Why Should You Invest In A Toto Bidet Toilet Seat? 3 Compelling Reasons

Bidet toilet seats are a very important part of the smart toilet experience. They are especially critical for people with special needs. They also provide some very important functions like sanitary attributes and heating. So, choosing the right one is important. If you do not know these reasons, read the following list:

3 Things That Make Toto Bidet Toilet Seats Important

  1. Heated Toilet Seats 

The first and foremost aspect of bidet toilet seat is the heating. That is arguably the most important thing about this smart toilet part. If you have senior citizens in your home or have some specific needs then a heated toilet seat may be just right for you. Make sure you check the model for your toilet before you make a purchase. Some models like the Neorest AH can only go with specific bidets in Australia.

  1. Contoured Comfort

Another great thing about bidet toilet seats is that they make the bathroom experience better by simply being there. Your body shape may be well suited to specific contours. Getting the right bidet in Australia can make a great difference to your whole bathroom experience and overall comfort. Make sure you also pair your smart toilet with a good Washlet for enhanced comfort and utility. You can also get a pair of these in a bargain at specific sale times round the year.

  1. Sanitation

Most modern bidet toilet seats include specialized sanitation technology. This means there are a lot fewer germs on your toilet seat than ever before. This is important for keeping away all kinds of illnesses and also making your bathroom experience a great one.

For those with specialized needs, this is especially important since it can prevent many kinds of illnesses and conditions. This is also important for maintaining proper hygiene and for homes with many residents; this can be a very crucial factor.

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5 Reasons You Should Get a Toto Smart Toilet for Your Home

When it comes to the smartest toilets available in Australia today, nothing can beat Toto Neorest. They are known for offering the perfect balance between quality, price and value. This is what precisely makes them a great option for all kinds of homes. If you are looking for a good smart toilet, then here are 5 reasons Toto is the best:

5 Things That Make Toto Smart Toilets is great for Your Bathroom

  1. Performance

When it comes to good performance at a good price, Toto does take the cake. It has many models on offer from eco-friendly to high-end luxury and all of them deliver a satisfying experience. This is the biggest advantage of Toto and it has driven the brand into the top competitors.

  1. Durability

Toto smart toilets are known for being highly durable. You can expect to have them in your home for many years. Aside from their accessories, the toilets are also very reliable. This makes them a very good investment for all kinds o` home.

  1. Modifications

Another great thing about Toto smart toilets is that they can be modified to a large extent. You can have custom bidet toilet seats, washlets and many other additions. This can not only save you money but also give you exactly what you need.

  1. Price

Pricing of smart toilets can often turn people away. But with Toto, you can get all the value you expect for the right price. Also, the modification options mean you get to control the expenses to a greater degree.

  1. Brand Value

Finally, Toto smart toilets do come with great brand value recognition. The Toto Neorest AH is a premier model and it is a grace for any bathroom. If you are a luxury bathroom aficionado, then getting a Neorest AH is a great option.

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3 Outstanding Tips for Choosing the Best Smart Toilet for Your Home

Smart toilets are a part of every modern technologically advanced home. They can significantly improve the bathroom experience and provide some amazing amenities. These include things like bidet sprays and heated toilet seat. If you want to get a smart toilet for your home, then here are some tips for you:

3 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Smart Toilet for Your Home

  1. Product Line

The first thing to consider is the product line. The model you choose will determine what features it has. Now, there might be many similar offerings with specialized features. So, you need to consider which bidet toilet you want to get. Well established bidet shops like Australian Bidet stock a huge range of products from some of the most renowned brands including Toto, USPA and Kohler.  What’s more their experts can also help you choose the right smart toilet or bidet seat to fit your needs and budget.

  1. Fitting 

Fittings matter a lot since you need to get your smart toilet fit out done as well. So, you need to find the right installation expert who can get the job done. But before even making the purchase, you should consult with them on the fitting ease.  Professionals at reliable bidet shops are always happy to help their customers.

  1. Price 

The money should be the last factor to consider since smart toilets pay for themselves in the long run. Some models such as eco lines also save water and electricity. Others might have features like antibacterial lights. So, you get the benefit of saving money while also enjoying a great bathroom experience.  Smart toilets from leading brands like Toto and Kohler are extremely durable and long-lasting, and can help you save some serious money in the long run.

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4 Important Benefits Of Getting A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets have become something of a staple in the global bathroom industry. They are quite popular in Australia for the benefits they offer. You might have seen brands like Coway and Toto in your friends’ house or at your local bidet shop.

Now, many people do not know what benefits these advanced smart toilets actually offer. If you want to buy one, then you need to understand how they can benefit you. Here are 4 advantages you can expect from them.

4 Benefits of Getting e Smart Toilets for Your Home

  1. Easy Installation

When most of us consider installing anything new in our bathroom, we imagine ripped out tiles and exposed plumbing. But with smart toilets, you can be sure it’s going to be nothing like that. Installing smart toilets from leading brands like Coway is incredibly easy. You can have it done in your home in a couple of hours.

  1. Better Cleaning

For those among us who don’t fancy toilet paper, smart toilets are a real blessing. They use warm water which means they are more efficient all round. For many, the warm water is also a worthy substitute for paper since it is soothing and relaxing. You will need a good Washlet or bidet spray to get the most from it.

  1. Environment-Friendly

If you want to be environmentally conscious, then getting a smart toilet is a great move. These units have a very high waste efficiency rating. Since they do not use toilet paper and many come with eco wash and sanitation features, they offer superior environmental friendliness. This is why you’ll find these smart toilets in most homes.

  1. Medical Benefits

Bidet sprays have really improved global bathroom hygiene standards. They are environmentally friendly but also offer the benefit of better health benefits. Dry paper does not clean as thoroughly as bidet sprays. They are also hard to handle especially for older people who may not be a wipe properly. So, smart toilets are a great advantage.

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Australian Bidet is one of the most trusted bidet shops to get a smart toilet in Australia. We offer a wide of smart toilets including Coway and other well-known brands. We also have frequent discounts and seasonal sales at our bidet shop. Get the best smart toilets with heated toilet seats and all other features from us today!

What make Toto Smart Toilet Range the Right Choice for You? Top 5 Features

Toto is a world famous manufacturer of high end smart toilets. It has a massive presence in Australia and has made a name for itself in the market for providing high-quality Japanese toilet seats of different varieties. Countless homeowners have introduced a Toto toilet in their bathrooms. If you are in the market for a smart toilet then Toto is undeniably a very good option. But, before you choose any of its fine toilets for your home, consider the most common features they sport. Here’s a list:


5 of the Best Toto Bidet Smart Toilet Features You Must Know


Heated Seats

The hallmark achievement of all kinds of smart toilets is the heated seat. This one will make you enjoy your bathroom experience no matter how low the thermostat dips. If you have elderly or sick persons in your home, then the heated seat is an even bigger blessing. A Toto Washlet with heated seat can help them relieve themselves without making them suffer cold rashes, cramps and other inconveniences.


Bidet Spray


While the bidet spray has been a part of toilets for some time now, there have been many new innovations in the field. Now, you can control the speed of the spray, the temperature of the water and many other things. This makes for a far more customized bathroom experience and helps you feel more comfortable.


Mode Settings


Even the most basic of smart toilet models offer mode settings. These are preconfigured settings that can be activated as per the individual using the Japanese toilet. Basic models offer at least two setting types while more expensive models will offer more. This can be a very useful feature as it does not require you to set your preferences when use you the toilet.


Voice Activation


The latest range of Toto smart toilet also has voice activation in them. So, all you need to do is say the pre-programmed word and your toilet will respond automatically. Voice activation is a more recent introduction to many Toto smart toilets and has been very well received. The technology can also be used to pre-configure certain settings.




Everyone who has any sense of social responsibility concerns themselves with their impact on the environment. Japanese toilets by Toto are designed to help conserve water and reduce the waste they produce. This efficient management of resources makes them a very welcome addition to any home where environmental conservation is a priority.


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5 Reasons to Have a Smart Toilet in Your Home

Smart toilets are something of a necessity in the world today. Whether you live in a one bedroom apartment or your own condo, having a smart toilet is a real treat. A high end bidet toilet seat enhances your bathroom experience in so many ways that most people who have them can’t really think of doing without them. If you don’t know about smart toilets or even a Japanese toilet seat for that matter, then there are a few things you need to know about them.


5 Great Things about Smart Toilets


They Are Incredibly Comfortable


Japanese toilets have been designed to fit the human form perfectly. They complement all kinds of body shapes perfectly and this makes for a much more relaxing bathroom experience. If you have senior citizens in your home, then getting a Toto bidet might be just the thing to make going to the bathroom easier for them.


They Are Ultra Stylish


The design of your bathroom is an important part of the overall decor and interior design aesthetic it offers. Having a Japanese toilet seat can really add a lot of value to it. In fact, real estate properties with smart toilets in the bathroom go for a lot more in the market. Even if you don’t want to sell your home, a quality bidet in Australia will be a fine addition to it.


They Are Customizable


Gone are the days when you could only hope to be greeted with a cold porcelain surface when you went to the bathroom. With the new range of bidet toilet seats, you can control a whole range of features and customize your bathroom experience. You can control the temperature of your Japanese toilet seat, the power of the bidet and everything else!


They Last a Long Time


A great thing about the smart toilets made by global brands like Toto is that they are very durable. So, when you invest in a Toto bidet smart toilet, you know it will serve you for years to come. This makes them a long-term investment and with the potential for upgrades at discounts, it is now possible to get just the right features that you want.


There Are Many Brand Options


Another great thing about smart toilets is that they can offer a number of brand option. This means you can get to choose from various brands. So, whether you want a top of the line or an economy model, whether you want special colours or designs, you have all the options you need at trusted suppliers like Mizudori gallery.


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3 Reasons Toto Bidet is a Great Choice for Your Bathroom

Already a well known name in bathroom products around the world, Toto is a rapidly growing brand of smart toilets in Australia offering some very good options to all kinds of buyers across the country.

With revolutionary products like Toto Bidets, the company has dedicated itself over the last few years to bringing the very latest in this segment to the fore. Naturally, this has allowed it to give good competition to other established smart toilet brands and make its mark on the market.

If you are wondering about Toto bidets and if it fits your list of dream smart toilet brands to choose from, here’s a short list of Toto’s benefits to help you out.


How Do Toto Bidets Compare to Other Brands


They’re High Quality Stuff

When you want to invest in a smart toilet for your home, you want to get the best one you can afford. Toto Washlet really does bring out all the good stuff across its multiple budget niches. While the top tier models offer all the exclusive features anyone can be proud of having, the economy grade ones are also quite good. They come with all the usual washlets, heated toilet seats and bidet spray features you could hope for.


They Are Nicely Priced

As you might expect, Toto has earned a name in the market which was not familiar with the idea of smart toilets. So, it offers a relatively lower cost for its smart toilet models for about the same features that you can get in other brands. This means you can save yourself some serious money in the long run by choosing a Toto bidet over some relatively unknown brand.


They Offer Great Service

Getting a good smart toilet is only half the work. You still need it installed and that comes with its own set of problems. Thankfully, Toto is one of those brands that like to make market headway by offering great customer service. So, when you buy one of its models, you get complete support for all installation, maintenance and troubleshooting related queries. They will even recommend certified plumbers to minimize the hassle for you. Now, that is a good way to build goodwill!


Should You Go for Toto Smart Toilets?

If you want to get the best smart toilet features for a great price, Toto is a good bet. It is a reliable company delivering solid products and great customer service. Visit Mizudori Gallery and check out a wide range of Toto smart toilets now!

3 Must-Have Features for Every Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are among the most important inventions in the 21st century because of one simple reason. They make our bathroom experience far more satisfying than anything before them. There are so many models and options out there now that it can be really difficult to choose the right one.


Leaving aside the ones that contain hoards of unnecessary features, there are some features that all smart toilets must have. Here is a short list of these features to help you find a smart toilet that suits your needs.


3 Essential Features Every Smart Toilet Must Have


Heated Toilet Seat

Have you ever felt the dread of sitting on a cold as ice toilet seat during winter? Well, you are not the only one! Smart toilets offer heated toilet seat which means that there is no longer any need to suffer from the cold exposure.

This is particularly good for older people who might have real problems sitting on cold toilet seats. So, if you have some old parents or grandparents at home, getting a smart toilet with a heated toilet seat is a good idea.



A remote controlled Washlet is the essence of a good quality smart toilet. A temperature controlled Washlet with variable spray speeds is the essence of a great smart toilet model. In short, your toilet needs to have some sort of a Washlet to qualify for being called a smart toilet. This feature makes life incredibly easier by making washing way easier. At the same time, it also helps conserve the environment by reducing the need for toilet paper.


Bidet Spray

While washlets make your existing toilet smarter, bidet sprays can help you bring this functionality to your bathroom without having to install anything on your existing toilet. In other words, the bidet spray is a great addition to any bathroom since it allows people to wash themselves with ease.

This means that even if the Washlet malfunctioned for some inconceivable reason, you have a backup. Further, some people prefer using bidet sprays instead of washlets and having this option can be a great way to cater to all types of individuals.


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3 Ways to Find a Quality Bidet Shop Online

Bidet shops are places where you can find, browse and order the perfect smart toilets for your homes. But not all bidet shops are made the same. There are some which are better than others in terms of customer service while others provide a wider range of washlets and other products. And there are some that none of us would rather talk about.

So, choosing the right bidet shop is of great importance because it will determine your product quality and critical after-sales services. Here are 3 factors to consider when looking for the right bidet shop.

3 Things That Make for a Perfect Bidet Shop in Australia 

Product Range

A trusted bidet shop will have at least a few different brands with a few different ranges of smart toilets in each. This is important because they need to showcase the variety to clients. Different companies offer different benefits and so, finding out the plus points and any drawbacks for each is a good way to make a smart purchase.

Feature Variations

The best bidet shops are sensitive to the needs of individual clients and so, they offer different models that have different functionalities. These models are the most popular in any segment and so, they make for the ideal benchmark to choose your smart toilet from. The most common and popular features should include bidet sprays, washlets and heated seats.

Pricing Options

Not all smart toilets are made for economy budgets. If the one that you get your heart set on happens to be out of your budget, the bidet shop should have a payment plan to help you out. Considering that most major purchases happen over some form of credit payment or other option, the same will also apply for smart toilets. So, you should definitely check out this option before you proceed to the checkout.

Where Can You Find the Best Bidet Shop in Australia?

Australian Bidet is easily the most popular online platform for the best smart toilets in Australia. We have a wide assortment of these products on our catalogue and are always willing to provide customized consultation to clients on selecting the right one.

If you are planning to get a great smart toilet to add to the bathroom experience of your home, Australian Bidet is the place to look for the best one. Contact us now!


Will a Toto Neorest Be a Right Addition to Your Swanky New Bathroom?

Toto is one of the leading brands in the world for smart toilets. It manufactures a number of product lines and now has a strong presence in the Australian market as well as overseas. While the Toto Neorest is the most well-known of all the advanced toilets with a Japanese toilet seat, there are other product lines as well which can be considered. But before you make a decision between the high-on-technology Toto Neorest and its lesser variants, here are some things to consider.

 How to Choose the Right Kind of Smart Toilet for Yourself

1.Consider Your Needs

What sets the Toto Neorest and all other smart toilets apart from their non-technological predecessors is that they come with a host of features. This is also the reason why they carry the pretty price tag. However, not all smart toilets are made the same and not everyone needs the top-of-the-line model in their home. You can save yourself a pretty penny by simply assessing your requirements and then choose a model which serves them appropriately.

2. Consider Your Style

Smart toilets are not just amazing bathroom installments which make your experience a lot easier. They are also amazing additions to your overall bathroom aesthetic. But you need to choose the right colour to make it all fit in perfectly. Now, not every smart toilet model has all possible colours. You can choose one of the standards or you can ask the manufacturer for a custom colour if possible. The point is that you should consider this fact in as well when choosing a Toto Neorest or any other toilet.

3. Consider Your Budget

The final and most obvious consideration is the budget you have and how many toilets you need. If you are looking for domestic solutions then getting one or two smart toilets might work. But for commercial solutions, buying many at a group purchase discount will be a better idea. So, you need to find the right supplier and understand the price at which you can get what you want.

Where to Get the Right Toto Neorest or Other Smart Toilet?

Australian Bidet is a well-known supplier of the very best smart toilets in the international market. Browse our extensive catalogue and choose from top models like the Toto Neorest and others as per your budget. Shop with us for the most advanced Japanese toilet seats now!