5 Reasons You Should Get a Toto Smart Toilet for Your Home

When it comes to the smartest toilets available in Australia today, nothing can beat Toto Neorest. They are known for offering the perfect balance between quality, price and value. This is what precisely makes them a great option for all kinds of homes. If you are looking for a good smart toilet, then here are 5 reasons Toto is the best:

5 Things That Make Toto Smart Toilets is great for Your Bathroom

  1. Performance

When it comes to good performance at a good price, Toto does take the cake. It has many models on offer from eco-friendly to high-end luxury and all of them deliver a satisfying experience. This is the biggest advantage of Toto and it has driven the brand into the top competitors.

  1. Durability

Toto smart toilets are known for being highly durable. You can expect to have them in your home for many years. Aside from their accessories, the toilets are also very reliable. This makes them a very good investment for all kinds o` home.

  1. Modifications

Another great thing about Toto smart toilets is that they can be modified to a large extent. You can have custom bidet toilet seats, washlets and many other additions. This can not only save you money but also give you exactly what you need.

  1. Price

Pricing of smart toilets can often turn people away. But with Toto, you can get all the value you expect for the right price. Also, the modification options mean you get to control the expenses to a greater degree.

  1. Brand Value

Finally, Toto smart toilets do come with great brand value recognition. The Toto Neorest AH is a premier model and it is a grace for any bathroom. If you are a luxury bathroom aficionado, then getting a Neorest AH is a great option.

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Toto Distributor Australia: Buying Guidelines For A Modern Toilet

Every picky customer would prefer a buying guide when investing in household basics. One of the most used parts of the house is the bathroom because this is where every member does his or her private needs such as toileting, showering and bathing. For some people, the bathroom also serves as a place for relaxation.

If your goal is to improve the bathroom experience of every member of the household, perhaps it’s time you consider buying a modern toilet. According to the Toto distributor Australia there are certain guidelines when picking the right toilet for your bathroom and may include these suggestions:

Get the flush performance rating

One of the basic features of any style a modern toilet whether it is a Neorest Ah or Neorest 700 is the flushing. It’s advisable for customers to compare reviews on flushing mechanism performance to ensure invest in a top performing toilet. For trustworthy reviews go and check the Toto distributor Australia for a list of top performing brands of toilets.

Go for a highly efficient model

Toilets consume a bigger percentage of household water consumption during flushing. If your goal is to save on water usage look for a toilet model that consumes less gallons of water. According to the Toto bathroom sales representative, the Neorest Ah is one of the highly efficient models of modern toilets that are designed to reduce the household water consumption as well as eliminate the use of toilet paper.

The Toto bathroom collection of smart toilets assures users of proper cleansing with their automated front and back cleaning nozzles, plus these types of toilets have self-cleaning and ceramic gloss finish preventing stain accumulation.

Pressure-assist toilet is a good investment

For more efficient toilet the Toto distributor Australia suggests investing in a pressure-assist model than a gravity toilet. Why? First of all, a pressure-assist model comes with a separate tank that holds water needed for flushing. So, if you constantly worry of having to deal with waste residue being left inside the toilet bowl, then, the pressure assist toilet is the best buy as it thorough flushes away your waste.

Easy to clean design

Yes, every homeowner would wish for a toilet model that is easy to clean, especially around the hard to reach areas of the bowl. A two-piece toilet may require more cleaning than a one-piece3 stand alone toilet like the Toto Neorest Ah. This toilet piece is easy to clean because of its amazing self-cleaning features.

Measure accurately the rough in

Avoid the hassle of having to squeeze a toilet inside your small bathroom space. Before contacting the Toto bathroom sales representative, get first accurately the rough-in measurement or the distance from the spot where the toilet will be installed and the wall behind it.

Are you now confident what toilet model will fit perfectly inside your bathroom? If you are struggling to make a wise choice among the wide range of modern toilets available in the marketplace, seek the guidance of Mizudori, a trusted Toto distributor Australia.

What Is the Best GPF Total For a Bidet Toilet Seat In Australia?

Today’s Australian homes are doing what they can to help with keeping from using too many resources at a time. A Neorest AH bidet toilet model can be a worthwhile item for any home in Australia to add. Part of this comes from how such a bidet toilet seat can use less water on average than most other models.

But what is the ideal gallons per flush or GPF total to have in a bidet toilet seat? You should look at how well a washlet Australia model works for you based on how the material can flush and how well waste items can be cleared out of a space.

A Typical Total

The good news about today’s Neorest AH bidet toilets and other smart toilets is that they use a significantly lower amount of water than older toilets. Many old toilets around Australia can use about two to three gallons of water per flush. Modern smart washlet Australia models can use around half that total.

A newer bidet toilet seat can work at about 1.2 to 1.5 GPF on average. Part of this is thanks to factors like:

  • Toilets working with a higher water pressure total for moving waste out


  • A larger drainage port for getting items out without producing clogs


  • Smooth toilet surfaces that prevent things from being stuck


  • Premisting may help on some bidet toilet seat models to get waste to move out faster

What About Dual-Flush Options?

You can also find some bidet toilet seat models that come with dual-flush settings. Such a design works with separate settings for solid and liquid wastes. A partial flush of about 0.7 to 0.9 GPF can work alongside a full flush of 1.4 to 1.6 GPF.

Check on the GPF total on your next bidet toilet seat purchase so you can ensure your toilet won’t use more water than necessary. Mizudori Gallery can assist you in finding a choice that fits your space the right way.

3 Reasons The Neorest AH Is A Must-Have For Smart Bathrooms

Technology is moving forward with major strides these days. Smart bathrooms are becoming an increasingly affordable luxury. One of the most premier product lines making affordably luxurious bathroom amenities available to common people is Toto’s Neorest line of smart toilets and bidet in Australia.

Also known as Japanese toilet, Toto Neorest combines all that is best of previous generations of smart toilets and add cutting-edge technology to carry forward into the future. Among the range of Neorest smart toilets, the Neorest AH is the most popular. Here are some reasons why.

What Makes Neorest AH a Grand Success in the Japanese Toilet Segment?

  1. Wonderful Looks: Coming in two primary colour variations cotton and beige, the Neorest AH is a Japanese toilet that embodies the classical elegance in simplicity ethos. Both colours are ideal for fitting into any bathroom colour scheme and being its brightest jewel. They also impart a sense of sophisticated elegance with their flawless texture and hue which lasts for more years than one would expect. If looks matter to you at all, then the Neorest AH is guaranteed to be a plum apple in your bathroom from the day you have it installed.
  1. Top-Notch Functioning: If you are a person who likes to be on the technological cutting edge, then the Neorest AH is one for you. Boasting of a Tornado flush system, integrated cleaning and function systems, heated seat with temperature control, warm air dryer, automatic toilet seat and a host of other latest features, this product has it all. Nowhere else will you be able to find such an excellent combination of the best features a smart toilet should have.
  1. Reliable Construction and Design: A common issue with Japanese toilets in this market segment is that their design aesthetics may not suit Australian citizens so easily. However, the Neorest AH has been created using highly advanced design processes that ensure a fully comfortable seating irrespective of your size and age. The sleek yet comfy design also ensures proper posturing to allow for healthy bathroom seating habits. All in all, Neorest AH is the perfect addition to any bathroom and is sure to make spending time there a comfortable experience.

Where Can You Get the Best Deals on Neorest AH?

Planning to purchase a Neorest AH for your bathroom? Enjoy customised recommendations from top bathroom amenities and fitting experts at Mizudori Gallery. Get the best version of this product for your home and make sure your money is well spent!

Is a Remote Control Really Necessary for a Smart Toilet

There are two ways to operate a smart toilet – through a remote control or an attached side panel. Different owners will have different preferences as to which device to use. For those who are considering getting a remote controlled operated toilet, here are some things to consider.


First off, the remote control for smart toilets are designed differently from the ones you’re used to. They have a different layout compared to remote controls for TV, stereo and others. For the most part, a smart toilet’s remote control has a display composed of a digital LCD screen or a series of colored LED lights. The functions, symbolized by icons, are displayed in black electronic ink like the cellphones of long ago.

One problem with this is that some people, especially the elderlies or those who have weak eyesight often have trouble reading the display. However, that of course is changing and as technology evolves we can only expect it to get better. Also, most remote controls now have large screens with relatively large icons and texts.

If you’re not sure about the display capabilities of the remote that comes with your smart toilet, you can always take a look at it in person. Simply drop your nearest supplier of smart toilet and bidet in Sydney and test the remote.

Wireless Device

Obviously, the remote control of a smart toilet is wireless, and this can both be a good and bad thing.

Remote controls for smart toilets (and remote controls in general) have a tendency to ‘walk away’. One moment it’s in the bathroom and gone in the next. However, this doesn’t usually happen according to a survey conducted by smart toilet manufacturers.

In addition, when you buy a smart toilet like the Neorest AH that is operated through remote control, you will get a wall mount bracket to go along with it. This is attached to the rear wall or a wood cabinet near the bidet using the screws provided. This keeps the remote within easy reach and lowers the odds of it disappearing.

All in all, a remote control operated smart toilet has its pros and cons. However, many people can attest that the pros far outweigh the cons in the long run.

If you are looking for a smart toilet, a washlet or a bidet spray, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a range of products operated by a remote control or a side panel, and you can see all of them in the show room to check which of the two options fit your style best.

Neorest AH: Why You Should Buy One Today

Toto has become the Gold standard when it comes to bathroom innovation, and for a good reason. Neorest range is not an exception to this Toto’s legacy.  As the leader in Washlet and bidet in Sydney, Toto’s Neorest AH is among the most sophisticated and cutting-edge toilet products you can find anywhere today.

Neorest AH: Simple, Modern and Revolutionary

The minimal design of Neorest AH can fit seamlessly in any modern bathroom. Neorest AH has a bold design and a unique shape that leave a lasting impression on anyone entering your bathroom. With clean, straight lines and an innovative design, Neorest AH toilet is a perfect accessory to enhance any bathroom instantly.

Neorest AH: Features That Make It Stand Out

  • Self cleaning: First and foremost, Neorest AH needs minimal maintenance due to its self cleansing ability. It achieves this with an integrated technology that doesn’t require any harmful chemicals to remove waste.
  • eWater+: With Neorest AH, you can achieve the highest level of hygiene in your bathroom. The ewater+ technology uses electrolysed water to get rid of waste nearly 80 percent more efficiently than any traditional toilet.
  • Tornado flush: Tornado flush is another disruptive feature you can find in a Neorest toilet. Tornado flush is incredibly water efficient and very effective. It creates a sort of mini cyclone inside the bowl using a small amount of water, and eliminates waste faster and better than traditional toilets.
  • Some of the other revolutionary features in Toto Neorest AH include CEFIONTECT® ceramic glaze, remote control operation, front and rear warm water washing with adjustable temperature and pressure, automatic toilet seat can be operated with sensor or using a remote control, air deodorizer, warm air dryer and night light, among others.

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At Australian Bidet, we offer the most extensive range of bathroom products including Toto Neorest toilets, washlets, bidet spray and bidets in Sydney. We help our clients with everything they need to make their bathrooms more functional, efficient and eco-friendly. If you would like to know more about our products, visit Australian Bidet or contact us today!

Why The TOTO Neorest Remains A Must-Have For Many Australians


Neorest AH 1
Basic toilets and bidets have been a common sight in the country for decades. However, with innovations in technology, the demand for luxury toilets and bidets have witnessed an increase. TOTO has a reputation for being one of the top manufacturers of these products in Japan and the rest of the world.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that the demand for TOTO Neorest and TOTO Washlets has been on the rise in recent times. These toilets serve to elevate the bathroom experience from a purely functional one to a luxurious and relaxing activity.

What Makes the TOTO Neorest Range So Popular in Australia?

TOTO’s new Neorest range of toilets offer an effective combination of streamlined looks and advanced levels of engineering. For starters, the toilet lid comes with sensor activation features. So, it raises and lowers itself automatically. A side nightlight provides discreet levels of illumination.

In addition, the Neorest AH features anti-bacterial materials for making the toilet lid, seat surface and the retractable wand. As a result, this toilet helps in preventing the spread of germs and odours alike.

Moreover, TOTO’s Hybrid Ecology Flushing System makes this toilet use water efficiently. It uses only 3.8 litres of water with each flush. However, this powerful jet of water flows in a whirlpool-like motion to clean the entire surface thoroughly. These features have combined to make TOTO’s range of toilets highly popular.

What Purpose Does the CeFIONtext Glaze Serve?

The role the glazed bowl surface plays in the Neorest AH remains of vital importance. The term ‘CeFIONtext’ denotes a non-porous glaze used by TOTO for its ceramic bowl. This glaze makes t impossible for waste of even minuscule sizes to stick to the surface of the bowl.

As such, it doesn’t take a lot of water to remove the waste. However, TOTO toilets and washlets need water to flow in a sweeping manner at high speeds. This trait ensures that these toilets can remain clean despite consuming relatively lower volumes of water.

TOTO Toilets Come Equipped with Tornado Flushing Systems

The opening at the top of the TOTO Neorest toilet helps in cleaning the bowl. A strong jet of water will flow down spirally from the rim. Its swiftness will sweep everything in its path down to the bowl outlet.

The opening at the bottom helps in pushing all the waste out through the trap way and into the drain pipe. The spiralling motion of the water and its high speed give it the title of ‘Tornado Flush’. Industry experts rate this flushing system as being one of the best siphonic flushing systems in toilets.

Australianbidet has the reputation of being the largest and fastest growing company in the Australian bidet industry. Since 2005, we have strived to be a leader and innovator par excellence when it comes to bidets, bidet equipment and bidet accessories.

We stock an enviable range of toilets and bidets from some of the top names in the industry. So, whether you want a TOTO Neorest or an Englefield bidet seat, shop with us. Click here to view our range of TOTO products

Toto Neorest: Help for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids is one health problem that troubles many people around the world every year. Some even shudder by just the mention of the word. For many people, this is one particular health issue that they would want to avoid at all cost. And rightfully so considering the many negative effects of this particular problem.

Millions of people around the world suffer with itching, burning, nasty hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. These people suffering from hemorrhoids have to deal with searing and burning pain. The pain can be so excruciating that the patient can’t ever bear to sit down. If they do, they need to make use of a doughnut-shaped cushion to keep their condition from getting worse.

For people suffering from hemorrhoids, going to the toilet can be a terrible experience. The pain simply becomes even worse when they have to clean themselves using toilet paper. Even though toilet paper may be soft and fluffy, it won’t do much to alleviate the pain. In addition, toilet paper has been bleached, which means that it contains certain chemicals which make cause the pain to become even worse.

With regard to recycled toilet paper, sure it doesn’t contain any bleach at all. Still there are some chemicals used in the recycling process. Also, recycled toilet paper is much rougher than virgin toilet paper. As such, you may end up scratching your bottom which then means that you’ll only irritate it more.

If you or any of your loved ones are already suffering from hemorrhoids, then a smart toilet like the Neorest AH can be of great help. These toilets allow you to wash your bottoms using water. This is not only more comfortable, but it is also more hygienic. It is actually recommended for people with hemorrhoids since it will help keep you from irritating your bottom and prevent the problem from getting worse.

If you are looking for Neorest AH or other Toto Neorest products and bidets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 1300 883 766 or leave a message in our contact page. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect smart toilet or Japanese toilet that will suit your needs and your budget.

Electrolyzed Water Is a Vital Part of What a Washlet Australia Homes Can Use May Feature

It is critical to see what you can get out of a washlet Australia homes might feature. Part of this entails knowing how water may be used at a given time. One way how you can get water to work to your washlet’s benefit is through the use of electrolyzed water.

What Is Electrolyzed Water?

A washlet like the Neorest AH can utilize electrolyzed water quite well. This type of water is made through the electrolysis of regular water with sodium chloride. The ions inside of the water will be adjusted by a slight electric current. An electrolysis cartridge may be used to control how the water moves through.

Spreading Out?

The electrolyzed water that goes through the washlet will spread out with ease. It will move around more parts of the bowl, thus keeping it fully clean. This should add a comfortable surface if handled appropriately.

Keep Bacteria In Check

Electrolyzed water in a washlet Australia homes use for sanitation can keep bacteria from developing or spreading around the washlet. When the water comes into the washlet during a flush or other use the water will neutralize many active forms of bacteria. This allows the toilet to stay refreshed and less likely to deal with lots of bacteria all the way through.

Handles Oscillating Motions Well

A notable part of electrolyzed water comes from how it can manage oscillating motions. That is, it will create a back and forth motion that keeps the basin cleaned off well. By covering more spaces on a surface, it becomes easier for a washlet to be cleaned off appropriately after each use.

Look at how the Neorest AH or any other washlet Australia homes can use will work for your needs. Check with Mizudori Gallery to see how well this product can work for your requirements. The electrolyzed water inside the washlet will keep the space clean and comfortable for your personal use.

What Makes The Toto Neorest Ah The Smart Toilet Of This Generation?

Have you just visited Japan recently? I’m sure you are completely amazed on how advanced technology was integrated on Toto’s bathroom products from electronic toilets, bidets, washlets including the Neorest Ah. If the Toto Neorest has captured your attention of being recognised as a smart toilet of this generation, here are the following features that make this unit a standout.

  • Design and Built

The Toto Neorest Ah design combines the use of a flush toilet and washlet. It’s perfect for any bathroom with limited space because it dimension is only approximately 17 inches wide and may extend to 31 ½ inches from the wall. The toilet is made from ceramic with SanaGloss finish. Its size has complied strictly the ADA and Universal design standards, making it a suitable toilet for individuals of all abilities.

  • Flushing

The Neorest toilet has automatic, siphon jet flushing system, meaning it can either use 1 gallon or 0.8 gallons of water per flush and with the option to go for manual override. Its siphon jet flushing system when combined with SanaGloss finish and eWater system, the toilet’s flushing performance assures all waste gone with only 1 gallon of water.

  • Cleaning

The Toto Neorest Ah toilet promises cleaner bathroom. In fact, the actual amount of time needed to clean this type of toilet is lesser as compared to ordinary toilets. How is this possible? With its siphon jet flushing system that uses only high-pressure water, SanaGloss surface and eWater+ system that sprays ionize water after flush and the outcome is a cleaner bowl after usage. Of course, the toilet will require manual cleaning from time to time to ensure it’s completely clean. Be sure to turn off the unit’s electric prior cleaning.

  • Water Consumption

This toilet ensures no water is wasted after flushing because it follows the Water Sense guidelines when it comes to water consumption. So, homeowners who wish to get rebates from water saved from their water bill will benefit from Toto Neorest eWater system that only uses 1 to 0.8 gallons of water per flush.

  • Installation

Installing the Neorest is not very complicated if you will compare it with the installation process of an ordinary toilet. The waste outlet of this unit is similar to the standard toilet, but its water supply can be mounted from the wall or the floor in a set position. It electrical power supply requirement is 120v.

Can’t wait to have your bathroom installed with Toto Neorest toilet? If yes, contact now Mizudori and find out more their customised packages to enjoy bigger savings.