilets are a perfect solution for elderly and feminine hygiene. Not surprisingly, caretakers and doctors highly recommend these products.
  1. Affordability That Will Make Your Budget Smile: Due to the huge range of Toto washlets, it’s not hard to find a toilet that fits your exact needs and budget. Even a basic Washlet in Australia is leaps and bounds ahead of any regular toilet. So, purchasing a new Washlet will probably be one the best decisions of your life, and will give you a high ROI even if your plan to sell your home in the near future.
  1. Installation That Won’t Make Your Head Spin: When it comes to installing a Toto Neorest, it’s a cakewalk even for a mildly experienced owner. These are probably the easiest to install toilets in Australia. All you need is an electrical outlet within 3 feet from the toilet and you’re good to go. Here at Mizudori Gallery, we have some of the most experienced specialists of Toto products and we will be glad to help you.

For more guidance on Toto products, get in touch with our experts at Mizudori Gallery today!