Wrong Information About Bidets

Even as bidets have been existing since the 15th century, it is not widely used in many countries, including Australia. In fact, the use of bidets is mainly limited to Asian and European countries. They are rarely seen in bathrooms of Australian households. The absence of bidets in Australian homes may be due to some wrong information or misconceptions about these bathroom devices. To clear this up, we came up with a list of some misconceptions many Australian households may have about bidets.

  • Bidets are not hygienic – This is one wrong information that is quite opposite to the truth. In reality, bidets make people feel cleaner and fresher after using the bathroom. It allows them to wash themselves with water instead of just using toilet paper. Using water is both sanitary and better than using a piece of paper to clean after using the toilet. It is similar to washing one’s hands or taking a shower after getting dirty from doing yard work. There are even some bidets, such as the Biobidet, offering more features that allow homeowners to feel cleaner and fresher after using the toilet.
  • Bidets are mainly for women – This is another misconception that is far from the truth. Walking into a European or Asian men’s room will give people an idea that bidets are not mainly for female use. While some bidets offer a feature to allow women to wash, it does not mean they are only designed for women. Bidets are designed for males, females, young, and elderly. There are different bidet models from manufacturers, such as Coway, offering different features that make using the bathroom healthy and hygienic.
  • Bidets require the bathroom to be remodeled – While there are bidets that require a major renovation of the bathroom, there are several models that can be easily installed on the toilet. These models can replace the toilet seat, which means anyone can install it in the bathroom without having to remodel or renovate it. Bidet manufacturers, like Coway, offer bidets that do not require any major remodeling work in the bathroom.
  • Bidets are not easy to use – While there may be some truth to this, but it is only for people who have not used a bidet before. And this is mainly for the bidet spray, which is not easy to maneuver if the user is not adroit enough. But there are some models that only require the push of a button. Smart toilets, such as the Toto Neorest, make it easy for homeowners to keep themselves clean and fresh after using the toilet. The Biobidet is another smart bidet toilet seat that offers innovative features that make using a bidet easy.
  • It is cheaper to use toilet paper – The initial investment for a bidet may be considerable, but it will allow households to save money in the long run. After the initial cost, all homeowners have to take into account is the cost of water use. Power costs may even be considered, but it would be minimal when compared to the cost of buying toilet paper every year. Moreover, using toilet paper may also result in a clogged sewer, which will require a huge amount of money to deal with. Furthermore, bidets are environment-friendly since it does away with toilet paper, which can only be used once.
  • Soap is needed in the bidet to clean properly – This is another misconception since some soaps can result in infection or inflammation in the private areas. Using warm water is medically-recommended for cleaning these areas of the body. There are some bidet models, such as the Toto Neorest, that offer a better way for homeowners to wash after using the toilet.
  • There’s no space in the bathroom – With the different models offered by different bidet manufacturers, there should be a bidet that can fit the budget of any household. While high-end models, like the Biobidet, are great for the bathroom, there are also some affordable models that homeowners can buy for their bathrooms. These are the toilet bidet seats and the bidet sprays that do not cost as much as the more elegant models.

These are just some of the wrong information or misconceptions some households may have about bidets. But knowing the truth about bidets may encourage more households to adopt the use of these innovative bathroom devices and allow them to feel cleaner and fresher after they use the bathroom. Visit Australian Bidet for more details.

3 Secrets to Choose a Trusted Toto Distributor In Australia

Toto toilets are one of the most innovative smart toilet brands in Australia. They can be found in homes and offices across Australia. What makes them so popular is the perfect balance of quality and cost. As you may know, smart toilets are all about the features they offer.

But most leading brands other than Toto put premium prices on their models. However, with Toto toilets, you can find the right set of features for a fair price. Of course, you need to find the right Toto distributor in Australia as well. Here are some things that will help you make the right choice in this area:

3 Factors for Choosing the Best Toto Distributors in Australia

  1. Presence

The first and most obvious thing to look for in an Australian Toto distributor is presence. Usually, the companies that advertise the most are also the most reliable. They have grown their market share by providing quality products and so, if you find someone easily, they might be just the right fit. This is not a sure shot but it is a good benchmark to begin with.

  1. Products

Legit Toto distributors in Australia like Mizudori Gallery have a variety of products on hand at all times. They not only offer top of the line models like the Toto Neorest but other ones as well. Additionally, they will have accessories and replacements on hand like Toto washlets and bidet toilet seats. This is very important since you do not want to go hunting for parts in case there is a malfunction or something breaks.

  1. After-Sales Service

Buying a smart toilet like the Neorest AH or Toto Washlet in Australia is only part of the deal. You also need it installed in your bathroom. The Toto distributor you choose must provide after sales service. This can be done via an external agency or by their own in-house professionals. Either way, you should look to get this service so that the whole process gets much easier for you.

Looking For a Reliable Toto Distributor in Australia?  Contact Mizudori Gallery!

Mizudori Gallery is one of the most reputable Toto toilets distributors in Australia. We offer a wide range of options to our customers and extra services on top. Visit Mizudori Gallery and let our experts help you find the right one for your home now!

Washlet Australia: Overview On How The Washlet Works

Has somebody suggested to upgrade your traditional toilet with a washlet? According to the washlet Australia representative, this type of toilet is designed to possess advanced features in order for the user to experience maximum comfort and hygiene while toileting.  If you are curious about how this smart toilet works, here’s a quick overview of the washlet.

Shape of the washlet seat

In general, washlets according to the washlet Australia shop representative has a contoured heated seat. Why? This allows the user to sit on it with ease.

Cleaning nozzle

Washlets boast of a cleaning nozzle that can be controlled to achieve the highest level of cleaning. Some nozzles of washlets can extend underneath the seat via a control panel to ensure the user of relaxing water pressure. The temperature setting of water coming out from the nozzles can range between 86 to 104F.

Self-cleaning function

One of the distinct features that set apart a washlet from an ordinary toilet according to the seller of TOTO Neorest is the self-cleaning function. This particular part of a washlet guarantees the user of a thoroughly cleansed nozzle after every usage.

Self-closing lid

Higher ends of washlets are usually integrated with self-closing lid wherein after every usage it gently closes on its own. You may also come across with expensive models of washlets like the TOTO Neorest to have a lid that automatically opens and closes. How is that possible? The washlets according to the washlet Australia shop representative has a sensor that detects movement. So, for homeowners like you that don’t want to deal with a broken toilet lid due to frequent slamming, then, invest on a washlet.

Water-saving system

The technology used on water usage for washlets is truly impressive because it only uses the right amount of water per flush. Imagine the gallons of water saved by the household with every flush. This means a reduction in your monthly water bill.

Frequently asked questions on washlets

According to the washlet Australia shop representative below is the list of frequently asked questions that potential buyers ask before buying a washlet like the TOTO Neorest:

Question #1 – How the washlet wand works?

For first time users of a washlet, the wand works by simply pressing the “Cleanse” button. In most models of washlets available at the washlet Australia shop Mizudori the wand’s shape is similar to a pencil and located underneath the toilet seat. This wand extends, cleanse itself and sprays water to clean the user’s private parts, both front and rear. Once done, the user needs to press the “Stop” button and the wand will automatically retract.

Question #2 – Is the air dryer safe to use?

Yes, it functions like your blow dryer and emits gentle warm air to dry your private parts. The temperature including time is adjustable to meet the user’s drying preference.

Question #3 – Why opt for the remote-controlled model?

Similar to other electrical house appliances where having a remote control is more convenient the same goes with a washlet. If you want to have an enjoyable experience while using the toilet access to a remote control is a must. The user has access to remote control and makes selections on the buttons based on his or her needs such as cleaning, air dryer, water pressure setting and a lot more.

Do you need professional advice on your first washlet purchase? Visit Mizudori, a trusted washlet Australia distributor and discover their wide range of bidets and TOTO Neorest washlets suited for your bathroom upgrade project.


All You Need To Know About Japanese Toilet Seat

Do you want to know why many homeowners are replacing their traditional toilet seats to the popular Japanese toilet seat? Well, with our intention to educate customers planning to upgrade their bathroom’s functionality, here are some facts that you need to know about this innovative toilet seat.

Introduction to a Japanese toilet seat

The trusted manufacturer of high-end bathroom products Toto is the one behind the wide variety of toilet seats like the electronic bidet toilet seats and Toto Neorest washlets. Most of these types of toilet seats used in Japanese households vary from their western counterparts, mostly on features.  For example, a modern Japanese bidet toilet main purpose is to provide high level of personal hygiene to the customer without using toilet paper.

What makes the Japanese toilet seat popular?

There are many reasons why this type of toilet seat is popular in Japanese homes and public facilities (train stations, restaurants and hotels) and here are some of them.

  • Easy installation

There is no doubt that the entire process of installing this smart toilet seat is very straightforward. Anyone who is using the traditional toilet seat will just need to remove it and install the new Japanese bidet style seat. There’s no need to call a plumber to check on the plumbing system because the water supply for this type of toilet seat is already linked to the existing water supply used for flushing.  However, if you don’t have access to electric power supply which is vital for this modern toilet seat’s features like heated toilet seat, air warming or automatic flushing, you will have to contact an electrician to install additional power outlet to connect this toilet seat.

  • Cleanliness

In Japanese homes, maintaining cleanliness in their bathrooms is essential and it’s a fact that the Japanese well-known producer of bathroom products Toto used this as inspiration in the creation of smart toilet seats (Japanese toilet seat, Toto nearest). The stream of water that these advanced toilet seats used can guarantee your private parts are thoroughly cleanse that can’t be achieved by use of toilet paper.

  • Health benefits

Japanese toilet seats offer many health benefits to their users. Aside from achieving highest level of personal hygiene, these modern toilet seats can assure the user the prevention of spread of germs or bacteria, rash formation and other skin problems. People suffering from hemorrhoids can also benefit from the use of bidet toilet seat.

  • Convenience

Elderly people including those individuals with mobility impaired issues can also find comfort in having their old toilet seats replaced with modern toilet seats. With the advanced self-cleaning and drying feature, an elderly person aided by a walker or wheelchair won’t need to move to wash their private parts.

Top features of a Japanese toilet seat

If you are new to Japanese style toilet seat, here are the top features that you will discover from a newly installed bidet toilet seat:

  • Control

You can opt for an attached control panel or wireless model.

  • Washing

Most bidet toilet seats offer posterior wash, massage cleanings, turbo wash and water pulse features.

  • Heated water

Another distinct feature of a smart toilet seat is the heated water where you select it according to your preference.

  • Add-ons

For those users who have special needs, add-ons can be included such as heater toilet seat, air drying, deodorizer or self-rinsing nozzle power.

For every bathroom product introduced in the marketplace, Toto brand takes the limelight because of their commitment in delivering top quality and fully functional toilet seats, electronic bidet seats and even remote controlled bidet toilet seats. If you want to know more the wide range of Toto bathroom products, contact the Mizudori representative.


Top Features Of Toto Neorest One Piece Dual Flush Revealed

Are you thinking of installing a one-piece smart toilet for your modern bathroom? The Toto Neorest dual flash model would make an excellent choice. Why? Here’s a list of the top features that the Toto Neorest has to offer.

  1. Unique design

What makes the Toto Neorest a standout? Well, this smart toilet underwent careful design and craftsmanship to represent a unique bathroom piece. In fact, the Toto Neorest with the dual flush feature can make any bathroom space chic with its ceramic material finish.

  1. Programmable nightlight

If you have kids and worry about going to the bathroom at night, then, the Toto smart toilet Neorest one-piece model is the answer to this problem. The Toto smart toilet collections can be programmed with a nightlight feature, allowing every member of the household to use the bathroom with ease even in total darkness. The programmable nightlight feature can provide adequate lighting during a power outage.

  1. Fully automated

Yes, the Neorest dual flush has fully automated feature, meaning it’s absolutely hands-free. What to expect? The user can enjoy a toilet with a lid that opens and closes on its own, plus the dual flush technology system automatically flushes the right amount of water. With this flushing mechanism every household can reduce water consumption.

  1. Efficient cleansing

The Toto Neorest design guarantees thorough cleansing. Users can choose with the three cleansing modes such as pulsating, oscillating and rinsing cycle. So, if you want assurance that no solid waste is left on your sensitive parts, choose the full rinse cycle mode.

  1. Remote control

One of the awesome features of most Toto bathroom products like the smart toilet is the availability of a remote control. This feature is convenient for people with disability, elderly as well as those suffering from mobility problem. The remote control can be used to adjust the water pressure, flushing, cleansing including drying. For other high-end models of Toto Neorest models the remote control for the toilet seat temperature, open and close the lid and other add-ons that you will not find on any traditional toilet.

Where to order Toto Neorest in Australia?

If you live in Australia and on the lookout for a bidet Australia supplier selling Toto bathroom products contact Mizudori. Their sales representatives would be more willing to give you a quick tour of their latest collection of Toto Neorest toilets.

3 Smart Toilet Features to Look For When Shopping at a Bidet Shop

Shopping for a high-quality smart toilet in a bidet shop is toil in itself. There are so many brands and models out there that making the right choice can be tricky. This is especially true if you do not have an overview of all the toilet features available in the market. So, getting a fair idea of what you can buy from a bidet shop is the first place to start. The following points will tell you some of the most important features that your smart toilet should have. Based on these, you can make the right selection for your home.

What Toilet Features to look for in a Bidet Shop

1.    Heated Toilet Seat

Sitting on an ice cold toilet seat is hardly an enjoyable experience. In fact, if you have some hip problems or are prone to catching colds, it can be a downright health hazard. Getting a smart toilet like Toto Neorest with a heated seat is like finding a new way to have a great bathroom experience. This technology is probably the most important innovation in the bathroom accessories market. If you have cold winters in your region or you just like the comfort of a warm inviting toilet seat, then this is one feature you must have.

2.    Bidet Spray

Sprays are an integral part of all prominent smart toilets like Toto Neorest. And while all models will have it, not all will provide excellent functionality. For example, with a high-end model, you can get a great deal of bidet spray customization options. This is great if you have specific preferences for water pressure and temperature. The higher end models will help you find the find settings where you are most comfortable.

3.    Presets for Individuals

Some of the advanced toilets in the market allow users to pre-configure their preferences. This is a great asset and will enable you to have a good bathroom experience every time. You might think this is expensive but it doesn’t need to be. There are some mid-range models that combine these customization benefits at a fair price as well. All you need to do is look.

Where Can You Find the Right Smart Toilet for Your Home?

Australian Bidet provides the highest quality smart toilets in Australia. We can help you select one that has all the features you want and fits right into your budget. Contact us now!


Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Or Non-Electric Bidet Seat: Which Is More Comfortable?

Are you planning to upgrade your toilet seat with a bidet? Bidet toilet seat models come in two versions; the electric and non-electric bidet. Can’t decide which is more comfortable for you? Well, this topic will give you detailed information on the pros and cons, installation procedure as well as the final verdict. So, let’s together discover each bidet for you to find the right match for your bathroom and toileting requirements.

Pros of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Electric bidet seats are becoming popular to most modern built homes, especially among those customers that are financially capable of purchasing an expensive model. Among the positive feedbacks of users of electric bidet seats include the following:

  • Availability of added features to match every user’s preferences
  • Access to a model with remote control
  • Add the warm water feature both on front and rear part of the bidet toilet seat
  • User-friendly both for left-handed and right-handed people
  • Electric bidet seats are easy to operate, especially for users with limitations of mobility
  • Adjustable nozzles to suits one’s preferred seating position
  • Air dryer feature is possible eliminating the need for toilet paper
  • Fit any existing toilet model

Cons of Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Similar to the famous Toto washlet an electric bidet toilet seat has also some drawbacks such as:

  • Higher electric bill because the electric bidet seat is powered by electricity
  • Prices of electric bidet seats are more expensive than a non-electric bidet
  • Not all electric bidet models can fit nicely on any standard toilet

Pros of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Another bidet toilet seat that you can choose is the non-electric model. This particular model will be advantageous to a customer with limited funds but wish to upgrade an old toilet seat. Some of the pros that the non-electric can offer to users are:

  • Can fit on any model toilet
  • Cheaper price
  • Offer the same hygienic just like an electric bidet model

Cons of Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

  • Non-availability of remote control
  • No added features
  • More complicated to use
  • Struggle in adjusting the water pressure
  • Some models of non-electric bidet toilet seat have no adjustable nozzles
  • The user will need a longer time to get used to a non-electric bidet

How each bidet toilet seat installed?

The installation procedure for each bidet toilet seat is different. For electric bidet models, you will need the services of a licensed electrician to ensure the electrical outlet is correctly installed. Aside from that if your bathroom layout has no existing nearby power outlet to connect the electric bidet changes may be required to accommodate this bidet model.

A non-electric bidet is a lot quicker to install and may not need the assistance of an electrician because it’s not powered by electricity. However, if you prefer having warm water for your non-electric bidet, then, you need to connect the hot water system to a sink.

Which is the most suitable bidet for you?

Purchasing a bidet can be quite challenging. Finding the right model needs careful assessment of users’ toileting needs, budget and comfort preferences. If you will take into account a model that can offer a high level of hygiene both models can guarantee proper cleaning of your private and sensitive body parts.

If you have the luxury to splurge on a high-end bidet like the trusted Toto Neorest, then, choose an electric bidet model. If you have a limited budget the non-electric bidet could be your best bathroom piece to level up your bathroom experience.

For more selections of various bathroom products from electric bidet toilet seat models down to the most expensive brands such as Toto Washlet and Toto Neorest visit the official website of Mizudori.

Will a Toto Neorest Be a Right Addition to Your Swanky New Bathroom?

Toto is one of the leading brands in the world for smart toilets. It manufactures a number of product lines and now has a strong presence in the Australian market as well as overseas. While the Toto Neorest is the most well-known of all the advanced toilets with a Japanese toilet seat, there are other product lines as well which can be considered. But before you make a decision between the high-on-technology Toto Neorest and its lesser variants, here are some things to consider.

 How to Choose the Right Kind of Smart Toilet for Yourself

1.Consider Your Needs

What sets the Toto Neorest and all other smart toilets apart from their non-technological predecessors is that they come with a host of features. This is also the reason why they carry the pretty price tag. However, not all smart toilets are made the same and not everyone needs the top-of-the-line model in their home. You can save yourself a pretty penny by simply assessing your requirements and then choose a model which serves them appropriately.

2. Consider Your Style

Smart toilets are not just amazing bathroom installments which make your experience a lot easier. They are also amazing additions to your overall bathroom aesthetic. But you need to choose the right colour to make it all fit in perfectly. Now, not every smart toilet model has all possible colours. You can choose one of the standards or you can ask the manufacturer for a custom colour if possible. The point is that you should consider this fact in as well when choosing a Toto Neorest or any other toilet.

3. Consider Your Budget

The final and most obvious consideration is the budget you have and how many toilets you need. If you are looking for domestic solutions then getting one or two smart toilets might work. But for commercial solutions, buying many at a group purchase discount will be a better idea. So, you need to find the right supplier and understand the price at which you can get what you want.

Where to Get the Right Toto Neorest or Other Smart Toilet?

Australian Bidet is a well-known supplier of the very best smart toilets in the international market. Browse our extensive catalogue and choose from top models like the Toto Neorest and others as per your budget. Shop with us for the most advanced Japanese toilet seats now!

How High Up Is a Smart Toilet?

You need to find a smart toilet with a height that is comfortable for your use. The height should be something that encourages a comfortable space for you to sit on so you can be in the optimal position for using the bathroom. But you must notice how well something like the Toto Neorest toilet can vary in height.

The General Measure

The height of a smart toilet is measured in two parts. First, there is the measure from the floor to the top part of the toilet without the seat included. This is to support the basic design of the toilet and would also be reflective of the toilet’s appearance when someone has to use it without sitting on the surface.

The second part is the toilet seat itself. The seat that Toto provides on its toilets should come at a certain height. You should have the ability to replace the seat on the washlet, but the height of the seat should still be the same all around.

How High Up Are These Parts?

The best rule of thumb for a washlet or toilet is to see that the base of the toilet is about 16 to 18 inches off of the ground. This should be enough to provide a comfortable seat while putting a person in an appropriate position for using the bathroom.

Meanwhile, the toilet seat itself should be about one to two inches thick. This should be enough to create a surface that goes over the main toilet space while keeping the toilet from being too tall in its layout. That height standard should also be consistent with both the new seat you want to install and the initial seat on your toilet.

Make sure the height of your smart toilet is something that is conducive for your use in your bathroom. You can talk with the Mizudori Gallery if you need assistance with finding something that works well for your comfort and bathroom convenience.

Using The Side Panel In A Japanese Toilet Seat

There are two main ways to operate a smart toilet or a Japanese toilet seat. First is by using the remote control that came with your toilet (a Toto Neorest comes with one). Second is by using the side panel attached to the toilet seat.

For some people, using the remote control is a more convenient option. However, there are some people who think otherwise. Although there are advantages to using a remote control, it also has some disadvantages.

For one, remote controls have a tendency to ‘walk away’ – it can be there in one second and gone in the next. Also, remote controls for a Japanese toilet seat has a different design and layout than a regular remote control.

For those reasons, there are people who prefer using the side panels attached to the bidet. Simply put, a side panel is a control panel that is attached directly to the side of the bidet. It is a permanent attachment, meaning you can’t remove it unless you break it off.

There are some smart toilet models where you can remove the panel (the dock is still attached to the bidet). Needless to say, such models will be more expensive than a regular smart toilet. However, this does give you the option to use it as a remote control if you want to.

The most obvious benefit of using a side panel is that it doesn’t suddenly disappear like a remote control unit. You no longer have to worry about your kids running out of the bathroom with the remote in their hand. No more looking for the remote control all over the house or fishing it out of the toilet bowl.

Another benefit of a side panel is that it is easier to read than the display of remote control. The icons in the side panel are usually larger and are colored, making them easier to see and distinguish.

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about replacing any batteries as you would in a remote control unit. Obviously, remote control operated toilets like a USPA bidet for instance runs on batteries. The last thing you need to worry about is your remote control dying on you just when you’ve finished using the toilet.

There are certainly a lot of advantages of using the attached side panel than a remote control for your toilet. But whether you’re looking for a smart toilet with a side panel or a remote control, make sure that you buy your toilet only from reputable suppliers. This way, you can be sure that the side panel or remote will be working perfectly and with no hassles.