Confused About Choosing the Right Toto Toilet? Remember These 5 Tips !

Toto toilets are a great option for every modern bathroom. If you want to buy one, then you need to consider all the relevant factors. Trusted Toto distributors in Australia like Mizudori Gallery offer many different models and it’s quite easy to get lost in the choices.
The best thing to do is to account for what you want, what you need and what you can afford. There are more options in the market than you may think. Here’s a short intro into how you should go about getting the right Toto toilet for your home:

5 Things to Remember When Choosing a Toto Toilet for Your Home

1. Features

A smart toilet is called so because it has great features to offer. You won’t want to pay that much money for a standard toilet. So, the first order of business is to decide which features you want. Consider your needs carefully and make a decision. There are electric and non-electric bidet toilet seats as well as many other features available.

2. Size

Toto toilets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And not all sizes will accommodate the Australian standard. If you are buying a Toto toilet for your home, then choosing the right size will work best. An expert from Mizudori Gallery can guide you to the right choice.

3. Brand

When buying a smart toilet you need to make sure you are buying a genuine product. So, get a Toto distributor in Australia who has a brand specialization of the company. That way, you can be sure you will get the warranties and all other benefits as well.

4. Maintenance

Smart toilets can be rather low maintenance. However, you will need some upkeep from time to time. Toto toilets offer eco ranges and other models which minimize the maintenance. You should remember to factor this in when making the purchase.

5. Visual Appeal

The final factor has to do with how the toilet looks in your bathroom. Some Toto distributors in Australia might let you take toilets for a trail. But it’s best not to count on this. Instead, visualize how the toilet will sit in your bathroom and choose the right one.

Where Can You Get the Best Toto Toilets in Australia?

Mizudori Gallery is one of the most trusted Toto distributors in Australia. We offer a wide range of Toto toilets including parts like washlets and bidet toilet seats. Visit Mizudori Gallery and get the right smart toilet from us now!

Why Toto Toilets Are A Great Choice For Your Home? Top 3 Reasons

Toto is a well-known brand for the best Japanese smart toilets in Australia. They have many models of Toto toilets under their belt ranging from economy to luxury. Toto toilets are also frequently featured in the top lists of best smart toilets in the world. So, it is a natural first option that many homeowners explore in their homes.

If you are new to the smart toilet market, then Toto can be a viable option for the range and price quotes it offers. As the leading Toto distributor in Australia, we have listed three reasons below why you should buy a Toto toilet:

3 Things That Make Toto Toilets a Must Buy

  1. Neorest AH

When it comes to top of the line Japanese smart toilet models, there is virtually nothing that can beat the Toto Neorest. This range includes the cutting-edge models in the global smart toilet industry. There are plenty of options even within this top-tier bracket and so; you get to choose the exact one you want.

For homeowners who want only the best Toto toilets with premier bidet toilet seats and washlets in their home, this is the first option.

  1. Easy Replacements

Another reason why Toto toilets hold popularity over other major brands is their easy to replace parts. Most toilets have readily available replacement parts which don’t cost a fortune. Even though the composite toilets will last you years, they can also be replaced easily. So, if you have specific needs or ever need quick replacements, a reliable Toto distributor in Australia is all you need

  1. Easy Modifications       

Toto toilets offer another major advantage in that they are easily modified. In fact, you can buy a base model and then add features to it as you wish. You will need to get bidet toilet seats and washlets while other essential features might be inbuilt. This is a great option for people with specific needs and it makes things much easier on their pockets. Be sure to get a consultation before you make a purchase for the sake of compatibility and convenience.

Looking for Toto Toilets in Australia? Contact Mizudori Gallery!

Mizudori Gallery is one of the most reliable Toto distributors in Australia. We offer a wide selection of smart toilets from Toto as well as other brands. Our catalogue also has all kinds of accessories and replacement parts like washlets and bidet toilet seats for your smart toilets. Visit Mizudori Gallery and buy genuine products from the best Toto distributors in Australia today!

3 Facts You Must Know About Toto Toilets in Australia

Toto is one of the most popular brands for smart toilets in Australia. Toto Toilets offer a wide selection of options and their Neorest line has been universally acclaimed. This makes Toto in Australia a top choice for most homeowners. If you are planning to buy a Toto smart toilet, here are a few things you should know about the brand.


  • 3 Lesser-Known Facts About Toto Toilets


  • Neorest is Not Their Only Line


While the Toto Neorest in Australia is easily their most popular line, the brand offers many others too. There is a Supreme line, an Eco line and a Drake line among many others. Each of these offers its own unique set of features and benefits. So, if you want to bring home a Toto, you have many options to choose from. Just make sure you buy from a reliable Toto distributor in Australia like Mizudori Gallery.


  • Prices Vary a Lot


Toto’s popularity among Australians rests on the fact that it has a wide price range. Anyone can have a Toto in their home without having to shell out a fortune. So, if you don’t want something as exceptional as the famous Neorest, that’s fine. You can go for one of the most economical models. And you will still have the Toto brand name with you. Of course, the features go down with the price. But the quality Toto toilets stand for remains.


  • The Customizations


Another factor which puts Toto Australia ahead of others in the market is customizations. Smart toilets are all about customizations and Toto toilets are renowned for that. You can buy a complete package or you can get bidet toilet seats separately. This allows buyers a lot of choices not only for finance but also for designs. Everyone can have a unique version of a Toto smart toilet in their home.


  • Mizudori Gallery: The Leading Toto Distributors in Australia!


Mizudori Gallery is one of the most reputable Toto distributors in Australia. We offer a wide number of choices to select from. We also have experts on hand round the clock. They will give you the advice you need to make a smart purchase decision. From integrated Toto toilets to bidet toilet seats and even Toto washlets in Australia, we have everything. So, visit us online and find the right Toto toilet for your home!

The 3 Most Popular Toto Toilets in Sydney

Toto toilets are known all over the world as one of the very best the market has to offer. There are a wide range of options you can explore too and each of these has some unique features. Choosing the right one is a matter of balancing the features you need, the aesthetics you enjoy like colour and design and the overall price including installation. Obviously, everyone will have their own choices but some models stand out among others. Let’s have a look at these and see what makes them so special.


3 Most Popular Toto Toilets in Sydney


Toto Neorest

Well of course the Neorest was going feature right at the top of the list. This model has been a favourite in the market because it brings so much to the table without burdening your finances. This is not the most economical model but it is still filled with all the key features and attributes that make smart toilets worth the investment. Plus, water management is one of the key features of the Toto Neorest and easily makes up for its asking price in the longer run.


Toto Washlets

If you prefer an affordable option of Toto’s smart toilet range, then this might be just what you want. Fitted with an assortment of smart features, Toto Washlet offers a great bathroom experience. It is also very economical thanks to its adjustable angle for water spray and self cleansing wands. If you want a great Toto toilet in Australia, then this is one you must consider.


Granda One Piece Toilet CW630J

If economy and high-tech features are the primary concerns you have, then the Toto CW630J one piece toilet is the right choice for you. This model from Toto in Australia has been the pick of the lot for any buyers who want a decent number of features at a great price. This toilet is widely available with most major Toto distributors in Australia and is one of the company’s top selling along with the Neorest.



Mizudori Gallery: The Leading Suppliers of Toto Toilets in Australia!


Mizudori Gallery is the best place to find top-quality and authentic Toto bidet toilet seats, Toto washlets in Australia as well as other important smart toilet parts. Whether you want individual parts as replacements or whole units, we have what you need. Contact us now!


Toto Toilets Sydney: 5 Reasons to Invest in Toto Toilets

When it comes to big smart toilet brands, Toto is one of the leading names in the market. However, unlike many other companies which only have expensive offerings on their roster, Toto toilets come in many varieties. These can range from the highly efficient and economical to the nearly futuristic.

It all depends on what you want have in your toilet. But one thing is for sure that Toto bidets and other toilets are among the best in the market. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider buying one for your home:


5 Reasons Toto Toilets in Sydney Are a Great Investment


Huge Selection

Toto in Australia arguably has one of the finest and most versatile lines of smart toilets in the market. The huge number of options means there is something to suit everyone’s needs. All you have to do is find the right Toto distributor in Australia like Mizudori Gallery.


Some people like to have specific models tweaked further to perform as per their needs. Toto bidets offer a wide range of customization options that ensure that you can get your model enhanced and upgraded whenever you like and at the fraction of the price of buying another toilet.

Full Scale Functions

Are you looking eco-friendly features, dynamic Flushing or heated toilet seat? Toto Australia has all the features you want. Their exclusive range of smart toilets pack all the essential features as well as some very unique ones to help you get the most out of their models.

 Unmatched Offerings

The Toto Neorest AH is a range that everyone has heard of. This smart toilet and its many variations are always mentioned in any top 10 smart toilets list in Australia as well as the world. For those who pride themselves on having the latest and most advanced tech in their homes and bathrooms, the Neorest is the perfect investment.

 Bold Looks and Designs

Aside from the functions and price factor itself, Toto toilets also rule the market because they are so well-designed. From sleek looks to magnificently comfortable bathroom experiences, there is simply nothing that the Toto range of smart toilets falls short on.


Where Can You Buy the Best and Affordable Toto Toilets in Australia?


Looking for the perfect Toto Australia marketplace? Look no further than Mizudori Gallery. As a high-end Toto distributor in Australia, we offer a massive selection of the top models. Get the perfect Toto toilet for your home from us now!


How To Choose The Right Toto Distributor In Australia?

Toto Neorest toiletToto bathrooms and all related products are the first choices for Australians looking for an extraordinary bathroom experience. You can get the best smart bathroom installments in the world, but you need to choose the right Toto distributor in Australia for it. It is not simply enough to know the retail agent but also whom they work with.

Otherwise, you can get less than what you deserve for the price you pay. Here is a guide for you to understand how you can select the best Toto distributor in Australia and get the best deals on Toto toilets. Let’s get started.

The Three Essential Qualities of a Reliable Toto Distributor in Australia

  1. Authentic Sourcing

All Toto distributors in Australia who provide genuine products are certified as per the relevant area’s guidelines. They need to not only adhere to certain business rules but also other important standards.

They also need to carry proper documentation for the same. Before you decide to buy from a distributor, you can check up on all of these. This will help ascertain you are buying from an authentic place like Mizudori Gallery.

  1. Good Reputation

Reputation matters a lot in every market. And therefore, you need to make sure that the Toto distributor in Australia you buy from has a solid reputation not just for quality products but also after sales services and customer support. There are plenty of ways of finding these out.

Go online and read reviews on the outlet. Speak to someone who has purchased products Toto toilets from them before. Just reading a few reviews should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

  1. Sound Knowledge

When you go to visit the store of a Toto Distributor in Australia or inquire about a product online, consider the insight the salesperson or representative provides.

Experienced professionals have detailed knowledge of the workings of individual products and the potential problems they may have. If you get a detailed account from them, consider it an indication that they are reliable, and you can make your purchase Toto toilets from them.

Where Can You Find the Most Reliable Toto Distributors in Australia?

If you are looking for high-quality Toto distributors in Australia, then Mizudori Gallery is the first company to look at. They have a proven record of providing excellent Toto toilets to customers and always providing quality support as well. Contact the experts at Mizudori Gallery now for the best Toto toilets in the Australian market.

3 Reasons You Should Get A Toto Bathroom In Your Home

Toto Bathroom -Toto Bathtub

Your bathroom is a special place in your home. Like the living room where you put your family time in and your social side to work, your bathroom is where you can unwind and just be you. That is why a lot of people want their bathrooms to be as beautiful as they can be. Toto Bathroom accessories can help you achieve this goal.

Beauty can only go so far if it does not carry high-functioning features with it. Getting this combination right is easier said than done. Fortunately, Toto Bathroom products like Toto toilets and washlets have made getting flawless looking bathrooms with dream-like functionality rather easy thing.

Let us tell you why products like Toto Neorest AH are so popular and how they can be a great addition to your home.

 Why a Toto Bathroom with a Toto Neorest and Washlet Is Great

  1. A Complete Package

Toto Bathrooms are complete bathrooms sets and carry all the installation options that you can ever want. From smart Toto Neorest toilets to Washlets to floatation tub, you get the complete package and wholesome bathroom experience for an unbeatable price. Naturally, if you want a whole set of excellent products, this is what you should choose. Further, you will also get complete maintenance options for your bathroom and be able to keep it pristine for many years.

  1. Complete Customisation

Toto toilets and bathrooms come with a range of customization options. You can choose everything from the hue and colour of your installations to the range of Toto Neorest and the functions they offer. This not only enables you to choose the right configuration of aesthetics and functioning options you want but also the cost of getting them.

  1. The Getaway Experience

Toto Bathrooms are not only customised packages for the needs of each client. Rather, they offer a complete bathroom experience. High-end options like Toto Neorest AH makes them perfect for people who want to enjoy a wholesome experience without needing to bother with getting the right configuration going. The bathroom fittings can also be mixed up to fit your bathroom space perfectly.

 Where Can You Get Complete Toto Bathroom Solutions in Australia?

If you are thinking Toto Neorest, Washlets and other fittings are the right fit for your home, you should visit Mizudori Gallery. Make your selection from the most authentic features and the widest range straight from the retailer. Also, get a detailed insight on each from experts. Contact us now!

Toto Toilets Are Easy to Fit

There are many quality Toto toilets for homes around Australia to check out. These toilets provide homeowners with convenient features for improving upon how well people can stay clean while also reducing water usage.

But to make a smart toilet from Toto work, you have to ensure the setup is fitted properly. You don’t have to spend too much guesswork with getting a Toto washlet set up provided you use the right points for making the setup work accordingly.

Get the Power Cord Ready

A power cord is needed to allow the mechanical functions inside the bidet toilet seat to work accordingly. Your cord should be about four feet in length.

How Long Is the Seat?

The bidet toilet seat will vary in size depending on the model. A long seat will be 18.5 inches from the mounting holes to the front part of the bowl. A smaller Toto washlet would be 16.5 inches from those said holes. Be aware of this when getting your toilet installed.

How Wide?

Toto toilets are designed to have at least eight inches of open space from the center part of the toilet to the end of the flat surface. This means that the bowl should be around 16 inches wide at the least. You can consider this when finding a way to get a toilet to fit into a narrow spot in the bathroom. You can add an extra bit of room around each end to make the space more comfortable.

Is There a Curve?

The smart toilet should be fitted on a flat wall surface. The Toto washlet or toilet will not fit when you try to add it onto a curved wall.

Check on your bathroom to see how well you can get one of the many Toto toilets out there installed. Talk with Mizudori Gallery to see what you will get out of the fitting process and to identify a toilet that fits well with your bathroom’s needs.

Acquire The Best TOTO Toilets To Suit Your Specific Needs

Aus Bidet-Toto Toilet

Dated and inefficient toilets can be a turn-off. Not only do homeowners find these toilets inconvenient to use. In many cases, these toilets consume enormous amounts of water, thereby increasing your water bills.

Not surprisingly, many people throughout the country prefer replacing their existing toilets with TOTO toilets. When it comes to manufacturing toilets, TOTO has an enviable reputation in the market. Not only do they produce durable and quality commodes. The diverse selection of toilet models produced by TOTO makes toilets a lot more than just mere necessities in any home or business.

 What Makes TOTO Toilets So Popular Among Australians?

 Renowned for its bidet toilet seat, TOTO has been producing water-efficient toilet models that also offer a luxurious experience. Their toilets offer something to suit all kinds of requirements. So, they offer models equipped with automatic features – including remote control operated ones.

And, if you prefer toilets that offer the elegance of a timeless style, they can provide models featuring these traits as well. These features, in addition to the high reliability and durability of these toilets, make TOTO one of the most popular toilet-manufacturing companies the world over.

 How Should Someone Go About Shopping for a New Toilet?

 TOTO manufacturers an extensive range of toilets and bidet toilet seats. So, heading out to purchase a brand-new toilet without doing any homework might not be a very good idea. Some toilets pack various basic features and offer a quality flush at an affordable price. Other toilets, such as the all-in-one comprehensive toilets, come with a lot of automatic features. After selecting the type of toilet you need, you’ll need to consider the dimensions.

Toilets with double-tank options can be among the most standard options available. But, installing one-piece toilets remains infinitely easier. Similarly, consider other add-on features you need. Some TOTO toilets offer automatic flushing and seat-lifting features. These models suit households comprising people with various physical challenges. But, the cost of these toilets will be relatively higher too.

 Is it Easy to Install Any Kind of TOTO’s Diverse Selection of Toilet Models?

 TOTO’s range of toilets feature the standard rough-in of 12 inches in their design. Older homes might require toilets with a rough-in of 14 inches. To replace an existing toilet, turn off the water supply line. Flush the toilet and empty it of water. Use a sponge and a bucket to remove the leftover tank water.

Remove the bolts, the supply line and the toilet. Also, remove the old wax seal used by the earlier toilet. If you find the flange cracked, replace it. Remove the closet bolts, add the new wax seal and install the new closet bolts. Similarly, installing new bidet toilet seats does not present any challenges either.

Whether you need bidets, bidet equipment or accessories, simply shop at AustralianBidet. Since 2005, we have been providing new toilet suites, pans and bidet seats to clients across Australia. Our products offer value to regular users, senior citizens and the disabled alike. From TOTO toilets to Kohler’s range of toilets, we stock them all. Check out what’s currently in stock here.

A Bidet Toilet Seat Can Use a Great Remote Control

One of the most interesting things you might find when getting a bidet toilet seat ready entails how you can configure the toilet’s settings. You can utilize a remote control on your toilet to adjust many features. You can use such a control mechanism quite well on many Toto toilets.

How Does the Remote Work?

Your remote control for a bidet toilet seat will work in one of two ways. First, it may work as a wireless model that connects to a sensor or receiver in your seat. Second, you may find a wired option that links directly to the toilet. Either way, you can ensure the remote will help you control the features with your bidet seat.

What Can You Get Out of a Remote?

The controls you can get out of a remote for Toto toilets include many functions that are convenient for your bathroom needs:

  • You can adjust the positioning of the bidet wand. This is ideal for male or female use.
  • The temperature of the water produced by the bidet wand can be adjusted in intensity.
  • You can control the pressure level of the water out of the wand.
  • The heated seat feature can be triggered.
  • One of two flushing options may also be triggered. You can get a heavy-load flush or a light-load flush produced depending on how much waste is produced within the toilet.

Where Does the Remote Go?

The remote control may be placed on a certain spot alongside the bidet toilet seat. You might find a small holster or other spot on the side that you can place the remote in. The positioning of the holster or other holding feature will vary based on the certain model you use.

Look at how well a remote control can work when using Toto toilets and other smart bidet seats. The Mizudori Gallery can help you find an effective toilet seat control setup that is easy to work with.