3 Coway Bidet Seats for Your Home

Coway is a major supplier of smart toilet products and accessories in Australia. It has a number of products on offer including washlets, bidet sprays and heated toilet seats. Today, we are listing some of the most popular options for buyers looking to have heated toilet seats in their bathrooms. These include the best customer rated and also from luxury to economy.

They are sure to provide you a great bathroom experience. If you get one of these, you can be sure it will serve your home for many years. Here are 3 of the most popular Coway heated toilet seats on offer in Australia:

3 Best Coway Heated Toilet Seats Options in 2019

  1. Coway BA 15E Bidet

If you want to include one for the latest technologies in your bathroom, then the Coway BA 15 E bidet seat is the right choice for you. This model comes packed with all kinds of features which you can boast of. From top notch cleaning technology to heated toilet seats to eco mode, it is truly an innovative model.

Moreover, it has some keen features like easy installation and user friendly controls which make it a must buy. Pair it with top-range accessories from Coway and you have the perfect smart toilet in your home.

  1. Coway BA 08 Bidet

If the Coway BA 15 E bidet stands for quality and excellence, then this smart toilet bidet seat stands for high-end innovation. The best brands in this market segment offer top-quality bidet options. With BA 08, heated toilet seats are an obvious inclusion.

However, the product goes even beyond. It has many great things like self-cleansing, auto power saving mode, space saving design and many other things. Needless to say, this is a great choice for any kind of home.

  1. Coway BA 13

Coway is not just coming up with new models for its heated toilet seat bidet range. It is also upgrading older ones. The BA 13 has been in the market for many years now. This bidet has many of the classic features which made Coway popular over the years.

Now, this model comes with enhanced features that will suit any modern smart toilet home. Be sure to check out these features before you make an actual purchase.

Where Can You Get the Best Smart Toilet in Australia?

Australian Bidet is one of the leading bidet shops in Australia. We offer top-range Coway and other leading brands’ products in our store catalogue. You can choose from a variety of heated toilet seat options depending on your budget range with us. Visit Australian Bidet now!

4 Important Benefits Of Getting A Smart Toilet

Smart toilets have become something of a staple in the global bathroom industry. They are quite popular in Australia for the benefits they offer. You might have seen brands like Coway and Toto in your friends’ house or at your local bidet shop.

Now, many people do not know what benefits these advanced smart toilets actually offer. If you want to buy one, then you need to understand how they can benefit you. Here are 4 advantages you can expect from them.

4 Benefits of Getting e Smart Toilets for Your Home

  1. Easy Installation

When most of us consider installing anything new in our bathroom, we imagine ripped out tiles and exposed plumbing. But with smart toilets, you can be sure it’s going to be nothing like that. Installing smart toilets from leading brands like Coway is incredibly easy. You can have it done in your home in a couple of hours.

  1. Better Cleaning

For those among us who don’t fancy toilet paper, smart toilets are a real blessing. They use warm water which means they are more efficient all round. For many, the warm water is also a worthy substitute for paper since it is soothing and relaxing. You will need a good Washlet or bidet spray to get the most from it.

  1. Environment-Friendly

If you want to be environmentally conscious, then getting a smart toilet is a great move. These units have a very high waste efficiency rating. Since they do not use toilet paper and many come with eco wash and sanitation features, they offer superior environmental friendliness. This is why you’ll find these smart toilets in most homes.

  1. Medical Benefits

Bidet sprays have really improved global bathroom hygiene standards. They are environmentally friendly but also offer the benefit of better health benefits. Dry paper does not clean as thoroughly as bidet sprays. They are also hard to handle especially for older people who may not be a wipe properly. So, smart toilets are a great advantage.

Looking For Top Quality Smart Toilets in Australia? Contact Australian Bidet!

Australian Bidet is one of the most trusted bidet shops to get a smart toilet in Australia. We offer a wide of smart toilets including Coway and other well-known brands. We also have frequent discounts and seasonal sales at our bidet shop. Get the best smart toilets with heated toilet seats and all other features from us today!

3 Things That Make Coway Smart Toilets a Great Investment for Your Bathroom

Coway is a popular smart toilet brand with a great market standing. The company offers a wide range of smart toilet products which have been widely reviewed and acclaimed by experts. With that said, the best thing about Coway is that it can make additions to your existing toilet. For those who don’t want to invest in a new toilet, this can be a great benefit. But are these additions really as good as the new models? Further, is Coway the right brand for your bathroom? Here are three factors to help you make your decision.

3 Things to Consider Before Getting a Coway Smart Toilet for Your Home

  1. Affordability

Coway offers many diverse options to clients in its smart toilets range at any trusted bidet shop. You can choose from minor enhancements to entirely new models. The specifics of your toilet will determine the price you will need to pay. However, Coway does offer a wide variety of options. Even for modifications in existing toilets, prices vary a lot by functionality. So, you have control over what features you want and how much you are willing to pay.

  1. Compatibility

Coway products have among the widest compatibilities in the market. However, they are not compatible with all models. Also, in some cases, only certain modifications might be possible like heated toilet seats. This is mostly the case with older toilet models or the ones from lesser-known companies. So, if you want your smart toilet modified with Coway, you should get a consultation first.

  1. Availability

Coway is one of the most widely available smart toilet brands in Australia. The products like washlets, bidet sprays, and heated toilet seats are found with most major smart toilet distributors. Fittings are also easy since Coway works with many major companies in this arena. So, if you are looking for an easy solution to getting a smart toilet, Coway is a good choice. Be sure to choose a good bidet shop like Australian Bidet to pick your modifications from.

Looking for Top quality smart toilets in Australia? Contact Australian Bidet

Australian Bidet is one of the most well-known bidet shops in Australia. We offer many brands including Coway. We can ensure you get the right smart toilet for your home at the right price. Visit Australian Bidet now and choose from the widest range of smart toilets in Australia!

Discover The Popularity Of A Heated Toilet Seat

Many would probably ask, “Why a heated toilet seat is a well-sought bathroom product?”. Although this type of toilet seat has been out in the market for quite some time in the east part of the globe, it’s slowly conquering the western customers. Do you want to know the reasons behind its fame? Well, below is a list of things you too will get for buying it.

Get a warmer feeling while sitting on it

Yes, for anyone haven’t tried the heated toilet seat this is really what you are missing the luxury of sitting on a warmer toilet seat. Isn’t that a big relief during a cold morning or late at night? A heated toilet seat can ease you from the feeling of numbness that a cold toilet seat does.

Adjustable to suit one’s preference

Smart toilets like the heated toilet seat models are designed to have innovative features such as adjustable temperature to suit the user’s preference. For example, if your child prefers a slight warmer toilet seat this type of smart toilet can be adjusted. However, if you live with your elderly parents with arthritis or tensed muscles, then, the heated toilet seat temperature setting can be set to a maximum level to reduce the achy muscles or discomfort feeling brought by these medical conditions.

Trip to the toilet becomes more relaxing

This next benefit is felt by all users, but, the elderly people would be the greatest benefactors. Why? Imagine an elderly person with arthritis and has to bear sitting on a cold toilet seat during winter or rainy day. Every trip to the toilet is a struggle with this problem. But, with the chance to sit on a warmer toile seat this alone is already relaxing.

Energy Saver

Some of us would think that a heated toilet seat consumes a lot of electricity. On the contrary, this smart toilet is designed and built to be energy efficient and only consumes minimal electricity every usage.

Easy installation

For anyone that loves to DIY the heated toilet seat is easy to install. In fact, it can be installed by anyone with seeking the services of a professional installer. Installing a smart toilet like a heated toilet seat is less complicated because you just need to discard your old toilet seat and replace it with a heated toilet seat.

There you have it some of the things you will be missing out for everyday delay of not buying a heated toilet seat. If you are on the lookout for a reliable bidet shop in Australia, why not give Australian Bidet a quick call and inquire about their latest bathroom products including smart toilet models. Now is the perfect timing to give your bathroom space a major facelift and it all starts with the replacement of your old toilet seat.

Why Buy A Smart Toilet?

Are you among those individuals still hesitant to buy a smart toilet? Upgrading your traditional toilet could be the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Aside from performing similarly to your old toilet the smart toilet standouts with design and unique features. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these add-ons that a smart toilet can have.

  • Remote control

One of the awesome features that a smart toilet can have is a remote control. According to the bidet Australia representative any prospective buyer of a smart toilet can opt for a model with remote control. How does it work? The smart toilet with remote control gives users easy access to various features such as water pressure and temperature setting, air dryer including music on expensive models.

  • LED lights

Another unique feature that a smart toilet is proud to have is the LED light bulbs. What’s the purpose of these built-in lights? These lights will automatically turn on when the sensor detects movement, especially at night. The bidet Australia representative suggests potential buyers with smaller kids or elderly loved ones to consider a smart toilet with LED lights because it will make every trip to the toilet at night manageable.

  • Auto-flushing system

Traditional toilets don’t have this special feature of auto-flushing. Most smart toilets like bidets and washlets are integrated with auto-flushing.  Here, the user can enjoy hands-free flushing after every use of the smart toilet.

  • Heated seat

Among the luxurious perks that you will only experience upon replacing your old toilet with an intelligent toilet is the heated seat. So, say goodbye to having sit on a cold sit during cooler or rainy months because a smart toilet can offer a seat with just the right of warm temperature. All you need is set the desired warmth via the remote control.

  • Air dryer

This next additional feature that you can ask the bidet Australia representative is the air dryer. The air dryer functions like your blow dryer the only difference is its used to literally dry your private parts.

  • Self-cleaning

Cleaning the toilet can be really challenging, especially if you are a busy individual. If you still own a traditional toilet cleaning should be done regularly to ensure no waste or dirt accumulates around the rim or inner surface of the bowl. The smart toilet relieves you from having to clean the toilet every now and then because it has self-cleaning ability. It automatically flushes every time it was used, plus the ultraviolet rays will make sure that no traces of waste or urine is left.

There you have it some of the best features that most smart toilet models take pride to deliver to any household that opted for a toilet upgrade. Do you want expert advice on which smart toilet is ideal for your bathroom? You may contact Mizudori, a trusted bidet Australia distributor that sells a wide range of smart toilets. Now is your chance to own one of these smart toilet models.

Do You Need A Smart Toilet For Your Bathroom Renovation?

The development of a smart toilet has conquered most modern houses due to its amazing and innovative features. Did you know that the smart toilet usage has originated in Japan late in the 1980s? Due to Japan’s strong commitment to improving the health and personal hygiene of their people the smart toilet has taken the limelight in Japanese households. As the smart toilet popularity spread out to other countries, it has been a top choice for bathroom renovation projects. Why? Before we get into that, let’s first discover the function of a smart toilet.


Introduction to the Smart Toilet


A smart toilet is entirely different from the traditional toilet we usually see in older houses. Most of the smart toilet models sold in the marketplace boast of cutting edge features such as heated toilet seat, automatic flushing technology, air dryer, self-closing lid, adjustable water pressure and temperature including add-ons that you will not encounter with an ordinary toilet.


Benefits of a Smart Toilet


  • Space saver

The need to save space inside the bathroom makes the smart toilet a top choice, especially for houses with limited bathroom space. The design and built of a smart toilet can easily fit in any bathroom space with limited space. In fact, you may find a smart toilet model that has the flush buttons installed on the bathroom wall to save on space.

  • Optimum personal hygiene

The smart toilet has been popular for its effective cleaning features such as self-cleaning nozzles for the private parts, rimless bowl, air dryer as well as hands-free functionality. Imagine you just choose the right button of the smart toilet and everything will be done for your convenience. No more wiping of your private parts which means less risk of spreading bacteria after toileting.

  • Cost-efficient

A smart toilet with the heated toilet seat is also considered cost-efficient because the flushing technology integrated allows you to consume less of water. What does this mean? It simply means a decrease in your water bill including electricity.


Is the cost of a Smart Toilet cheap?


Although, the cost of a smart toilet is a lot expensive than the traditional toilet the long-term benefits outweigh its price. So, if you are looking for a long-term investment for your bathroom renovation project invest in a smart toilet with features such as a heated toilet seat, self-closing lid, automatic flushing and air dryer. If you have the money to spend for a high-end smart toilet model, then, go ahead and enjoy the add-on features.


Is a smart toilet ideal for a bathroom renovation?


If the reason for a bathroom renovation is to improve your bathroom’s performance and value in the event of a resale, then, installing a smart toilet is the best decision. For your wide selection of bathroom products such as bidets, smart toilet models with heated toilet seat function contact the Australian Bidet representative now.

What Is The Construction Of A Smart Toilet?

Have you ever heard somebody mentioning about the latest bathroom product “smart toilet”? A smart toilet can be also referred as the innovative toilet while others call it the shower toilet, automated toilet, tankless and a lot more. Whatever name or terminology people associate with the smart toilet it should have the same construction features. Here’s what to look when it comes to the built and overall appearance of a smart toilet.

  • Tankless

A smart toilet can be built without the conventional tank. It’s often designed to be tankless wherein water needed for flushing is predetermined and released only via computer-aided valve. The models of this particular built of smart toilet are fully automated either with remote control or computer-aided. The advantage of a tankless smart toilet is no need to worry about leaks in the future or replacing the flushing valve.

  • Multi-functional bidet toilet seat

Another style and built of a smart toilet that is becoming popular to homeowners with limited budget is the multi-functional bidet seat. Its physical appearance consists of a toilet seat with cover, plus the vital parts that will make it fully operational such as heated seat, sensor light when night, self-cleaning nozzle, remote control and a lot more features.

  • Bowl itself serve as the tank

One of the construction designs of a smart toilet is the bowl itself serves as the tank. This type of construction has its vital parts squeezed inside the bowl. How is that possible? Its built resembles the old toilet seat we are used and bowl is made from ceramic material. The only thing that makes it a standout from an ordinary toilet is the flushing performance. It surpasses the flushing capability of an ordinary toilet.

  • Side control panel

According to the bidet shop representative, a smart toilet outsmarted the traditional toilet when it comes to performance. If you are looking for a toilet that will provide greater comfort the smart toilet is the best bathroom product to invest. Most of the construction composition of smart toilet models come with side panel control operated through remote. Imagine everything you need from cleansing your front and back private parts down to drying can be done by just clicking the right button on the control panel. Toileting has been easy and convenient with the use of a smart toilet seat.

  • Fancier remote control

Do you want to go overboard with your smart toilet? You have the luxury to invest on a higher end design and built wherein the smart toilet can be customised with a remote control, similar to your car’s dashboard with LCD screen. Ask the bidet shop representative about customisable modern toilets with fancier built.

  • Shape and size

The construction of a smart toilet can vary due to shape and size. If you prefer an elongated shaped smart toilet seat, you can choose from a wide variety of models with multi features. Or, in case you want a bigger size bowl the choices at a reputable bidet shop are massive. You just need to know what built you prefer that will fit nicely inside your bathroom space.

Do you want to know more the different models of smart toilets? You may visit the official site of Australian Bidet and browse their latest bathroom collections. Or, you can leave a message and their customer representatives will provide answers directing you on your first purchase of a smart toilet seat.


Top Benefits Of A Heated Toilet Seat

Many homes are upgrading their old bathrooms to level up their bathroom experiences. Apart from having luxurious bathtubs among the well-sought addition to any bathroom is the heated toilet seat. Although, resembles the physical appearance of a traditional toilet seat the heated toilet seat boasts of distinct function of providing the user a warmer seat to sit on, plus a good number of benefits. Here’s what an individual will receive for replacing the traditional toilet seat with a heated toilet seat.

  • Comfort

One of the top benefits of installing a smart toilet seat is of greater comfort to the user. Imagine you no longer have to deal with a cold toilet seat during colder months, early mornings or late nights because the heated toilet seat remains warm any time of the day.

  • Adjustable temperature

Most heated toilet seat models have an adjustable temperature setting to meet any user’s personal preference. All you need is do a test drive on the newly installed smart toilet seat and customise the warmth setting.

  • Reduce discomfort due to arthritis

A heated toilet seat can reduce the pain or discomfort felt by people diagnosed with arthritis. How is that possible? Well, the warmth coming from the heated toilet seat can relieve the discomforting feeling of anyone with arthritis, especially during colder seasons.

  • Heat therapy for tensed muscles

Tension on the muscles is one of the common complaints of most of us after a tiring day. Did you know that a heated toilet seat can serve as heat therapy while sitting on it? Yes, the warmth coming from a heated toilet seat can relax achy muscles.

  • Consume less energy

If you worry about having to pay more on electricity while using a smart toilet seat, then, you are absolutely wrong. Heated toilet seats only consume less energy. Besides, with a heated toilet seat you don’t have to heat water in order to enjoy a warmer toilet seat.

  • Easy to install

A heated toilet seat installation requirement is similar to a traditional toilet seat. Anyone can do the installation alone without seeking the services of an electrician or plumber. This is actually an effective way to save money because it eliminates the need to hire an expert.

Are you now convinced that installing a heated toilet seat will indeed change your bathroom experience? If yes, know more about the various styles of smart toilet seats from heated toilet seats, electric and non-electric bidets available at Australian Bidet official website or visit their showroom and warehouse at Banksmeadow, NSW.


Other Smart Toilet Features that Are Worth Considering

Smart toilets come with many features that make them attractive bathroom upgrades for many people. There’s the hot water option and the air drying function among others. For most people these basic features are usually more than enough. However, there are people who want something more out of their smart toilet. If you’re one of these people here are some other features of smart toilets that are worth having.

Self-cleaning Feature

Of the many features of a smart toilet, this is one of those that you should definitely consider. Smart toilets clean themselves by using water, but there are those which incorporate the use of ultraviolet rays to disinfect the toilet and ensure that germs and bacteria are eliminated. Moreover, you can set a pre-determined time to use the UV cleaning feature. For instance, many owners usually set them to at least once every 24 hours.

After the UV rays have disinfected the toilet, water will automatically come out to flush the germs and bacteria away. Afterwards, warm air blowers will dry the toilet. All these – the UV rays, the water, and the hot air – helps to ensure that the toilet is completely clean. And for the final touch, the toilet will deodorize itself leaving it fresh for use. All these happens automatically, although there are manual cleaning options available as well.

Automatic Seat Covers

There are also smart toilets which have automatic seat covers that open and close by themselves. These smart toilets can sense when somebody approaches, and will automatically open up. Again, you can do this manually, but why bother when the toilet can do it for you? The same is true when it comes to closing the seat cover. Once you’re done using the toilet and are ready to go, the seat cover will automatically close as soon as it senses that you’ve left.

Built-in LED Lights

This is one feature that you wouldn’t find in any traditional toilet, even in the latest designs. Smart toilets have built-in LED lights that will automatically switch on when the bathroom is dark. That is, it works based on the ambient light, so you don’t have to worry about it wasting energy on lighting up when the bathroom lights are on. This can be a very helpful feature for those who need to go to the bathroom at night. Like other features, the lights can be set to turn on automatically or can be operated manually using the remote.

There are plenty of other features of a smart toilet that is worth having. If you’re looking for smart toilets with the above features and more, or perhaps a washlet or others types of bidet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

What makes Coway the Right Smart Toilet Brand for You? Top 3 Reasons

Coway is a real up-and-comer in the world of smart toilets. The company has a number of well-received models out there which has amassed a steady sale. To compete in the Australian Coway market, businesses need to have something special nowadays.

Big companies like Toto have a significant market capture and so, making inroads here requires a novel product as well as marketing approach. So, here are 3 things that make Coway a good choice for Australian homeowners looking for smart toilets.

3 Reasons Coway is a Great Smart Toilet Brand

Intelligent Designs

Coway is well-known for offering some of the most unique designs that you will see in the smart toilet market in Australia. It has made quite a few heads turn with its innovative ranges. For those looking for something different from the standard Japanese smart toilet, Coway is a good alternative to consider. Among the many designs it offers, Coway segregates its models between economy, standard and premier varieties. This means there are plenty of options for everyone.

Affordable Pricing

Since Coway is trying to expand its consistently growing market share, it is not surprising that the company offers a number of smart toilet ranges which are very economical. Naturally, this has allowed more people to get smart toilets for their homes than ever before.

So, if you want a modestly priced smart toilet, ask for Coway at a trusted bidet shop like Australian Bidet. If you know that right smart toilet retailer, then getting the right kind will not be a difficult task.

Features Galore

Aside from the most economically priced range of models, Coway smart toilets offer an assortment of features which you can choose from. This makes them great for all kinds of users who have specific requirements and/or preferences.

If you are looking for the most versatile and satisfying bathroom experience, choosing a Coway is very good choice.

Where Can You Find the Best Coway Smart Toilet?

Australian Bidet offers the widest range of smart toilets in Australia. We have the widest range of bidet models and accessories in the country. If you want to get high-functioning and reasonably priced models, then Australian Bidet is the place for you. Browse through our extensive catalogue now to find the right kind of smart toilet for your needs!