Benefits Offered by a Toilet Bidet Spray

If you stayed in a hotel in Asia, you would notice one thing different in their toilets, a toilet bidet spray.  While bidets are not quite common in the western world, these bathroom devices are quite popular in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. These devices allow you to clean yourself properly after using the toilet. Instead of using paper to clean yourself, these devices use water pressure to clean you. You may be wondering why. Despite their simplicity, bidets offer several benefits for anyone using the toilet. The following are some of the benefits you can get from having a bidet or a washlet installed in your bathroom.

  • Optimal cleaning capability – a bidet cleans better compared to using toilet paper. The water pressure can easily clean your posterior and give you a gratifying feeling of being clean after using the toilet. It is also convenient to use since some bidets feature controls that make everything easier. When it comes to a washlet Australia-based companies can provide you options on the types of bidets you may want to get for your home.
  • Helps you clean the toilet itself – aside from cleaning your posterior, you can use a toilet bidet spray to clean the toilet efficiently. Some models have self-cleaning features that will automatically clean the toilet after you use it. You also do not have to worry about water overflow since these devices have safety features to prevent this.
  • Helps with rectal issues – a bidet can help deal with rectal issues, such as a rectal itch. Since it uses water to clean you, you will not have to worry about having to wipe yourself with paper, which may be detrimental for you if you have sensitive skin. Any concerns about bacterial infection will also be a thing of the past if you have a bidet in your bathroom. If you are looking for a suitable washlet Australia-based companies can help you decide which device is best for your needs.
  • Faster – it may take more than just one application if you use toilet paper to clean yourself after using the toilet. But using a bidet makes the whole process faster. All you need to do is to click a button and you will find yourself clean in no time.
  • Convenient – cleaning yourself with paper may not be as convenient as using a toilet bidet spray. These devices allow you to control the water pressure and even the direction where the water will be sprayed. Everything you need to do can be performed at the click of a button.
  • Durable – bidets are also designed to last a long time. The materials used for these devices are designed to last long. Due to this, you do not have to be concerned about having to replace the bidet after a year or two. You may also want to consider getting a washlet, which is a trademarked device of Toto, a Japanese manufacturer.

A toilet bidet spray is something that people in the western world fin unique. But this bathroom device has been used in Asian and Middle Eastern countries for a long time. The convenience it offers and its ability to clean you properly are just some of the reasons why this bathroom device is a mainstay in many bathrooms in Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, it also allows you to reduce the use of paper in your home. So, this device is not only good for personal hygiene, but it is also great for the environment. Get in touch with our experts to know more about Toilet Bidet Spray.

What Nozzle Features Should You Look for an Electric Bidet Seat?

Unlike other smart toilets that come with a separate toilet bidet spray (a sprayer that looks pretty much like a handheld shower), washlets come with a built-in nozzle that sprays cold or warm water for cleaning one’s bottom after using the toilet. These nozzles are often the more convenient choice since it offers a hand-free way of cleaning one’s self. Depending on the model of the bidet seat, these nozzles come with various features and functions.

Ability to Conduct Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning nozzles, as the term suggests, is capable of cleaning itself without the aid of the toilet seat owner. To clean itself, the nozzle rinses itself with fresh, clean water before it retracts back to its original position. Some models allow for the use of warm water when the self-cleaning mode is engaged. By using warm water, it is better able to clean and remove any particle that may have stuck to it. Also, warm water is much better at eliminating germs and bacteria that may be present in the nozzle.

Made from High Quality Stainless Steel

Most washlets in Australia have nozzles which are made of stainless steel. There are many reasons why bidet manufacturers make use of this metal. For one, the inherent nature of this material helps to prevent the growth of mold and other organic materials. This further makes the nozzle more hygienic and sanitary, preventing any contamination brought by such organisms.

Secondly, stainless steel is known to be highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and considering the amount of moisture that toilets are exposed to, it is important to make use of materials that are durable and can withstand years of water exposure.

Can Be Adjusted According to User Preference

Nozzles on electric bidet toilet seats should not only be retractable, but they should also be adjustable so that they can better serve the user. Basic bidets may not have this feature, so it is best to check with the manufacturer before making the purchase. An adjustable nozzle is a great feature to have, especially when there are multiple users of different ages. Because the nozzle is adjustable, users don’t have to wiggle around the seat when using the spray cleaning function.

The cleaning nozzle is an important component of your washlet. In fact, you can’t really consider it an actual washlet unless it has that specific feature. Cleaning nozzles on washlets will vary in terms of design and feature according to the manufacturer or model, but they are essentially the same thing and are used for the same purpose. However, not all cleaning nozzles are created equal, and it pays to know which of them are the better options for you.

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Toilet Bidet Seats – The Top Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping

Every homeowner wants to make their home as comfortable and visually appealing as possible. Clearly, they will not be able to accomplish this in one stroke.

Financial constraints will render this difficult. But, over time, they will be able to revamp and upgrade all the rooms in the house. Similarly, many Australians think of purchasing smart bidet seats only when their existing toilets develop problems. Cracks in the tank or wobbly toilets will necessitate replacement.

Similarly, inefficient toilets or toilets that break down frequently might having you looking around for viable replacements. Instead of opting for a like-for-like replacement, consider upgrading your regular toilet to a smart toilet.

Equipped with toilet bidet sprays and other smart features, these toilets could make your visits to the bathroom more comfortable and hygienic. But, you will do well to avoid the mistakes that some people make when shopping for toilet bidet seats.

Walking into a Bidet Shop Not Knowing What Differentiates a Tankless Bidet from a Reservoir

Some people often do not think out of the box. So, they will invariably end up replacing existing toilets with similar replacements. Others might be more adventurous. But, they will not always do their homework before they visit bidet or toilet shops.

Thus, they could find themselves struggling to figure out which toilet or bidet they should purchase. For the uninitiated, reservoir bidet seats feature large tanks that can heat the water. Unfortunately, reservoirs can consume a lot of space. In addition, they can only heat a predetermined volume of water.

So, a person using the bathroom immediately after you do, will likely not get warm water for cleaning themselves. In contrast, tankless bidets can provide a continuous stream of hot water. They do not require tanks either. Thus, they can be ideal for using in small bathrooms.

Purchasing Bidet Seats that Do Not Have Anterior Cleansing Features or Shopping for Bidets When Your Bathroom Does Not Have Electrical Outlets Near the Toilet

Not all smart toilets or bidets offer the same features. So, unless you’re careful, you could end up buying one that does not have the feature you want. For instance, not all toilet bidets come with anterior and posterior cleansing features. These features might not be useful in all-male households. But, households with women will certainly appreciate bidets with frontal cleansing features.

It can be worth highlighting that bidets run on electricity. Thus, you will need electrical outlets placed at least three feet away from the toilet. Not all bathrooms have electrical outlets placed near the toilet. So, have an electrician inspect the bathroom for providing an outlet before you shop for a smart toilet.

Purchasing Bidets of the Wrong Size or Not Having Electrical Outlets Near the Bidet

Not many people will know that bidet toilet seats come in two sizes i.e. round and elongated. Various aspects might force homeowners to consider replacing their existing toilets. In this scenario, installing smart toilets or bidets can be a worthwhile purchase. Toilet bidet sprays can make going to the bathroom more comfortable and hygienic.

However, finding out that you have bought an elongated bidet for a round toilet can be vexing. So, before you go shopping, observe your toilet bowl from a distance to ascertain its shape. Round toilets will usually have lengths ranging from 42 – 45 centimetres. Similarly, elongated toilets will have lengths ranging from 45 – 50 centimetres.

At PristineBidet, we offer a select range of bidet seats designed to make your bathroom visits more comfortable and hygienic. Our range of bidet toilet seats provide hygienic warm-water washes at the mere push of a button.

They can easily replace your existing toilet seats. And, installing them does not present any difficulties at all. With our bidets, you will feel shower-fresh all day long. Check out our range of bidet seats here.

The Air Around a Coway Toilet Bidet Spray Will Stay Clean

One of the greatest concerns surrounding a toilet entails the surface developing odors that can persist for a while. In most cases, those odors will develop due to the waste being produced or anything else that the user passes into the toilet. Those odors will stick around for a while and can become very uncomfortable after a while. But a Coway bidet seat works differently from this.

An electric bidet from the company will keep those odors at bay. The bidet will produce a comfortable surface that will prevent odors from harvesting or developing to where the space will become uncomfortable and hard to utilize.

How Does This Work?

The toilet bidet spray will help with keeping odors under control. The water produced by the spray will do well with clearing out any stains or dirty spots on the user’s body. This keeps those features from being exposed within the electric bidet for far too long, thus improving upon how the area feels.

After this, a deodorizer will help you with keeping odors out. An electric bidet will use a cartridge or other unit to neutralize the odors produced within the bidet space. This will identify odor particles and collect them to wear those points out before they can produce even more irritation in a space. But you must look at how well the toilet bidet spray works so you will feel comfortable with the setup.

How Effective Is This?

The deodorizer and spray in the bidet should be comfortable and easy to handle. The design should be managed to where the odors will not be likely to stick out. But you might have to replace a cartridge inside the deodorizer on occasion; you can get the cartridge for last for months at a time in most cases though. Also, regular cleaning is recommended, although the smooth and streamlined design of the bidet should make that process easy to cover.

You can get a Coway bidet to start working in your bathroom to not only keep people clean but to also prevent those annoying odors from developing within the room and persisting for a while. Ask Pristine Bidet to see what you can get out of a bidet for your needs.

Toilet Bidet Spray v/s Toilet Paper: To Wash or to Wipe?

When it comes to washing and cleaning our hands and bodies, we rely on soap and water. But when it comes to our bottoms, many of us still prefer to use dry paper. Why is this so? Probably because we were trained to do so since childhood. But is using toilet paper really better than using water from a toilet bidet spray?

Toilet Paper Is Out

Wiping our bottoms after using the toilet is a dirty business, no matter how you look at it. The problem is our hands can often get in the way, making wiping an inefficient way of cleaning our bottoms. Unless done properly, this cleaning practice can leave contaminants in both our bottoms and our hands. And unless we practice exemplary hand washing techniques, we’re bound to transfer and spread the germs and bacteria to everything that we touch.

Cleaning with Water

More people are transitioning from using toilet paper to using water for cleaning their bottoms after using the toilet. One reason for this change in mindset is because more people now understand the many benefits of this practice. In line with this, there are several options for people to choose from – from installing a bidet to using a toilet bidet spray.

Installing an entirely separate bidet is one option. There are certain benefits to this, but more people are concerned about the price. The installation can be quite expensive. First, a smart toilet or Japanese toilet in itself is expensive – way more expensive than an ordinary toilet. Then there’s the installation costs, which means having to remodel the bathroom to make way for the smart toilet.

A more affordable option is to have a toilet bidet seat from a bidet shop installed on an existing toilet. These seats have cleaning nozzles to them which is used for cleaning your bottom. More people actually like this because aside from being inexpensive, they are quite easy to install as well.

Another option is to use a toilet bidet spray. These look like handheld showers and are pretty easy to use.

Again, there are many benefits to using water to clean ourselves after using the toilet. They are more hygienic and are actually preferred by people who suffer from certain health issues like hemorrhoids. Aside from that, there are affordable options available in the market. All that said, there really is no reason for you not to consider transitioning from using toilet paper to using water for cleaning.

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