Portable Clotheslines – Indoor and Outdoor Clotheslines Buyers Guidelines

Now days portable clotheslines come in a huge variety of sizes, style and colour type. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to know. Below are the general guidelines needed to be followed for any Indoor and outdoor portable clotheslines maintenance?

Before choosing any Portable Clotheslines, the clotheslines should be lightweight can be easily moved as needed. ACM Clotheslines are specialised in designing featured clotheslines with holes on each end for extra coat hanger. So, that can be used as indoor clotheslines as well as outdoor clotheslines.

All buyers need to keep certain points in mind:

  1. It can be folded easily and put away when not in use.
  2. Can be moved easily.
  3. Easy reachable height, especially in case of door hanging clotheslines.
  4. Should have wheels at one end so easy to manoeuvre.

ACM Clotheslines provides consumers with the following warranty in relation to all above points. In addition to complying with the requirements of any relevant legislation, including the competition and consumer Act 2010 in Australia, ACM givens warranty of good material, long duration product and consumer friendly.

Only the Best Clothesline Installations Can Boost the Longevity of Your Clothes

Sometimes, technological advancements can prove to be not as convenient as people initially considered them to be. In contrast, natural solutions that predated these inventions often end up coming back into vogue. For instance, consider the electric tumble dryer. This appliance helped people dry their washed clothes much faster. Within an hour or lesser, the laundry would be dry and ready for use. The popularity of these appliances didn’t take long to spread. Soon, owning an electric dryer became a status symbol. Naturally, it eclipsed the sales of ground and wall mounted clotheslines very quickly. However, it wouldn’t take too long for people to realise the demerits that came with using electric dryers.

Using electric dryers can be a convenient way to dry your laundry. But, it can be worth mentioning that these appliances consume enormous amounts of power. As a result, the higher utility costs associated with the use of electric dryers began to haunt many people. In addition, not everyone had the financial resources or spacious homes to purchase and install a dryer. Lastly, drying certain types of clothes in a tumble dryer might not always be worthwhile. In some cases, it could ruin the clothes completely. As people began to realise these facts, clothesline installations began to increase gradually.

Using clotheslines to air dry your clothes can boost the longevity of your clothes. Not only will you be able to save money that you might otherwise have spent on your utility expenses. Your clothes will smell better too. Air drying your clothes can also enable you to:

  • Prevent Wrinkles: Before you line dry your clothes, give the clothes a good shake. Thereafter, pull them a bit for removing the visible wrinkles.
  • Prevent Stains: Air drying your clothes will not stain them. But, the dirt accumulated on the clotheslines could stain them. So, before hanging your clothes, ensure that you wipe the lines clean. Also, purchasing clotheslines with protective wires that do not rust could be beneficial.
  • Prevent Dampness: Hanging your clothes on clotheslines involves a bit of science too. On multi line clotheslines, ensure that you hang your heavier clothes where they face the sun directly. Then, hang the lighter clothes. This will give all the washed clothes a similar amount of exposure to the sun, thereby preventing dampness.

Using covered outdoor clotheslines can help you protect your clothes from fading too. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause fading. So, you could hang your clothes inside out. Or, you could install your clothesline in a covered area. This would provide protection from the elements too.

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Choose the Best Clothesline or Drying Rack for Your Household

You might not consider it significant, but your washing machine will probably be among the most important appliances in your home. Most washing machines come with an enviable range of features. They come with a diverse selection of cycles. This feature enables you to wash certain clothes and fabrics in a specific manner. It also enables you to ensure that severely dirty clothes go through a heavy-duty cleaning cycle to rid them of stains and dirt. Thus, it goes without saying that washing clothes remains an integral part of the household activities.

The frequency with which you wash clothes will inevitably depend on the size of the household. Smaller families can probably get by with one round of laundry washing a week. Larger households will probably need to wash their clothes several times in a week. Families with children will probably need to do their laundry multiple times in a week. However, once you wash your clothes, you will need to dry them. Some people continue to rely on electric tumble dryers for drying their clothes. These appliances can give you dry clothes in less than an hour or so. But, they consume a lot of power. This can raise your utility expenses. In addition, purchasing and maintaining them can be quite expensive as well. Hence, many Australians prefer using a variety of indoor or outdoor clotheslines when it comes to drying their laundry.

Some people might feel that tumble dryers offers superior levels of convenience. While this can be true, it can be worth mentioning that air drying your clothes can heighten the longevity of your clothes. Moreover, leaving your clothes to dry in the sun can even sterilise your clothes to an extent. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can help in reducing the microorganisms attached to the clothes. So, when you air dry your clothes, you can rest assured about the hygiene levels of the washed clothes. Experts believe that the use of outdoor or indoor clotheslines can reduce your monthly electricity bills by at least 10 percent. Thus, it comes as no surprise that clotheslines or clothes drying racks have gradually begun staging a comeback in homes throughout the country.

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Shop for the Best Indoor & Outdoor Clotheslines to Hang Dry Your Laundry

Of late, the demand for natural products has been increasing the world over. From natural drinks to organic food, people have begun to realise the merits of consuming natural products. Consuming sugar-based drinks and other synthetic products could have been very convenient. But, consuming these products in excessive amounts certainly had its drawbacks. Similarly, the evolution of new technologies has served to make contemporary life more convenient and easier. However, many products that use these technologies can have certain side-effects that could manifest themselves with the passage of time.


In recent times, the use of various home appliances has increased significantly. Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines have made it easier for people to wash their dirty dishes and clothes respectively. Without having to expend much effort, people can use these appliances to obtain clean clothes and dishes. And, if you want to dry your washed clothes faster, you can always rely on electric tumble dryers. These appliances can enable you to focus your time and attention on other pressing activities. But, the use of these appliances can lead to higher energy bills. As a result, many Australians have begun cutting down on the use of dryers and other appliances that consume additional levels of power. Instead, these individuals have begun using indoor and outdoor clotheslines for air drying their clothes.


Suppliers of clotheslines will inevitably offer a diverse selection of products to suit their customers. People with spacious yards in their properties will often shop for outdoor clotheslines. Alternatively, they could consider the merits of installing ground-mounted or wall-mounted lines as well. For people living in apartments and condominiums, outdoor space can be at a premium. Therefore, these individuals might prefer indoor or portable clotheslines. In some cases, folding clotheslines can be a handy option to consider too. Clotheslines installations have become increasingly popular throughout the country because:


  • They can reduce your electricity consumption (based on the use of electric dryers) and thereby lower your energy bills


  • They can reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on your use of energy courtesy the use of dryers


  • Unlike tumble dryers that can wear out the fibres of your clothes, mounted clotheslines will protect your clothes over time and even make them smell better by keeping the washed clothes exposed to outside air.


  • They can help you create safe and healthy environments in your homes by eliminating risks such as dryers catching fire


Some people might feel that clotheslines can mar the overall look of their home. In addition, they feel that clothes hanging from clotheslines could get in the way when they move about in their homes. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. With folding or portable clotheslines, you can hang your laundry out to dry and fold the clotheslines when not in use. Similarly, you could consider installing clotheslines in little-used parts of the home (such as laundry rooms) where the clothes will not get in your way.

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Outdoor Clotheslines: Line Materials

Indoor and outdoor clotheslines can be made from different materials. The poles and stands are commonly made from metal, but the lines itself are usually of varied materials. Below are three of the most common materials used as lines as well as the pros and cons of each.


Some clothesline cords are made from extruded PVC or some other similar material. Some may even have a reinforced stretch-resistant core to give them low stretch features to keep them from sagging. In addition, these types of clothesline cord will fit most indoor and outdoor clothesline reels.

There are plenty of benefits to using these types of clothesline cords. For one, they are water-resistant and doesn’t absorb moisture from your wet clothes. They are also pretty easy to clean and are very affordable. The only downside to these types of clothesline cord materials is that they are thin, thus making it more challenging for the clothespin to hold the clothes to the line (especially when we’re talking about heavier clothes or fabrics  like jackets, blankets, etc.).


Nylon is another common material used for clothesline cords. Many people like using nylon because they are lightweight but very strong. When it comes to clotheslines, they are one of the strongest materials available and can carry heavier loads. They are also waterproof and are resistant to mildew growth.

The only thing you need to worry about when it comes to nylon clothesline is longevity. Although nylon is tough, constant exposure to the sun and outdoor elements tend to weaken its fibers. When this happens, individual fibers or strands will fray. This does not only leave you with a weak clothesline, but one that doesn’t look good, too.


There are still some manufacturers who make cotton cords for clothesline. However, they are not your ordinary cotton fibers since these are coated and treated to withstand exposure to outdoor elements and excessive moisture. However, they are not completely waterproof like plastic and nylon cords.

Some cotton cords are pretty strong, some manufacturers even claim that their cotton cords are just as strong as nylon. Regardless, cotton cords are expensive, and the price doesn’t often justify its usage.

There may be some other materials that are used as clothesline like steel wires and others; however the three mentioned above are the most commonly used ones. If you need more information or need help with your clothesline installations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

The Benefits of Hang Drying Your Laundry on Outdoor Clotheslines

Hang drying your laundry seems to have gone out of fashion over the years. However, there are actually many benefits to doing so which is why some people still do it. If you’re looking for reasons to get yourself an ACM ground mount kit or a foldable wall clothesline and give hang drying your laundry a try, we have them here for you.

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

One thing that not many people know is that using dryers can harm the fibres on clothes or fabrics. The tossing and tumbling motion inside the dryer puts a strain on the fibres and causing them to weaken. The same motion also puts stress on the garments seams. And the lint buildup on clothes after a cycle in the dryer? That is a sign that the fabric’s slowly wearing off.

But aside from the fabric itself, using a dryer can also lead to snags from buttons and zippers. In addition, some dryers use excessive heat when drying clothes, and this can lead to unexpected shrinking.

Clothes that are dried on outdoor clotheslines last longer and show less wear and tear. When you hang dry your clothes, you don’t have to worry about any of these scenarios happening. The sun won’t cause your clothes to shrink and you don’t have to be concerned about any snags. Just be careful not to leave your coloured clothes outside for too long as they may fade.

No Need to Bleach Your Clothes

The ultra violet rays of the sun are known have bleaching and disinfectant properties. This why some people consider the sun as a natural whitener, and is one reason why when you put thoroughly wet whites out on the line, the stains fade naturally. These properties of the sun can help keep your whites whiter without the need for bleach. Plus, the use of bleach and other similar chemicals can weaken the fabric. So by avoiding the use of bleach, you’ll be able to enjoy wearing your clothes for longer.

Clothes Smell Fresher

Another thing that people love about hang drying their laundry is that they tend to smell cleaner and fresher. It doesn’t leave your clothes smelling like chemicals, and doesn’t have that overpowering smell that comes with using fabric conditioners. This is an important consideration for those who are sensitive to perfumes and dyes used in detergents and dryer products.

There are several other benefits of hang drying your laundry. For instance, some people consider those few moments outside as relaxing and therapeutic. Doing an activity that is almost automatic like hanging the laundry on the clothesline allows their minds to wander freely, and provide them with time to think and ponder about whatever thing they set their mind upon. So if you’re still on the fence about hand drying your laundry, perhaps it’s time to just give it a try. Call your reliable clothesline delivery in Australia and have the clothesline of your choice one delivered to your home today. Just give us a call at 0404 616 054 or leave a message in our contact page.