Why Toto Toilets Are A Great Choice For Your Home? Top 3 Reasons

Toto is a well-known brand for the best Japanese smart toilets in Australia. They have many models of Toto toilets under their belt ranging from economy to luxury. Toto toilets are also frequently featured in the top lists of best smart toilets in the world. So, it is a natural first option that many homeowners explore in their homes.

If you are new to the smart toilet market, then Toto can be a viable option for the range and price quotes it offers. As the leading Toto distributor in Australia, we have listed three reasons below why you should buy a Toto toilet:

3 Things That Make Toto Toilets a Must Buy

  1. Neorest AH

When it comes to top of the line Japanese smart toilet models, there is virtually nothing that can beat the Toto Neorest. This range includes the cutting-edge models in the global smart toilet industry. There are plenty of options even within this top-tier bracket and so; you get to choose the exact one you want.

For homeowners who want only the best Toto toilets with premier bidet toilet seats and washlets in their home, this is the first option.

  1. Easy Replacements

Another reason why Toto toilets hold popularity over other major brands is their easy to replace parts. Most toilets have readily available replacement parts which don’t cost a fortune. Even though the composite toilets will last you years, they can also be replaced easily. So, if you have specific needs or ever need quick replacements, a reliable Toto distributor in Australia is all you need

  1. Easy Modifications       

Toto toilets offer another major advantage in that they are easily modified. In fact, you can buy a base model and then add features to it as you wish. You will need to get bidet toilet seats and washlets while other essential features might be inbuilt. This is a great option for people with specific needs and it makes things much easier on their pockets. Be sure to get a consultation before you make a purchase for the sake of compatibility and convenience.

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Toto Toilets Sydney: 3 Reasons Why Toto is A Great Investment

Toto is well known for offering some of the most advanced Toto toilets in Australia. Over the years, it has built a great brand reputation for not just that but also for offering economical models. Further, Toto toilets are highly customizable. This gives consumers more options than other brands can offer. If you want to buy a smart toilet, here are 3 reasons why Toto toilets in Sydney might just be the right fit.

3 Reasons Why Toto Australia Might Work for Your Bathroom

  1. Endless Options

Toto has one of the most diverse ranges of smart toilets in Australia. It offers top of the line products like the Toto Neorest as well as other models. It has an ECO range which is rated environment friendly.

This saves a lot of water and is the perfect complement to a smart bathroom. You can also get custom options which you can then modify as you please. Simply put, virtually no other smart toilet brand will offer this option range.

  1. Value for Money

Branding matters a lot to most people, but a brand is only as good as the quality it provides. With Toto Australia, you can be sure you will get the value that you pay for. All of their products are priced competitively. In fact, for low to mid budget consumers, there are many options which provide a superb range of features. It is hard to find more quality features at the same price range in other smart toilet brands.

  1. Easy Installation

Another great thing about Toto Australia is that they have very good distributors like Mizudori Gallery in Australia. A trusted Toto distributor in Australia can give you the ideal Toto toilet for your bathroom. They can also have it installed in the perfect way. Distributors usually work with other professionals and this makes your job a lot easier.

Naturally, most people who do not know about smart toilet fittings prefer having the whole thing handled from out counter. If you are looking for affordability and ease of installation, a Mizudori Gallery is the perfect fit. -

Looking for a trusted Toto distributor in Australia? Contact Mizudori Gallery!

Mizudori Gallery is one of the leading Toto distributors in Australia. We offer the widest range of options from Toto’s acclaimed Neorest range to the popular ECO range and many others. Visit Mizudori Gallery and get the most advanced Toto smart toilets from us now!

Toto Distributor Australia: Buying Guidelines For A Modern Toilet

Every picky customer would prefer a buying guide when investing in household basics. One of the most used parts of the house is the bathroom because this is where every member does his or her private needs such as toileting, showering and bathing. For some people, the bathroom also serves as a place for relaxation.

If your goal is to improve the bathroom experience of every member of the household, perhaps it’s time you consider buying a modern toilet. According to the Toto distributor Australia there are certain guidelines when picking the right toilet for your bathroom and may include these suggestions:

Get the flush performance rating

One of the basic features of any style a modern toilet whether it is a Neorest Ah or Neorest 700 is the flushing. It’s advisable for customers to compare reviews on flushing mechanism performance to ensure invest in a top performing toilet. For trustworthy reviews go and check the Toto distributor Australia for a list of top performing brands of toilets.

Go for a highly efficient model

Toilets consume a bigger percentage of household water consumption during flushing. If your goal is to save on water usage look for a toilet model that consumes less gallons of water. According to the Toto bathroom sales representative, the Neorest Ah is one of the highly efficient models of modern toilets that are designed to reduce the household water consumption as well as eliminate the use of toilet paper.

The Toto bathroom collection of smart toilets assures users of proper cleansing with their automated front and back cleaning nozzles, plus these types of toilets have self-cleaning and ceramic gloss finish preventing stain accumulation.

Pressure-assist toilet is a good investment

For more efficient toilet the Toto distributor Australia suggests investing in a pressure-assist model than a gravity toilet. Why? First of all, a pressure-assist model comes with a separate tank that holds water needed for flushing. So, if you constantly worry of having to deal with waste residue being left inside the toilet bowl, then, the pressure assist toilet is the best buy as it thorough flushes away your waste.

Easy to clean design

Yes, every homeowner would wish for a toilet model that is easy to clean, especially around the hard to reach areas of the bowl. A two-piece toilet may require more cleaning than a one-piece3 stand alone toilet like the Toto Neorest Ah. This toilet piece is easy to clean because of its amazing self-cleaning features.

Measure accurately the rough in

Avoid the hassle of having to squeeze a toilet inside your small bathroom space. Before contacting the Toto bathroom sales representative, get first accurately the rough-in measurement or the distance from the spot where the toilet will be installed and the wall behind it.

Are you now confident what toilet model will fit perfectly inside your bathroom? If you are struggling to make a wise choice among the wide range of modern toilets available in the marketplace, seek the guidance of Mizudori, a trusted Toto distributor Australia.

How To Choose The Right Toto Distributor In Australia?

Toto Neorest toiletToto bathrooms and all related products are the first choices for Australians looking for an extraordinary bathroom experience. You can get the best smart bathroom installments in the world, but you need to choose the right Toto distributor in Australia for it. It is not simply enough to know the retail agent but also whom they work with.

Otherwise, you can get less than what you deserve for the price you pay. Here is a guide for you to understand how you can select the best Toto distributor in Australia and get the best deals on Toto toilets. Let’s get started.

The Three Essential Qualities of a Reliable Toto Distributor in Australia

  1. Authentic Sourcing

All Toto distributors in Australia who provide genuine products are certified as per the relevant area’s guidelines. They need to not only adhere to certain business rules but also other important standards.

They also need to carry proper documentation for the same. Before you decide to buy from a distributor, you can check up on all of these. This will help ascertain you are buying from an authentic place like Mizudori Gallery.

  1. Good Reputation

Reputation matters a lot in every market. And therefore, you need to make sure that the Toto distributor in Australia you buy from has a solid reputation not just for quality products but also after sales services and customer support. There are plenty of ways of finding these out.

Go online and read reviews on the outlet. Speak to someone who has purchased products Toto toilets from them before. Just reading a few reviews should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

  1. Sound Knowledge

When you go to visit the store of a Toto Distributor in Australia or inquire about a product online, consider the insight the salesperson or representative provides.

Experienced professionals have detailed knowledge of the workings of individual products and the potential problems they may have. If you get a detailed account from them, consider it an indication that they are reliable, and you can make your purchase Toto toilets from them.

Where Can You Find the Most Reliable Toto Distributors in Australia?

If you are looking for high-quality Toto distributors in Australia, then Mizudori Gallery is the first company to look at. They have a proven record of providing excellent Toto toilets to customers and always providing quality support as well. Contact the experts at Mizudori Gallery now for the best Toto toilets in the Australian market.

Toto Distributor in Australia: Installation Challenges of a Wall Hung Toilet

Wall hung toilets have been making quite an impression on many residential and commercial property owners. This is not just in Australia but in many other places in the world as well.  This is one reason why many of them often visit a Toto distributor in Australia to look at their options.

As the name suggests, these toilets literally hang of the wall, giving it a pretty contemporary and stylish look. Many people are drawn to these toilets because of this. If you are one of those people, then you probably have some questions regarding this type of toilet. Of course there’s the question of price, functionality, durability and others. But one thing you should be aware of before buying one from a Toto distributor in Australia are the installation procedures, as well as the challenges, that comes with having a wall hung toilet.

First thing you should know is that installing a wall hung toilet requires invasive and intensive reconstruction of your toilet. Remember, wall hung toilets are attached directly to the walls. This means you’ll have to create an opening in the wall that can accommodate the hidden plumbing and working components of the toilet, namely the tank or the cistern.

In addition to that, you also need to have a frame put in place to hold the wall hung toilet. If you buy a wall hung toilet from a Toto distributor in Australia, your purchase should include a frame. If not, you can always buy them separately.

There are basically three types of frames for wall hung toilets. They are full height frames, reduced height frames, and slim line frames. The type of frame you’ll use will depend on a variety of factors like height restrictions (i.e. windows above the section of the wall where the wall hung toilet will be installed), wall depth (do you have enough space inside the wall to accommodate the tank or cistern) and others.

If you’re replacing an old floor installed toilet, then there are other installation issues you should consider. For one, you will have to reroute the waste pipe and other plumbing. You’ll also want to patch up the empty space where the old toilet used to be. All in all, this is not only an intensive project, but it may be expensive as well.

Still, there are many benefits to having a wall hung toilet. And more often than not, people find that the pros more than outweigh the cons.

If you are looking for a wall hung toilet, a smart toilet or a Toto washlet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 1300 868 600 or 02 9698 5838. You can also visit our showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW.

Toto Distributor in Australia: Commonly Asked Questions about Wall Hung Toilets

Many residential and commercial property owners want to install a wall hung toilet in their property. It is very often that you see these people in a shop of a Toto distributor in Australia. They come in looking at the different options available and seeing which the best choice is for them. Aside from the price, they also have certain questions about wall hung toilets such as the following.

Won’t It Fall Off?

This is one of the most common questions that a Toto distributor in Australia gets asked often. Many property owners are concerned whether a wall hung toilet will suddenly fall down while someone is using it. This is a legitimate question though, especially when you consider the mess the results when your wall hung toilet is suddenly torn off the wall and collapses.

However, wall hung toilets are very strong and robust, despite their rather stylish design. In general, a wall hung toilet should be more than capable of holding up to 200 kilos of weight. Of course, this is only true if you have a high quality wall hung toilet installed properly on an equally high quality frame.

How Do They flush?

Another thing that concerns property owners is the flushing system of a wall hung toilet. This is because they think that wall hung toilets, like other Japanese smart toilets, are complicated to use. This is even made more so by the absence of a lever, which is what is usually used in traditional toilets.

However, flushing a wall hung toilet is a pretty straightforward process. Instead of a pressing a lever, the user will need to press a button on the flush plate instead. The flush plate is usually installed or mounted on a wall, unlike traditional toilets where the flushing lever is attached to the toilet tank. Many wall hung toilets also have a dual flush technology like the one you see in a Toto Neorest AH. This flushing system allows you to use less water when flushing so you can save on your water bills.

How Do I Access the Cistern?

Because the cistern is concealed behind the wall, people think that you can fix them if something goes wrong. However, accessing the cistern or tank of a wall hung toilet is pretty easy. Wall hung toilets come with a specially designed flush plate. To access the cistern, you simply have to lift the flush plate. You don’t have to worry about removing the tiles or wall plaster hiding the tank or cistern.

If you have more questions about wall hung toilets or other smart toilets, do get in touch with us. You can call us up at 1300 868 600 or 02 9698 5838. You can also visit our showroom located at 11 Joynton Ave. Zetland, NSW.