3 Reasons Inflatable Tenders in Australia Are a Great Option for Consumers

Inflatable tenders are quite common option for all kinds of river or ocean activities. Whether you like fishing on the open ocean or a quiet lake party with someone special, you can use inflatable tenders for the job. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in one of these:

3 Things That Make Inflatable Tenders in Australia a Great Investment

  1. Multiple Options

Like all inflatable buoys, inflatable tenders offer many options. You can get a huge variety to choose from if you select a trusted company like Lejen Marine. From commercial grade tenders to economic models, from standard sized-ones to custom sizes, the choices are limitless.

For those who do not know what kind of inflatable buoys they want, inflatable tenders in Australia are a wonderful option. Aside from this, you can also look at inflatable kayaks and high field RIBs. However, inflatable tenders are easily among the most affordable boats in this category in Australia.

  1. High Value for Money

Getting the right value for money on your inflatable boats in Australia is difficult at best. There are so many options that you really need to know what you want and how to use it. Only then will you get the most value from your investment. With inflatable tenders in Australia, you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. The sheer variety gives you ample choice and versatility of action. This means you can use inflatable buoys in many places including rivers and the open ocean.

  1. Minimal Maintenance    

Inflatable tenders are very easy to maintain. They do not need a lot of money when it comes to repair and maintenance. In fact, if you follow all standard safety rules, then you probably won’t need to worry on upkeep. Inflatable tenders in Australia from reputable companies have exceptional durability. This means you can rely on them in all kinds of waterways, whether you are on the Open Ocean, white water course or Gentle River.

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5 Things That Inflatable Boats Do Better Than Traditional Boats

Inflatable boats in Australia have made a big impact on the small watercraft market. They have changed how private individuals, as well as small businesses in this market, go to the water. Several things make inflatable buoys and boats a great option for boating enthusiasts. Here’s the list if you are planning on getting an inflatable buoys and boats:

5 Ways Inflatable Boats in Australia are better

  1. Inexpensive

Anyone can buy an inflatable boat. This makes these boats instantly more approachable than other kinds. Moreover, inflatable buoys and boats can be maintained very easily. So, you don’t need to spend that much money on them. Definitely not as much as on a traditional boat.

  1. Wide number of Options

There are many options available when it comes to Inflatable boats in Victoria. This means you can choose any kind of boat that takes your fancy. Further, the wide options let you have the brand value and identity you are looking for.

  1. Trustworthy

Keeping a boat is great, but only if you maintain it. Also, boats can always get damaged when out on the water. This can be a real problem especially if you do not have the repair tools on hand. In contrast, an inflatable boat in Australia can be fixed on the spot with some waterproof tape.

  1. Easily Replaced

Inflatable boats in Victoria can be replaced easily. Since they don’t cost a lot, they are easy to swap for others. Plus, they can always be given to friends and family. This also makes them a good option for birthday gifts or other occasions.

  1. Versatile

Versatility is another big asset for inflatable buoys and boats. You can take them to different waterways and also some distance away from the coast. Depending on the size, you can also accommodate multiple persons. Be sure to know the weight of per     person limit on your inflatable boat before heading off the land. Also, make sure you have the right safety equipment like inflatable jackets or lifelines on board.

Where Can You Get the Best Inflatable Boats in Australia?

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Do You Need an Anchor for an Inflatable Kayak in Australia?

When talking about most types of boats, an anchor is definitely a must-have equipment. Large ships in particular will need to have an anchor, as well as some smaller types of boats like inflatable boats in Sydney with on-board motors and others. Why, even inflatable buoys will have to be anchored or just need something to hold them in place. But what about an inflatable kayak? Do you need an anchor when paddling in these types of water vessels?

Some kayakers really don’t find a need for anchors, especially when you consider the different disadvantages that these pieces of boating equipment can have on a relatively small and light boat.

For one, anchors can be pretty heavy and even the lightweight models still carry some weight on them. This may not be an issue if you’re paddling a short distance and will be resting every now and then. However, if you’re on a long paddling excursion where every ounce of weight counts, then this can pose a problem. And don’t just count the weight of the anchor itself since you also need to consider the weight of that lengthy rope attached to it.

Another problem with carrying an anchor aboard a small inflatable kayak is that it takes up valuable space. If you were riding in a large Highfield inflatable boat then space shouldn’t be problem as you’ll have lots. However, in a small inflatable kayak where space is often a luxury, then an anchor takes up much needed space. This is especially true if you’re going fishing and will be carrying fishing rods and tackle boxes.

Lastly, there are kayakers who have been unfortunate enough to experience banging their shins against their anchors. Needless to say, this is never a pleasant experience and can ruin a good day out in the lake. Some kayaks though have dedicated anchor storage, but this isn’t always available for other kayaks.

So going back to the question, “Do you really need an anchor for an inflatable kayak in Australia?” The answer would be “it depends”. There are certain kayaking activities which can benefit from using an anchor. For instance, kayak anglers can use anchors to hold their boats in a certain fishing spot until they move on. Some divers on kayaks will also need anchors to hold their boats in place while they’re exploring underwater.

In these cases, anchors become more of a must-have instead of an optional boating equipment. In any other situation though an anchor may not be necessary and may only give you more problems than you expect.

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Snap Davits Australia: Finding The Right System For Your Needs

One of the common problems for many boat owners is the lack of a dinghy storage for their vessels. Fortunately, there are now plenty of options available which can offer a solution to this problem. For instance, many boat owners often look for and purchase snap davits in Australia, considering that this is one of the better solutions to the said problem available. It is available in a wide range of styles and designs and can fit into almost all types of water vessels.

The need for a dinghy becomes mandatory especially when you’re on a multi-day boating adventure. It is often necessary when gong to shore for lunch or dinner, shopping for supplies, exploring the shoreline and doing some sightseeing, or even visiting a neighboring boat.

Regardless of the type of water vessel that you have, you’ll want to make a realistic assessment of your dinghy. This is because its size, weight, and that of its outboard will have a significant impact on your choice of snap davit system. Also, the dinghy size and weight may impact trim, performance, and the structural integrity of your mother boat. The good news is that snap davit systems come in a range of options that suit every need and budget. It may take some research before you find the perfect solution for your particular needs, but know that when it comes to snap davit systems, there are solutions to fit every boat.

Some boat owners who cannot find a snap davit system for their boats often resort to a different option. That is they get around this by towing their large dinghy. However, it’s not always a safe or practical solution. It may work well for a short hop from one anchorage to another, but not really for longer trips. In fact, many boat insurance companies get calls every year complaining about a towed dinghy damaging itself or the boat towing it.

Looking for the right snap davit system for your boat doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of options available to choose from, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs best. And if you have any trouble at all when choosing a snap davit system, you can always talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Here at Lejen Marine, we have dedicated ourselves to helping boaters find the best solution to their boating needs. We pride ourselves in our proficiency to provide our customers and clients with detailed information regarding inflatable buoys, inflatable boat and RIB sales, repairs and service. With decades of experience under our belt and vast knowledge of inflatable boats and boating in general, we are more than capable of providing you with prudent advice and delivering exceptional products and services unmatched by any other.

Snap Davits Australia: Introduction on Snap Davit System for Inflatable Boats

Aquila reef inflatables

Do your own an inflatable boat? If yes, one of your concerns is keeping it secured most of the time. One of the surest ways to ensure the security of inflatable boats is the use of safety accessories like the snap davits Australia kit. For newbie owners of inflatables, here’s what you need to know about the snap davit system.

What is Snap Davit System?

The snap davit system comes in the form of attachment that is installed on the inflatable boat. This kit is usually mounted on your inflatable boat to the swim platform and dinghy. The role of snap davit is to eliminate the need of holding lines. Aside from that, the snap davit kit prevents the possibility of the inflatable from being stolen while on dock and difficulty during transfer or transport. According to snap davits Australia customer representative the snap davit kit can also extend the life service of your boats, regardless the models (inflatable buoys or inflatable boats).

Where are the snap davits designed for usage?

Snap davits Australia are designed for general use both for soft and hard-shelled inflatable boats. One of their features is to provide attachment on your inflatable boat on the swim platform. The snap davit kit comes with a complete instruction manual for easy installation.

What you will need in attaching the snap davits on your inflatable buoys or boats?

Top quality adhesive or glue is usually the recommended material that will be used in mounting the snap davits on your inflatable buoy or boat. Glue isn’t included in the snap davits kit. If unsure on the type of glue to use ask an expert installer or boat specialist. You may also use the recommended glue brand from your inflatable boat’s manufacturer manual.

Is the snap davit system easy to install?

Yes, the snap davits Australia kit is designed for quick installation. In fact, it’s intended for DIY installation. The kit may include the following:

  • Snap davit head
  • Rubber pads
  • Lock on bars
  • Bolts and nuts
  • Washers

Additional tips when installing snap davits:

  • The type of glue may differ from Hypalon and inflatable boats. Inflatable buoys made from PVC will need a special type of adhesive for secure attachment. If in doubt of the glue, refer to your boat’s manufacturer or get advice from the professional installer.
  • Allow the glue or adhesive material to bond properly.
  • Follow strictly the guide on installation, particularly the time needed in allowing the glue to dry before usage of inflatable buoys.

Do you need assistance in maintaining your inflatable buoys service life? Go and visit Lejen Marine for a wide selection of boating accessories designed for safety and security.

How Snap Davits Australia Boats Can Use Work

The snap davit is a material that can be affixed to any inflatable boat you wish to tow alongside a larger boat. You can find many snap davits Australia boats can support for your inflatable boat. You can use such snap davits on Zodiac inflatable boats Sydney sailors are often interested in.

How Does the Snap Davit Work?

Snap davits Australia boaters can trust use two parts. First, there is a material that will be affixed to the back end of the boat. Expect to find a pair of snap davits to be fitted to the back part of the boat.

Second, a base will be used on the side of a smaller boat. In most cases, this would work for an inflatable boat.

Pulling It Is Important

The snap davits will assist you with getting Zodiac inflatable boats Sydney upright and ready for use. You can pull the metal features up and down to help you with both loading the boat up and then moving it back down on the water. You can use the design to help you with getting the boat ready when you are about to use it while in the water.

How Much Can It Handle?

Your snap davits can help you with handling large inflatable boats. You may find some models that can handle 100 to 200 pounds of weight at a time, although it is best to avoid going overboard in the process of using such a boat.

Can It Handle Other Materials?

You may get your snap davits to work with inflatable buoys in mind. This would require you to add anchors to one of these buoys. You might have an easier time making this work when your buoy is fully inflated.

You can find many attractive snap davits Australia boaters can benefit from. These include many helpful boats that will work well for when you need to get Zodiac inflatable boats Sydney transported accordingly. Talk with Lejen Marine if you need assistance with getting one of these boats ready for your use.

Top 3 Uses Of Inflatable Buoys

Inflatable buoys are commonly referred to as floating objects on the surface of the water, mostly on seas as locators or warning signals for sea vehicles like ships. The usual colour used for buoys is bright to ensure they can be visibly seen even from afar or at night.

The shapes of buoys vary ranging from the cube, cylinder, cone, tube or sausage and pyramid while the fabric material is mostly from highly durable PVC coated fabric. However, there are other uses that buoys are becoming popular and here’s the top three on the list.

1. Floating race markers for water sports

Most water sports such as boat races, triathlons including other aqua sports often use various shapes and sizes of inflatable buoys to serve as floating markers. What makes them popular? Aside from the purpose of directing the participants the starting point and finish line, these floating race markers also add spice to these events, creating a lively atmosphere.

2. Marine use

One of the important functions of inflatable buoys is focused in the marine sector. These floating markers are intended for anchoring, fender buoy and mooring signal. These buoys are often called floating marine buoys and built with a single valve system for quick inflation and deflation. Marine buoys are usually made from top graded vinyl material installed with durable ropes.

3. Advertising campaign

Yes, this is another use of inflatable buoys that is quite different for advertising purposes. For companies with events held onshore and offshore the inflatable buoys can be used as effective marketing materials to promote their brand names, logos or whatever marketing message they wish to impart with their participants.

Why? These inflatable buoys are customisable depending on a company’s marketing campaign requirement. With the availability of wide range of colours, sizes and shapes to choose from any company have the privilege to come up with customised inflatable buoys that will increase their branding awareness mission.

Where to buy custom-made inflatable buoys?

For different types of inflatable products such as inflatable boats, buoys, inflatable kayak Australia visit the official site of Lejen Marine. If you have questions about prices or how a particular inflatable product works feel free to contact their representatives and let them give you solid advice.

If you are situated in Australia you may visit their showroom at 17 / 6A Prosperity Parade Warriewood NSW 2102Call now and book for a private consultation to confide your concerns on custom=made inflatable buoys.

Inflatable SUPs Australia Boaters Use Have To Be Easy To Maneuver

While there are many inflatable SUPs Australia boaters can take advantage of today, you have to watch for how well you can get one of these boats to move along in the water. A Stand Up Paddleboard has to be easy to steer and control so you can enjoy a great ride along Australia’s waters without sinking or falling over.

How Heavy Are They?

An inflatable SUP can be rather light in weight and also easy to steer around if you know how to handle an oar well enough. An SUP can weigh around 20 to 30 pounds depending on the model you choose. This should be good enough for controlling, what with it being lighter than a typical SUP that may weigh 40 to 50 pounds. Still, you must watch for how you can handle an oar when making the boat work for you.

How Tight Is a Space?

While it is important to find an inflatable SUP that can quickly move its way along inflatable buoys, you have to watch for how tight the water surfaces you will be on are. An SUP should be long or short enough to where you can quickly move it around many spaces.

For instance, a longer SUP is best for wide-open waters where you might not need to steer the SUP often. This may also work with helping you get to a faster speed.

Meanwhile, a shorter model is useful if you are going to be in tight conditions and you don’t plan on going too fast. Whether you are traveling down long rivers or you want to go around inflatable buoys, you should look at what you can find when getting a boat that works for you.

What About Your Weight?

You should consider the size of the SUP based on your weight when finding inflatable SUPs Australia boaters might enjoy. It may be easier for you to control an SUP that is 12 feet long or greater if you are at least 200 pounds.

Meanwhile, something around 10 or 11 feet in length is best for people under 200 pounds. This standard is in accordance with the average amount of effort and physical support a person will put on an SUP.

Inflatable SUPs Australia boaters want to use need to be easy to steer and control. Ask Lejen Marine to learn more about what you can find as you aim to get the best SUPs around.

Leading Suppliers Of Inflatable Buoys Offer The Best Range Of Products

Buoys are objects designed to float on the water. In bays, rivers and oceans, navigating the open waters can be quite challenging. Without buoys, even the most experienced sailors could find the going tough. It is worth highlighting that the use of buoys has been quite popular for centuries.

However, buoys are not easy to shop for. These objects usually serve a myriad of purposes. Not surprisingly, they come in an assortment of types as well. From inflatable buoys to mooring buoys, reputed suppliers will invariably stock all kinds of buoys.

An Overview of Water Buoys

Suppliers usually offer a diverse range of buoys. Some buoys meet basic navigational purposes. Others help in the collection of scientific data. Navigational buoys typically include sea marks, can buoys and nun buoys. Can buoys mark the right side of the navigational channel, while nun buoys mark the left.

Safe water markers indicate that the passage is clear for navigating. Similarly, preferred channel markers serve to highlight the side of the channel that has a preference. Special purpose buoys usually display some warning information. In some cases, people use buoys for marking navigational hazards such as the presence of rocks and shoals. Other types of buoys used nowadays include inflatable buoys, diver safety buoys, sonobuoys etc.

Training Buoys – One of the Top Inflatable Buoys Sold in Australia

In many cases, manufacturers use a PVC fabric for making buoys that are inflatable. These buoys come in a diverse selection of sizes and colours. In addition, branding these buoys with sponsor logos or club insignia or logos is not difficult either. Training buoys are among the most common buoys that people typically come across.

These buoys are ideal for using in institutes and schools offering sail training and sailing. In some cases, you could use these buoys as drifting buoys or even traditional regatta buoys. The smaller dimensions of these buoys make them ideal for people use who smaller support vessels or coach boats, which often do not have much capacity for carrying equipment.

Inflatable Marker Buoys – The Ideal Buoys for Clubs and Regatta Racing

Club buoys come in an array of colours. From yellow to orange and red to pink, the colours of these buoys make them easier to spot during club races and regattas. Made of PVC fabric, these buoys come in varying sizes. In many cases, suppliers can make these inflatable buoys suit the specific configuration that you require. Marker buoys have been highly useful in many major events in Australia – including the Sydney Olympics (2000).

Marker buoys usually come in three styles, e.g. cylindrical, truncated cone and cubical. Special regatta inflatable buoys are available as well for various inshore and offshore events. Scuba divers often use surface marker buoys for marking their position underwater.

If you’re looking for quality inflatable buoys, simply shop at Lejen Marine. Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we offer quality inflatable vessels and buoys. With decades of experience in the marine industry, we can match buyers to the boat that is ideal for them. Click here to check out our wide range of products.

Boating Accessories That You Can Include When Buying A Boat

Finally, you have selected the dreamboat that will allow you to explore the different waters of Australia? Are you tempted to add on boating accessories? If yes, and would like to get an idea of the recommended accessories, here’s a quick list for your convenience.

1. Lifejackets

Wearing lifejackets is a must while exploring the famous Clarence River to ensure you and your passengers’ safety. Why? You never know when your boat hits a wild current or unpredictable weather condition and having lifejackets could save one’s life for the worst case scenario.

2. First-aid kit

It really pays off to be equipped for emergencies while boating. Among the boating accessories that you must not miss is the first-aid kit. This would come very useful, especially if you decide to go fishing at Port Stephens. Let’s say you got cut while hooking your bait, you just need to get a bandage from your first-aid kit and continue with your fishing activity.

3. Fire extinguisher

Every boat regardless it’s a custom built aluminum RIBs should invest on a fire extinguisher because it’s a basic requirement for boats running on an engine. If unsure of the type of fire extinguisher your state allows, better check on their official website and be guided accordingly before making a purchase. However, most boat owners are required to have in possession a handheld fire extinguisher for their safety while boating.

4. Throwable

Another boating accessory that should be present in any type of boat is the throwable. It’s a legal requirement to have a throwable. There are at least two types of throwable; the throwable ring and throwable cushion shaped like a square with straps.

5. Horn

Among the boating accessories that you must have to ensure your safety while enjoying a boating trip is a horn. Some custom-made boats are designed with built-in horns. If your boat doesn’t have a built-in horn, you can opt for a portable air horn. Air horns produce louder noise than built-in horns, making them very useful during emergencies when you need to call another boater’s attentions.

6. Inflatable buoys

Inflatable buoys are widely used both for inshore and offshore activities to achieve maximum visibility. They come in a variety of colours and sizes depending on one’s preferences and can be customised with your name or logo.

7. Ropes or Docklines

Other boating accessories that you should have are ropes or dock lines. Keep enough supply of both because they will be very useful when you need to tie your boat in the event you need to go to a restaurant, gas dock or in case of engine trouble.

8. Pump

A top performing pump like the popular dual chamber foot pump is also a necessity if you plan to invest in boating accessories. This foot pump is perfect for pumping any type of air chamber of an inflatable boat including the roll-up inflatable boat.

9. GPS

If you are fond of doing long-distance boating trips including the GPS on your list of boating accessories is a great idea. A GPS is very useful for any situation including for boaters going to unfamiliar water routes. The GPS can be used as a navigating tool to warn the boater of hazards, the nearest location where you can dock for safety or get fuel or grab a decent meal. The GPS is also essential for boaters boating during the night.

For more ideas on the types of boating accessories that you should invest feel free to check on Lejen Marine wide collection of boating products. If you have other concerns such as pricing, don’t hesitate to request a free quote.