5 Amazing Benefits of Inflatable Boats in Victoria

Inflatable boats are quite popular in Australia and for a good reason. They offer a great value to buyers. While you may need to invest heavily in getting a traditional boat, inflatable boats come are pretty affordable. This makes them a great choice for anyone who does not want to invest in a wooden boat. If you are wondering what other benefits inflatable boats can offer you, here is a short list:

5 of the Best Advantages You Can Get from Inflatable Boats 

  1. Easy to Afford

Inflatable boats are very easy to afford. They are available through many brands and each one offers something unique. From high-end rigid inflatable boats to inflatable SUPs in Australia, the idea is that you will get the best value for your money if you invest in one of these.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Maintaining inflatable boats is considerably easier than keeping wooden boats pristine. In fact, you can save a lot of your money by simply getting a replacement boat when your inflatable SUPs in Australia wears out. They are inexpensive and their maintenance is even less so.

  1. Easy to Navigate

Navigating an inflatable boat is a considerably easier task. Though you might find it more or less responsive depending on the motor you use. Still, the almost non-existent weight of the boat makes it easy to learn. If you want to go fishing in something easily managed, this will do.

  1. Easily Replaced

Inflatable boats are one of the best options for those who do heavy water work with their watercrafts. You do not need to worry too much about maintaining these since they can be bought relatively easily from trusted suppliers like Lejen Marine. You can get several years of good use from your inflatable boats in Victoria before needing a replacement.

  1. Easy to Fix

Fixing inflatable boats does not take a lot of effort. With the right knowledge, you could do it yourself. In fact, some brands like Brig inflatable boats are specifically known for being highly durable. Others like Zodiac inflatable boats in Sydney also don’t cost too much. So, they are an ideal investment option if you want to look at the long-term game.

How to get Best Inflatable Boats in Victoria?  

Lejen Marine is the leading supplier for top quality inflatable boats in Sydney. We offer not just standard inflatable SUPs in Australia but also rigid inflatable boats of all types. Get in touch today!

3 Reasons Inflatable Tenders in Australia Are a Great Option for Consumers

Inflatable tenders are quite common option for all kinds of river or ocean activities. Whether you like fishing on the open ocean or a quiet lake party with someone special, you can use inflatable tenders for the job. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in one of these:

3 Things That Make Inflatable Tenders in Australia a Great Investment

  1. Multiple Options

Like all inflatable buoys, inflatable tenders offer many options. You can get a huge variety to choose from if you select a trusted company like Lejen Marine. From commercial grade tenders to economic models, from standard sized-ones to custom sizes, the choices are limitless.

For those who do not know what kind of inflatable buoys they want, inflatable tenders in Australia are a wonderful option. Aside from this, you can also look at inflatable kayaks and high field RIBs. However, inflatable tenders are easily among the most affordable boats in this category in Australia.

  1. High Value for Money

Getting the right value for money on your inflatable boats in Australia is difficult at best. There are so many options that you really need to know what you want and how to use it. Only then will you get the most value from your investment. With inflatable tenders in Australia, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. The sheer variety gives you ample choice and versatility of action. This means you can use inflatable buoys in many places including rivers and the open ocean.

  1. Minimal Maintenance    

Inflatable tenders are very easy to maintain. They do not need a lot of money when it comes to repair and maintenance. In fact, if you follow all standard safety rules, then you probably won’t need to worry on upkeep. Inflatable tenders in Australia from reputable companies have exceptional durability. This means you can rely on them in all kinds of waterways, whether you are on the Open Ocean, white water course or Gentle River.

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Choosing a Trolling Motor for a Rigid or Inflatable Kayak in Australia

Many kayak anglers find trolling motors to be very helpful in their angling adventures. In fact, some of them consider this accessory to be essential. Having a trolling motor reduces or even eliminates the need to paddle to your desired fishing spots, which means that you don’t tire yourself before you even get started with fishing. Choosing a trolling motor for your kayak is not always as straightforward as it appears. There are certain things you need to consider such as the following.

Mounting location

When it comes to mounting location, trolling motors can either be installed in the transom or bow area. In the case of kayaks, the trolling motor is commonly mounted in the transom, which is unlike the case for medium to large watercrafts where the trolling motor is mounted in the bow. Trolling motors for kayaks are installed that way because they are easier to fit there. This also makes it easier to operate while seated. Steering can pose some difficulties at first, but kayak anglers usually get used to it in no time.

Kayak Size

Another thing you need to consider is the size of your kayak. Rigid and inflatable kayaks in Australia are available in a variety of sizes. Needless to say, the larger your kayak the bigger the motor you’ll want to install. Small fishing kayaks will generally do well with about 12V rating. A larger kayak or even a dinghy will require something larger like a 36V rating.

Water Type

You should also think about where you would be fishing with your kayak. Will you be angling in saltwater or freshwater? There really isn’t much of a difference though whatever your answer may be since trolling motors for kayaks can work very well in both aquatic environments. However, there are trolling motors that are designed specifically for saltwater use. These trolling motors are pre-treated with anti-corrosive coatings to help protect them against saltwater.

Loading Capacity

The loading capacity of your kayak should also be considered when choosing the appropriate trolling motor. For instance, a kayak with a loading capacity of 1500 pounds will need at least 30 pounds of thrust to keep it moving. Needless to say, the higher the loading capacity, the more thrust you’ll need. For instance, a boat with 4000 pound loading capacity will need at least 80 pounds of thrust.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when looking for trolling motors for your fishing kayak. There are of course several other considerations, but the ones mentioned above should be a good reference if you’re not sure about the type and size of the trolling motor you intend to get.

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General Boating Safety Tips from Lejen Marine

Boating can be so much fun, until something goes wrong and ruins your water adventure. To keep this from happening, keep the following general boating safety tips from Lejen Marine the next time you out into the water.

  • Check Local Regulations. There are general laws that apply to boating all over the country. However, some places may have specific laws that aren’t required in others. So before you head out, learn about the local boating requirements in the place you are visiting. There may be age limits, educational requirements and others that may be needed in those places. If you’re planning to do some activities while you’re in the water (e.g. fishing) make sure that it’s allowed by the local authorities or ask if there are any designated areas where you can do it.


  • Check the Weather and Water Forecasts. Weather and water conditions out in the open sea can change rather quickly. Thus, to avoid running into large waves and strong winds, you’ll want to check the local weather and water conditions of the place you’re boating in. If the forecasts tell of bad conditions ahead, consider postponing your boating trip for another day.


  • Don’t Overload Your Boat. It can be fun going on a boating trip with your friends and family. However, you need to make sure that you don’t go beyond your boat’s recommended carrying capacity. By staying within the maximum weight limit, you reduce the chances of your boat capsizing. You can check the maximum limit for your traditional or rigid inflatable boats by looking at the owner’s manual that came with your boat when you purchased it or check the manufacturer’s website.


  • Avoid Alcohol. There are laws in place that prohibits boating under the influence of alcohol, with penalties varying from place to another. But whether there are laws in place or not, you should avoid drinking alcohol while boating. This is not only dangerous for you, but for other people and water vessels as well.


  • Keep Aware of Your Surroundings. Keep an eye on your surroundings whenever you’re in the water. Check for storm clouds that may be rolling in the horizon, as well as any changes in the water conditions. You’ll also want to keep a safe distance from boats and other water vessels, as well as swimmers in your boating route.

Following these safety tips is crucial for a fun and safe day of boating. Whether you have a traditional boat or a Highfield RIB or even a raft, keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that you end your boating trip with a large smile on your face.

For more information on our products and services, contact Legen Marine today.

Inflatable Kayak Australia Expert Advice



Are you an avid fan of kayaking? If you thought to buy your first inflatable kayak would level up your experience on the water, below are the common mistakes that the inflatable kayak Australia customer representative shared to help you find the perfect paddling buddy.

Mistake #1 – Relying on somebody’s kayak model

Every kayak model released for sale is unique on its own and has distinct features different from other inflatable kayaks. One of the common mistakes that first-time buyers should not fall into is relying heavily on somebody’s kayak like your mate or kayak instructor.

Remember, not one kayak model fits all and your instructor or friend’s kayak model may not be suitable for you. Of course, it’s best to look at what others paddlers have, but, it’s still you that would have the last say. So, the right thing to do before shopping around for your first kayak is to check many types of kayak and get a real feel.

According to the inflatable kayak Australia supplier, the right kayak for you must meet your paddling requirements and comfort. If a particular kayak model makes you feel a bit edgy while paddling the waters, then, continue looking until you found a perfect match.

Mistake #2 – Putting priority on the weight

Nowadays, modern inflatable boats and kayaks are constructed lighter than the traditional models. Avoid focusing much on the weight while shopping around from one inflatable kayak Australia store to another. A slight different on weight will no longer make a difference while floating on the water.

Mistake #3 – Going for features you don’t actually need

Another mistake to avoid when making a final purchase order at the inflatable kayak Australia online store is going for added features that you don’t actually need. For beginners like you investing on a kayak that has the standard safety features is sufficient such as durable deck line on both bow and stern or having a backrest that isn’t protruding on top of the cockpit to prevent cases of back injuries during initial surfing launch or landing. Don’t worry if the kayak model you plan to buy isn’t overly accessorised as long as your overall safety is taken cared off. This advice will also work for buyers of inflatable boats.

Mistake #4 – Trading for your comfort

When it comes to your first inflatable kayak the inflatable kayak Australia customer store representative mentions of another mistake that first-time buyers commit – trading for comfort. This shouldn’t be the case because every kaya enthusiast must choose a paddling partner that will surely deliver extreme comfort. If a specific kayak model makes you feel awkward this won’t give you a truly enjoyable kayaking experience.

Mistake #5 – Assuming all types of kayaks are the same

Among the mistakes that first-time buyers of inflatable kayaks become victims is believing that all kayaks are the same. Kayaks come in various designs to match different bodies of water. Some inflatable kayaks are produced to perform well on rock gardens while other inflatable kayaks are suitable for surfing, fishing or touring. You also need to consider the area where you plan to paddle often when deciding on the type of kayak to buy as per instruction of the inflatable kayak Australia customer representative.

Have you finally decided the type of inflatable kayak to buy? If not yet and still open for suggestions why not check Lejen Marine official website and learn more the different kayaks including inflatable boats available from their trusted brands.

7 Advantages Of Rigid Inflatable Boats

Rigid inflatable boats are mostly used in the marine sector due to their dependability on all tides of water, versatility, and affordability. If you aren’t familiar with this type of water vessel, the rigid inflatable boat design originated from the Atlantic College in Wales, a top performing rescue boat that also has other functionalities for boating enthusiasts. In case, you haven’t discovered yet the advantages of rigid inflatable boats here are the top seven for your information.

1. Lightweight

Rigid inflatable boats or commonly referred to as “RIBs” are very light in weight due to its material composition of inflatable siding and laminate hull. These water vessels would make a dependable workboat, carrier of passengers or mode of transport in delivering goods or supplies. The RIBs are known to carry more load than other water vessels, so anyone on board will not worry about his or her safety.

2. Stability

If you are looking for a boat that will perform efficiently even at high speeds, then, the highfield RIB would make a perfect partner while on water. With its design and built the rigid inflatable boat has been to be truly seaworthy than traditional boats. So, regardless it will be used to rescue people or conduct a military operation, the RIB can be relied on for stability and safety.

3. Easy to operate

This is one of the amazing advantages of using rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) anyone can feel in control. Why? This type of water vessel is expected to perform at its best on any given situation. For example, if you belong in the marine sector and assigned to conduct a military operation the higfield RIB is easy to operate even for prolonged periods or shallow hull. Aside from that RIB can easily maneuver in tight spaces as well as around other water vessels.

4. Powerful companion on water

Yes, definitely a proven powerful companion on the water whether you are in the marine sector, a recreational boater or workman. The rigid inflatable boats are designed to be compatible with higher horsepower motor. This is why the RIBs are favoured by marine professionals including towing firms.

5. Quicker

Since the RIBs are built light, they have the capacity to move quicker than other water vessels. Other reason of being considered a fast moving water vessel is due to the powerful motor installed.

6. Variety of uses

Different sectors benefit from the use of rigid inflatable boats like the military, law enforcement, recreational boaters including businesses engaged in carrying passengers safely.

7. Extremely comfortable

Last of the awesome advantages of RIBs is the extreme comfort these water vessels deliver to their users regardless of the water activity. Anyone on board of a rigid inflatable boat will feel an enjoyable ride due to its shock absorber feature. No need to fear even when the water ride gets a bit tough because the RIB will work its way out efficiently.

Do you want to know more about the rigid inflatable boats performance capability? Go and check the official website of Lejen Marine and get expert advice on what would be the ideal boat for you.

Top 3 Uses Of Inflatable Buoys

Inflatable buoys are commonly referred to as floating objects on the surface of the water, mostly on seas as locators or warning signals for sea vehicles like ships. The usual colour used for buoys is bright to ensure they can be visibly seen even from afar or at night.

The shapes of buoys vary ranging from the cube, cylinder, cone, tube or sausage and pyramid while the fabric material is mostly from highly durable PVC coated fabric. However, there are other uses that buoys are becoming popular and here’s the top three on the list.

1. Floating race markers for water sports

Most water sports such as boat races, triathlons including other aqua sports often use various shapes and sizes of inflatable buoys to serve as floating markers. What makes them popular? Aside from the purpose of directing the participants the starting point and finish line, these floating race markers also add spice to these events, creating a lively atmosphere.

2. Marine use

One of the important functions of inflatable buoys is focused in the marine sector. These floating markers are intended for anchoring, fender buoy and mooring signal. These buoys are often called floating marine buoys and built with a single valve system for quick inflation and deflation. Marine buoys are usually made from top graded vinyl material installed with durable ropes.

3. Advertising campaign

Yes, this is another use of inflatable buoys that is quite different for advertising purposes. For companies with events held onshore and offshore the inflatable buoys can be used as effective marketing materials to promote their brand names, logos or whatever marketing message they wish to impart with their participants.

Why? These inflatable buoys are customisable depending on a company’s marketing campaign requirement. With the availability of wide range of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from any company have the privilege to come up with customised inflatable buoys that will increase their branding awareness mission.

Where to buy custom-made inflatable buoys?

For different types of inflatable products such as inflatable boats, buoys, inflatable kayak Australia visit the official site of Lejen Marine. If you have questions about prices or how a particular inflatable product works feel free to contact their representatives and let them give you solid advice.

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A Definitive Guide to Inflatable Tenders in Australia

Buying inflatable tenders in Australia can be a challenging task especially for someone who is inexperienced. Inflatables are well known for their portability, versatility and affordability. However, when it comes to buying the right one for your needs, you’ll need to pick from a huge variety of shapes, sizes and quality variations.

One way to make sure that you get the best quality inflatable tenders in Australia at a reasonable price is to shop at a reliable specialist like Lejen Marine.

What to Look For When Buying Inflatable Tenders in Australia?

Before considering the advantages of buying an inflatable tender, it’s important to know how to choose the right tender for your needs. Below are some important factors you should keep in mind when shopping for inflatable tenders in Australia:

  • Length and size of the tender: The larger the size, the better the carrying capacity. However, consider the available storage space as well when choosing the length of your tender.
  • Size and Number of People: The tender should accommodate all the people who use boat on routine basis.
  • Purpose of the Tender: What you want it to do? For instance people also use tenders for activities like snorkelling and fishing.
  • Type: Inflatable boats can be purchased as soft bottom or RIB (Rigid Inflatable boats). RIB’s are costlier but offer better stability and longevity than soft bottom boats.

Why Choose Rigid Inflatable Tenders In Australia?

  • Rigid inflatable tenders are nearly impossible to capsize.
  • Due to their rigid construction, these boats are extremely stable even in extreme weather conditions.
  • These tenders can be used in all kinds of water conditions ranging from harsh open sea to calm lakes.
  • Rigid inflatable tenders are secure and steady because of their solid and durable floors.
  • If you’re looking for resilient and fuel efficient options, inflatable tenders in Australia are your best choice.
  • Rigid inflatable boats are lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre even if you’re an inexperienced boater.

Looking For Inflatable Tenders in Australia? Get In Touch With Lejen Marine

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Lejen Marine and choose from a wide selection of inflatable tenders in Australia. Get in touch with our experts at 02 9729 1108 today!

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Zodiac Inflatable Boats in Australia

Zodiac inflatable boats, in Australia, are well-known for their top-notch quality and exceptional reliability. So, if you’re looking to invest in a sturdy, well-designed inflatable boat that can stand the test of time, just go for Zodiac without thinking twice. However, in order to ensure a genuine product and the best price, always shop at a trusted specialist like Lejen Marine in Australia.

Why Choose Zodiac Inflatable Boats In Australia?

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced boating enthusiast, Zodiac has a high quality product for you at a very reasonable price. What’s more when you shop for Zodiac inflatable boats in Australia at Lejen Marine, you can be assured of the most cutting-edge technology at an affordable price tag.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should opt for renowned brands like Zodiac to buy your inflatable boats and accessories.

Choose Zodiac Inflatable Boats in Australia for Unmatched Durability

As compared to other brands, Zodiac inflatable boats are way more resilient and weather-proof. They are made of highly durable materials such as neoprene and hypalon that can withstand common challenges such as sharp objects and jagged stones. With some basic care and maintenance, they can last for a really long time without any major issues.

Ultra Portable Inflatable Boats

Portability is one of the most prominent benefits of choosing inflatable boats over hard shell products. Zodiac inflatable boats, in Australia, are the very popular with boaters, rafters and kayakers because these products offer them an unmatched portability at a pocket friendly price. When not in use, you can easily fold them and store them in your backpack or car’s compartment.

Zodiac Inflatable Boats: Safe and Affordable

When it comes to the safest boats available anywhere in the world, inflatable boats win hands down. They can face even the most challenging water conditions with aplomb and keep the boaters safe and sound in all circumstances. Since the centre of gravity in these boats is lower than that in ordinary boats, they cannot flip over easily.

Moreover, the attached buoyancy tubes provide an added level of safety. Despite having such superior features, Zodiac Inflatable Boats are quite affordable especially in comparison to hard-hulled boats.

If you need more information regarding Zodiac Inflatable Boats or any of our other products, visit Lejen Marine or give our experts a call at (02) 9979 4533 right-away!

Zodiac Inflatable Boats in Australia Come in Many Forms

When looking for inflatable boats from Lejen Marine, you might come across a number of models from Zodiac. Zodiac has become popular for offering its boats through more than a thousand sales outlets in all corners of the world including in Australia. It helps to look at Zodiac inflatable boats in Australia as there are various models for you to choose from.

Basic Models

Zodiac has a few inflatable boats that feature more traditional and basic designs on their bodies. The Futura and Classic models are good examples of this. Such boats are designed as standard models with seating for two at a time. They are made with basic transportation activities in mind although they could be used as fishing boats if desired. These are among the more prominent models that Lejen Marine has to offer.

Larger Rib Options

You could also find rib options that feature a more rigid base to go alongside the inflatable sides and other features around the boat. Zodiac particularly specializes in such rib boats with the Yachtline and N-ZO being among the more popular choices.

Many of these boats have multiple rows of seats although they can typically fit four or five people at a time. These offer enough room for fishing activities but they are especially great for diving.

Small Tenders

Tenders are offered by Zodiac as strudy boats that provide a great weight capacity and are easy to set up. They use welded structures that fit alongside the inflatable parts. These are made with minor floating needs in mind and offer good setups that are easy to work with.


Lifeboats or rafts are included in the Zodiac line as well. These are accessory boats that can be placed alongside a much larger boat and can be quickly inflated and dispatched in the event of an emergency.

These options for Zodiac inflatable boats in Australia are useful choices that are essential for many applications. These products are often offered by Lejen Marine are give people many easy to handle items that work quickly and run with many purposes in mind.